Place Description

Moustache Bar

1250 Calle Madero, Tijuana, BC

Munchin Donuts + La Brownie Girl

Paseo el Pedregal #1115, Sección Jardines, Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana, BC


Munchin Donuts and La Brownie Girl share a space. $1 dollar per brownie and $1.30 per donut with a complimentary ...


El Nido

Boulevard Benito Juárez #67, 4, Rosarito, BC


In a restaurant full of caged birds (and a patio with free birds a-wing), enjoy sublime mesquite-grilled aged steaks, quail ...


Olé al Arte Bullring

Zona Río, Tijuana, BC
Sports | Fitness

Original Ortega's

Calle Principal (next to Casa de la Langosta), 3, Puerto Nuevo, BC

The spiny lobsters (once local but now from who-knows-where) are fried in lard, finished off on the grill, and served ...


Ostioneria Napoles

1st Street 123 1825, Zona Centro, Tijuana, BC


For the reckless gastronome: walk right under the arch and keep on going down Calle Primera for a few blocks. ...


Parque de la Amistad

in Mesa Otay, Tijuana, BC
Park | Outdoor Space

Parque del Profesor

Calle Prolongación Cuchumá, Tecate, BC
Park | Outdoor Space

Pasaje Rodríguez

Carrillo Puerto 8158, Tijuana, BC

Mammoth beers are brewed and drunk only in a tiny space under the stairs off Revolución in Tijuana (Cervezas Mamut, ...

Art Gallery | Art Space | Bar/Club

Los Pelicanos

Calle Cedros #115, 3, Rosarito, BC


This hotel dining room is El Nido’s little sister, with a shorter menu. It serves good steaks and surf ’n’ ...


Planeta Tijuana at Multikulti

at Avenida Constitución and 7th Street, Tijuana, BC
Concert Venue

Playa Tres Marías in El Sauzal

1.5 miles south of Ensenada toll gate., Ensenada, BC

Pollos El Tio

Avenida Aquiles Serdán 11261, Tijuana, BC

Some of the best TJ Food is in the colonias. This little Colonia Libertad place charcoal-grills its chicken and somehow ...


Puesto Escondido

Pasaje Foreign Book, off Constitución between Third and Fourth Streets, Tijuana, BC


Folksinger Willy Clauson calls this eatery his “hidden outpost.” You don’t know Clauson? He discovered “La Bamba” before it became ...


Las Pulgas Club

Avenida Revolución 1127, Tijuana, BC
Concert Venue

The Racer's Club

Vía Rapida Poniente 15035, Plaza Mundo Divertido, Tijuana, BC

Restaurant Tradicion

Plaza Santa Cecilia, Tijuana, BC

Rica Torta

Niños Héroes Avenida #890, 4, Tijuana, BC


This café may have the best tortas (call them Mexican-style hamburgers) in Tijuana. Six-inch rashers of marinated carne asada, slices ...


El Rincón del Oso

Mercado Hidalgo, Calle Victoria #47, 1, Tijuana, BC

Kid for breakfast? You scoop the juices and meat into a hot corn tortilla, adding cilantro, lime, grated onions, and ...


Riviera Hotel

Miramar Street, Ensenada, BC