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A more stable platform

Face forward, on one or both knees

Outrigger canoes were originally developed by the peoples of the islands of Southeast Asia for sea travel. They were also used as transport eastward to Polynesia and New Zealand and westward across the Indian Ocean ...

Lots of sporting events for the end of January

The Gulls, golf, and outrigger canoes

Thursday | 28 Speech therapists have had success using the kazoo as a rehabilitation tool for adults and as an ice-breaker for young children who are too shy to engage in prescribed vocal exercise. Anthropologists ...

When the Rain Stops Falling at Cygnet; Lamb’s stages The Nerd

Sins of the father

“It will take more than a spot of bad weather to silence the human mind.”

Casbah turns 27

...plus PWR BTTM, New Kinetics, and John Hammond Jr.

Thursday 28“We could get so famous that we both get shot, but right now I’m in the shower.” Touring behind one of last year’s catchiest records, Brooklyn garage-glam band PWR BTTM hit the Hideout Thursday ...

Corners, Childbirth, Seeker

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 31From Echo Park, post-punk quartet Corners is at Casbah with local “party-psych” four-piece Wild Wild Wets and borderland garage band San Pedro El Cortez. Spinning Corners’ Lolipop record from 2014, Maxed Out on Distractions, ...

Lottie the knockout

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs — raw realism

A play whose framework is used to explore sexual problems, economic depression, family violence, anti-Semitism, and class prejudice is now the current production at the Scripps Ranch Theatre. William Inge’s 1957 play is probably an ...

You, too, will be frisked

Coyote on a Fence at OnStage Playhouse

You don’t just walk into OnStage Playhouse’s theater. You must stop and spread your arms out wide. A prison guard (Twila Burnett) frisks you with a metal detector and points if it makes a noise. ...

From the stage to the page — San Diego rockers like to write

The latest from Itai Faierman and Ben Johnson

“At this time, I’m on an indefinite hiatus from writing and performing music, to focus all creative energies on the new book release,” says Itai Faierman (Speaker in Reverse). “Doing Nothing: Confessions of a Nondual ...

Return of the devilfish

A whale of a time

Once known as Devilfish by whalers due to their defending themselves and their young when attacked, the Eastern Pacific gray whales are migrating again off the San Diego coast. In the Arctic feeding grounds, where ...

Behold the roses, beware the bees at Otay Valley Delta

Stroll through a restored riparian habitat in South Bay

The Otay Delta Habitat Restoration Project is part of a much larger management plan to restore ecosystems and provide necessary habitat corridors for wildlife between San Diego Bay and Otay Mountain along the Otay River ...

Super Cat Bowl, A Prairie Home Companion, and monster trucks

Your week — and welcome to it

Thursday | 21 The show expands this year with an in-water display of more than 150 new and pre-cruised sailboats and motor yachts from 25 to 95 feet long, many making their San Diego debut. ...

Ms. Carlton, Mr. Cross, Mustard Plug

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 24There’s always a “final countdown” somewhere, and the band Europe will be there — including your office lunchroom — planting that ’80s earworm in your head. It’s clogging up my brain as I type ...

Adicts, Kings, and All Them Witches

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 21I always get nostalgic for the ’90s when I see Mike Doughty’s name pop up. Back then downtown had some substantive bars, like the Green Circle, where you could catch out-of-town up-and-comers such as ...

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney say hello

On Straight Outta Cotton, Schitt’s Creek, and Martin Short

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney bring their off-Broadway success Oh, Hello! to the Balboa Theatre on January 21. Here’s a sample what the veteran comedy duo have in store. Scott Marks: Nick, you play a ...

No trailblazers wanted in Parry Grove

A quiet walk in lush chaparral, with Torrey pines and spectacular ocean views

The trail begins just north of the Torrey Pines Lodge Visitor Center at the top of the hill with a walk through Whitaker Native Plant Garden, named for Thomas W. Whitaker, a plant scientist and ...

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