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Fifa president steps down — sort of

Big, big, boffo blockbuster

Critics are raving about United Passions, the sports movie of the year! This meticulously researched film is an unsentimental yet heartwarming biography of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa) and its cruelly slandered president, Joseph ...

Death on the links

It’s time to take golf seriously. I don’t mean as a sport. I don’t mean the tournaments or the country clubs or the ugly clothes. None of that. I’m talking about murder on the manicured ...

Sports and showbiz — a money-making machine

Sports and showbiz have merged into one seamless money-making machine. You can’t tell, with precision, where the line is that marks the boundary between one world and the other. Saying that, there is a tiny ...

Teams we love to hate

My favorite team is any team that’s playing the Niners.

Players change teams. Teams change stadiums. Teams change cities. Owners die. Owners sell. Teams are named. Teams are renamed. No matter what the change, fans continue to hate. At some point in a fan’s life ...

Putting the Ultimate in Frisbee

Disc-throwing for fun and profit

There is a professional Frisbee league. In fact, there are two. But don’t say “Frisbee,” the proper word is “ultimate.” The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) says they are the first and largest professional ultimate ...

Tour de Rascal

Why peddle your play when you can pedal your play?

“How much money do you have in Kickstarter now?” Allison Fenner, 26, says, “We have a little over $12,000. Our goal is $20,000. It’s getting nerve-racking.” “What happens if you only get $12,000? You keep ...

Golf, golfed, golfing

Knowing how to play golf is beside the point.

Never liked golf in high school or college; it was something old people did. Old people dressed up in clown clothes, drove their station wagons to the country club, climbed into golf carts, snaked around ...

What’s in a team name?

Lions and Tigers and Bears...but why?

There are very few cool team names. Which is curious, since there are mucho thousands of teams requiring names. Consider the needs of elementary schools, junior high schools, senior highs, colleges, company teams, adult league ...

NCAA Tournament preview

There are three interesting things about the Ivy League: money, money, and money.

Before we get to the column, the Box would like to offer helpful relationship advice. If you live with someone who loves college basketball and you don’t care for it, that person owes you one ...

Bonspieling San Diego

Sweeping is harder than it seems

‘We are the only curling club in San Diego. There are five in the state — three in SoCal and two in Northern California.” On the phone with Brian Walsh, 40, president of Curl San ...

Marijuana is a gateway drug — to sports betting!

Going legit

You can feel the tipping point. It happened with gay marriage in June 2013, when the Supreme Court struck down the law banning federal benefits for married same-sex couples. From that point on, state-sanctioned same-sex ...

MLB: How they got there

You can’t just give away a baseball team, can you?

Okay, it’s over. New England won. Padres pitchers and catchers report to spring training in two weeks. A year ago I wrote a column about NFL team owners and how they got their money. There ...

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