San Diego Theater Reviews

Rain falls on the Old Globe stage

We all want new lives

“She’ll be starved and tortured...I want her to accept the punishment of man as a sacrifice to God.”

Wallow in the awkwardness

Skin Deep at Scripps Ranch Theatre

Jon Lonoff’s comedy is scoring many laughs at Scripps Ranch. The play has one of the simplest plots ever. An overweight, insecure woman meets a rough-cut but sweet guy. They fall for each other. Then ...

The nut of consciousness

I was expecting a TED Talk. What I got was an intimate chat.

Does anyone remember who R. Buckminster Fuller was? I must admit that my knowledge of him was limited to remembering that he was something of an innovative thinker from the past. Just the other evening ...

My Acting Bucket List: Bets Malone

"I want to walk in the shoes of everyone Sondheim creates."

I’m asking veteran actors to name five dream roles and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers — even choices that ...

Last Call: Virginia, Godot, Bucky

Three quality shows conclude their runs this Sunday, April 10

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? From the big picture to the small details, this is an outstanding production of Edward Albee’s masterpiece. George and Martha’s off-hours, young-faculty-initiation party devolves into a Walpurgisnacht of exorcisms and ...

To accept Renaissance foolery

The Venetian Twins would unravel pretty quickly in real life.

“I just can’t tell the man I intend to marry apart from his twin brother,” said no one, ever. At least, not in real life. Nowhere is it written that comedy ought to be more ...

Summit City, Arizona, 1895

Rope: the Musical at Tenth Avenue Arts Center

“There are two types of stories: one where the protagonist leaves town; the other, when she arrives,” playwright/librettist Mark Sickman preps the audience. “An example of ‘leaving’ is Huckleberry Finn, while Streetcar Named Desire and ...

Mr. G. will come

Waiting for Godot at Fruitlessmoon Theatreworks

Two tramps (today they’d be called “homeless”) wait by a leafless tree for a mysterious man. He told Vladimir he’d come yesterday. But didn’t. Then he said today. Nope. So, they wait and try to ...

With credit to the fight choreographer

The Miracle Worker at Lamb's Players Theatre

When the house lights go down at the start of Lamb’s Players’ current revival of The Miracle Worker, the audience gets an uncomfortably long moment of pitch-black silence, providing some appreciation for Helen Keller’s blind ...

Who's afraid of Grampy Pike?

George could step right in whenever my grandfather needed a break

“I didn’t know there was so much humor,” said audience member Kim during the first intermission, an hour into Intrepid Theater Company’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She remembered the story from watching the 1966 ...

Guinea Pig Bucky: Truth speaker, future seer

R. Buckminster Fuller revisited at San Diego Rep

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”

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