omnipop July 14, 2012 @ 8:44 a.m.

The cop speaks the truth: they are raising money (and lots of it). It's not traffic safety. They do no respect private property or private citizens. If a radar cop writes 10 tickets a day @ $350/ea thats $3500/day and x 20 = $70,000/month. The red-light cameras in San Diego (each make >$65,000/day -- that's as more than a grocery store). The highway robbers today are the cops. They confiscate cars, write tickets: hold up bandits, raise costs) The judges (justice?) assume the cop is correct so they do not decide a case .. they order you to traffic school (more revenue - more force). You (citizen) do not have an opportunity to say one word. Is that justice? Or is it robbery (taking by force of arms) Think about it. You are assumed guilty and your money is taken by threat and it happens to thousands of private citizens every day.


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