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The Waterboys went to Nashville

...to bring you Modern Blues... Plus Lord Huron, Ex Hex, and Noel Gallagher this weekend

Thursday 14So, the American West’s answer to Mumford & Sons, Lord Huron, has sold out the Observatory, but someone(s) from that band will be spinning at Whistle Stop afterward. I’ve seen that a few times ...

Acid Mothers, kitchen jams

Plus Hutch, Kathy, Speedy Ortiz, Flaggs, and Miss Pussycat in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 17Hutch and Cathy of the Thermals play Soda Bar Sunday night after S (Jenn Ghetto) and Allie Goertz. Catch up with Hutch and Kathy — and Hutch and Kathy — in this week’s Dryw ...

Endangered species at the Botanic Garden

Thursday | 14 Celeste Ng will discuss her debut novel about a Chinese-American family living in 1970s small-town Ohio. Selected by Amazon as their best book of 2014. Friday | 15 A map will guide ...

Last Call: Unnecessary Farce at North Coast Rep

Silly and hilarious comedy must close soon

The North Coast Rep’s silly, lunkhead, hilarious Unnecessary Farce must close this Sunday. One of the oddest things about farce: it must as precise as it is frantic. Actors scream “eek,” slam doors, and sprint ...

Just a few more before retirement

Lifelong performer and Craig Noel Award-winner Melinda Gilb’s shares her acting bucket list

I’m asking veteran local actors to name five dream roles and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers — even choices ...

Water? In the desert? Yup.

Rich riparian areas and shaded grottos await adventurous hikers in Sheep Canyon

Sheep Canyon has one of the larger streams flowing east out of the San Ysidro Mountains. Its bubbling waters cascade over boulders and down waterfalls into clear pools, and its banks are lined with shady ...

Have a Sonic Mother's Day!

Plus Dead Meadow, Deftones, Xiu Xiu, and Ex-Cult in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 10Happy Mother’s Day, mother f!!!er. Seriously, though, call your mom.... And then Sunday night, from Tacoma, Washington, garage-rock originals the Sonics will be at Belly Up. That is all. Wait, no it isn’t. Buy ...

Bummers, Gators, and air guitarers

Plus Slow Magic, Prayers, D.O.A., and Growlers in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 7Last year our “mysterious unknown friend” Slow Magic got busy, playing over 100 shows and festivals behind his handmade masks and draped in colorful cloths. The DJ will synthesize his mixes with live drumming ...

Bacon, crawfish, and mimosas (not at the same time)

San Diego's tastiest events from May 7-13

Thursday | 7 Four days of live music with over 85 musical acts on six stages and 10,000 pounds of crawfish trucked from Louisiana. Cajun and zydeco performers include BeauSoleil, Michael Doucet, the Euphoria Brass ...

Highlights of darkness

Heartbreak and tragedy shape the best moments of an otherwise dull Cabaret at Welk Resort Theatre

“What would you do, my brave young friend?” Elderly Fraulein Schneider sings these haunting lyrics in Kander and Ebb’s iconic musical, and these words are at the heart of Ray Limon’s current production at the ...

The real Chiang Rai

Feeling like tourists in Thailand's north.

After easing through Phuket and bustling through Bangkok, the Northern mountainous jungle villages of Chiang Rai left the friendly smiles of the big cities behind. My first impression of Chiang Rai? Holy crap! Never before ...

Familiar sitcom feeling

Competence doesn't save Moxie Theatre's Lesson 443 from feeling like a repeat.

Tatiana Suarez-Pico’s new play is either a drama sabotaged by comedy, or vice versa. When the play builds to an emotional moment, a joke undercuts it. And when a scene starts out funny, things take ...

Couldn't afford Coachella? Check out Lupepalooza Chuckfest

Weekend Coachella tickets carried a face value of $375. Some resold on Craigslist for twice that amount. Then you have this weekend’s Lupepalooza Chuckfest on the grounds of a Calexico Swap Meet. It’s named after ...

San Diego Rep explores the Uncanny Valley between you and your replicant

Will you be you?

Robots became so human-like that thoughts of playing God plagued their creators.

Putting the Ultimate in Frisbee

Disc-throwing for fun and profit

There is a professional Frisbee league. In fact, there are two. But don’t say “Frisbee,” the proper word is “ultimate.” The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) says they are the first and largest professional ultimate ...

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