San Diego Theater Reviews

My acting bucket list: Karole Foreman

"While I am still crawling around on the planet..."

I’m asking actors and designers to name their five dream roles/projects and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers — even ...

Miracle on 34th Street at San Diego Musical Theatre

Watch the sound effects in a live musical radio play

It is the holiday season and thus the fare has changed. Many theaters repeat old favorites to ring in the festive mood. Besides the obvious suspects, there are newer offerings. For the past five years, ...

We are all Scrooge

The redemption by Christmas spirit is something that doesn’t read much these days

As the redemption of Scrooge drew nigh, I realized that there could be a better application of these characters. What if all the characters in A Christmas Carol are aspects of each of us? What ...

The Wholehearted at La Jolla Playhouse

Today’s story packaged for superficial entertainment and exploitation

Christy Martin wore pink as a boxer and posing for the cover of Sports Illustrated. When her husband and trainer for 20 years thought she was having an affair, he stabbed her three times in ...

I stole my best friend's girl

Relating to The Mystery of Love and Sex

The playwright Bash Doran has come right out and said in interviews that The Mystery of Love and Sex is a play partly about race, partly family, and mostly sexuality; but that doesn’t mean we ...

1940s Radio Hour at New Village Arts

A more Hallmark card kind of an experience

Authenticity abounds in New Village Arts’ production of Walton Jones’s 1940s piece, and the audience becomes immersed in the music and ambience of the period. Under the nurturing care of director Dana Case, aboard for ...

The Mystery of Love and Sex at Diversionary Theatre

Go for a laugh

An exceptional cast, snappy writing, and polished production elements bring to life the complicated nature of interpersonal relationships between family and friends in Bathsheba Doran’s The Mystery of Love and Sex. The play follows four ...

Last call: Seven Spots on the Sun and The Kid Thing

War zones and living rooms set the stages

Not quite ready for the holiday barrage? Here are two provocative pieces that must close this weekend. Seven Spots on the Sun, InnerMission Productions An old saying goes, “out of the mud grows the lotus.” ...

Ghost play

The Dybbuk for Hannah and Sam's Wedding at San Diego Rep

In a solo performance, Ron Campbell plays numerous guests at a wedding reception, plus all the characters in The Dybbuk: or Between Two Worlds, S. Ansky’s “realistic play about mystical people.” The task requires a ...

Through the eyes of Judas

Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert at SDSU

In 2014 San Diego State University’s School of Theatre, Television, and Film combined with the School of Music and Dance for an epic concert of Les Miserables. Over 200 musicians, singers, and performers roared into ...

What do you think about the kid thing?

Nobody needs a reason

At some point in American history, somewhere between Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Sarah Gubbins’s The Kid Thing (playing at Moxie Theatre through December 11), parenthood became both super public and super discretionary. Back ...

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