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That old black magic

The problem with the Chargers is that Philip Rivers is cursed.

In terms of fan interest, yes, the Chargers Saturday night comeback ranks right up there. The Bolts push on with their December heroics, every game is a must-win game, every game is a walking–to-the-edge thriller, ...

Playing through pain

Rub some dirt on it and get out there!

Tricky topic. Civilians and athletes have different tolerances when it comes to pain, although, counterintuitively, they have similar “pain thresholds” (the point where pain begins to be felt). According to a research article in the ...

Thanksgiving as we know it

True greed has no end. Greed grows until something makes it stop. There will be three NFL games televised on Thanksgiving. Games run from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. According to a 2010 Wall Street ...

Your move, sexy Grandmaster


The World Series is over, the NFL season is only now coming to speed, the NBA and NHL seasons have just begun. We are becalmed in a brief sports sweet spot where one has time ...

World Series issue

Homeland Security has MLB’s backside

You’ve probably read the story. Agents from Homeland Security raided Birdies Panties and confiscated merchandise. Birdies is a modest, two-woman lingerie shop located in downtown Kansas City. Kansas City is excited about the Royals finally ...


Empty your head, pull the trigger.

“Two, five, ten — who knows how many thousand snow geese have lifted from a marsh forming one huge skein of geese, a swarm of geese, a living tornado of geese, and is flying toward ...


Wake up, people, it’s Super Sports Time

The NFL season is running at max RPM. College football is well underway. Baseball playoffs have begun. Hockey kicks in next week. The NBA preseason starts Saturday, and Major League Soccer is ongoing. Wake up, ...

Not about Ray Rice

Will women in lingerie football uniforms rule the world?

How many of you remember...or should I say, follow the Lingerie Football League, now doing business as the Legends Football League (LFL)? Click over to and check out the video, LFL USA FEMALE ATHLETES ...

Knowing when

It’s an odd skill — esoteric, really — knowing when to quit, when to walk away. It’s not taught in school, parents don’t coach it, friends either don’t know or don’t like to talk about ...

“Competition is a sin”

First step taken toward paying college athletes.

The words above are attributed to John D. Rockefeller, human template for American monopolies. We know he was rich, but few people know how rich he actually was. According to the the New York Times, ...

The public doesn’t like dead horses

The cost of doing business

The tenth horse died at Del Mar on Saturday, August 2. This one was Chattering Gambler, a three-year-old colt who collapsed during the third race as he drove toward the finish line. This makes 10 ...

Information and analysis

No Alone Sports magazine. How can this be?

Follows is an in-depth analysis of NFL preseason magazines, pointing toward the absurdity of buying a magazine written months ago, printed weeks ago, purporting to give the reader inside information on teams that haven’t settled ...

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