Anne Albright

Anne Albright authored the Reader's Kid Stuff column for many years, in addition to special features.

Latest Articles

Billy Blazes

Watching the world burn

The last Sunday in October, we awoke to the smell of smoke and an ochre sky. Jack dozed. I followed Johnny and Ben downstairs. “Can I play Bionicle website?” Johnny asked. His thick chestnut hair ...

    Three More Months

    Pregnancy is a humbling experience. Family, friends, total strangers feel compelled to comment on the size and shape of my body. The rounder I become, the bolder people get. At 28 weeks out of a ...

    My Father Never Stopped Moving

    During my adolescence, my father had a hard time keeping a job. His problems began when I was 11. We lived in Pine Valley out in East County. My father sold surgical supplies for a ...

      Jack Got a Much Bigger Present Than He Thought

      I turned 38 last week. I had a quiet birthday. Last year for my birthday, I got a babysitter and took myself to the Belissima Day Spa in Escondido for an hour massage. This year, ...

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