Out & About

The Old Globe stages The Twenty-Seventh Man

Fellow travelers

Their crime: they compose in Yiddish, “from right to left on the page.”

360 degrees of spectacular

Plenty of color on the journey to Cuyamaca Peak

Hike to the roof of San Diego County and see Mexico and Arizona from one spot.

Bonspieling San Diego

Sweeping is harder than it seems

‘We are the only curling club in San Diego. There are five in the state — three in SoCal and two in Northern California.” On the phone with Brian Walsh, 40, president of Curl San ...

Crowd sourcing

San Diego music festivals past and present

What makes a music fest work in San Diego? Ten-thousand pounds of crayfish. That, plus accordions, those metal washboard things you wear on your chest, and Mardi Gras beads. Many San Diego music fests have ...

You need A Place to Bury Strangers, goth bot

...and the rest of the highlights from Sunday night through humpnight

Sunday 8I’ve been poked a lot lately about the Districts, a Smalltown, Pennsylvania–based four-piece that takes its folk-rocking seriously. The music-making/vocalizing part, that is, the touring of which is a carnival of sorts. These boys ...

Tweak, Tap, Viet Cong...

...and the best of the rest in the San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 5Tweak Bird bird bird, bird is the word... Now that you’ve got that stuck in your head (you’re welcome), I’ve got to tell you, Crawler followers, we have got one wicked week of shows ...

Somewhere between a lion and a lamb

San Diego's best events from March 5-11

Thursday | 5 TNT (Thursday Night Thing) Dive deeper into the arts with tours, art-making activities, live music on the plaza, and organic bites from Green Food Truck. This TNT celebrates the new exhibition Gravity ...

Lift-off achieved

Expectations are met with West Side Story at San Diego Musical Theatre

On the difficulty of making a musical, Brooks Atkinson wrote: “No one would undertake the intricate, painful, gargantuan, hysterical task… unless he had more enthusiasm than most people have about anything.” Imagine a musical conceived ...

Samantha Ginn’s acting bucket list

The Craig Noel Award-winner's stage aspirations range from the Bard to Babs

I’m asking veteran local actors to name five dream roles and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers — even choices ...

Ramble along the shores in Encinitas

The ocean is the high point at this legendary surf spot.

The hike begins at the top of a cliff adjacent to a small park with a few artistic statues. A long stairway leads down to the beach. Here, the ocean is the high point as ...

The smallest of all

Unable to peer into the depths for millennia before sonar came along, fishermen found friends and helpers where they could. Diving pelicans tell them there is bait. Working seagulls tell them the bait is being ...

The joy of No Joy

Plus Colleen Green, the Crocs, Nathan Williams's Spirit Club, and Swervedriver!

Sunday 1He was a hardcore Bad Brain. Now a solo-roller, rasta-punk frontman H.R. hits Brick by Brick behind his new joints, Quest, recorded with the DC rocksteady crew the Scotch Bonnets, and H.R. & Dubb ...

Deap Vally rawk, Gulf Coast soul, Six Organs psych-out

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 26The band that crochets together, stays together. The hard-rocking duo Deap Vally — Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums, vocals) — met stitching and bitching in Silver Lake before becoming the throwdowningest ...

A spoken-word look at African-American artists

Five great sultanates ruled central India at the same time as the Mughal Empire, producing wonderful paintings, textiles, and metalwork. Marika Sardar, associate curator of Southern Asian and Islamic Art, will introduce the art from ...

Richard Baird’s acting bucket list

Multiple Craig Noel Award-winner Richard Baird embraces "wild, mercurial characters who refuse to follow society’s norms"

I’m asking veteran local actors to name five dream roles and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers – even choices ...

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