North Park Stories

Grace Ann Piano brings visual story of indigenous cultures to Queen Bee's

Detroit native takes her solo exhibition to Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center in North Park.

Another Pair of Restaurants Changing Hands

The Linkery to become Waypoint, Downtown Johnny Brown's a brewpub

A few months back, I contacted restaurateur Jay Porter to see if he’d like to have himself and his businesses spotlighted for a chef feature I was working on. To my surprise, he wasn’t interested. ...

Local Habit & Vagabond selling, Brabant coming

Two resto sales and a new, beery Belgian identity for one of them

Since opening two years ago, locavore lair Local Habit (3827 Fifth Avenue, Hillcrest) has gained a reputation as one of San Diego’s beeriest eateries. That reputation came on the back of numerous meet-the-brewer dinners, pairing ...

Jeff Olson, the Mad Chalker

Writing’s on the wall. Graffiti or free speech?

Jeff Olson, prosecuted by San Diego city attorney Jan Goldsmith for writing chalk graffiti on the sidewalk outside a Bank of America branch in North Park.

Rodzilla Reviews

Don't be a jerk to the waiter.

A restaurant employee offers blunt tips for diners who are annoying.

A look inside Hess Brewing North Park

Local nanobrewery favorite ascending to next level with second facility

Even with craft beer available in the many restaurants dotting 30th Street and its bar- and eatery-packed cross-streets, North Park residents are salivating over the upcoming arrival of a long-awaited project touching down in a ...

Beer of the Week: Thorn St. Imperial IPA

India pale ale speaks to North Park brewery's improvement and updside

The first time I visited Thorn St. Brewery (3176 Thorn Street, North Park), I was enamored with the place. A former homebrew supply store that’s been converted into a brewery with indoor and semi-outdoor tasting ...

Brandon Madrid and his art guitars

North Park artist turns vintage objects into guitars, but he also builds high-end instruments worthy of art galleries.

DJ/engineer buys run-down North Park building

Yeah, it’s got high, open-beam ceilings

Nestled between URBN Coal Fired Pizza and the empty old F.W. Woolworth building in North Park sits a building that last housed the Windmill Thrift Shop. After it closed, the structure, owned by a Los ...

Great White Buffalo roams into town

What is it about Great White Buffalo? It’s the kind of music that acts like the perfect tonic for rabid politics and sour television news. GWB is an L.A.-based indie band that is very much ...

Everything is my fault

Math reassures in a Down syndrome wilderness

A Down syndrome boy seeks reassurance from his dad, a veritable mathematician with tons of guilt.

Social Club

Social Club, of North Park, has invented a new genre they call “pull.” “It’s a really bad name,” says John Levan. He fronts the band, writes most of the lyrics, and sings most of the ...

Of nostalgia for a city

A realization on the Coronado bridge.

A former North Park resident returns to San Diego and realizes the choices he made five years ago are what forced him to leave.

North Park/University Heights residents host “Cookies with the Cops”

Area sees 17 percent drop in crime

A group of North Park/University Heights residents gathered at the intersection of Texas and Polk streets on May 15 at 6 p.m. for an informal meeting with three San Diego Police Department officers. The “Cookies ...

Biker Babes in North Park

Confession: I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle. My husband has one—an old Suzuki street bike that he bought for $500. Before he bought it, I rattled off a million reasons why it ...

The Power Seat

Terri shimmied toward the car — shimmied, because there was no way she could get one whole leg in front of another. The only wiggle-room she had was from the shin down, where her long, ...

Coco's Restaurant in North Park is kaput

Wasn't kayoed by nearby “retro” restaurant

Closed down for a couple of months now, the empty Coco's Bakery Restaurant at 2644 El Cajon Boulevard in North Park is still hoping for a new leaseholder. The Coco's in Corona del Mar, California ...

AT&T building still a “public nuisance” in North Park?

Homeless sleep on premises amid graffiti, trash, and urine

The unused AT&T (formerly Pacific Bell) building in North Park continues to have homeless transients, graffiti, the smell of urine, and trash. The fortress-like structure — a perfect canvas for taggers — is located at ...

San Diego Musical Theatre presents a killer diller Chicago at the Birch in North Park

San Diego Musical Theatre’s knock-out production of Bob Fosse’s Chicago must close Sunday, March 3. If you like your entertainment steamy, decadent — and all that jazz — then sprint, don’t just run, to the ...

Oscar night fashion in North Park

In honor of the Oscars, the Junior League of San Diego in partnership with Path of San Diego, put on a red carpet event at West Coast Tavern in North Park. It’s moments like these ...

Breakfast Club Inspired Style

While browsing the racks at Hunt & Gather, a vintage boutique on University Ave in North Park, I ran into the well-dressed duo of Issa Lozano and Domenik Grisanti. Both wore similar bags with very ...

Menswear: The Denim Shirt

Avoiding the dreaded lumberjack look

Remember a few seasons back when guys were plucked and waxed to oblivion? Thank god that's over. Menswear has taken a much more masculine detour into the world of work wear. Men have begun sporting ...

North Park Leggings

Last night my dryer called it quits. We saw it coming. It had been making an alarming sound for weeks, a noise akin to a toddler shrieking. When I went to change out my clothes, ...

North Park’s Bodhi Animal Clinic gets new vets

Practice sold after $3M renovation

The Bodhi Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital at 2200 University Avenue in North Park has changed hands. The new owner is Tracy Dowdy, CVPM (certified veterinary practice manager). The purchase price was not disclosed. After ...

North Park Main Street update

Office remodel, financial snapshot

It appeared North Park Main Street, a business improvement district established by the City of San Diego, might be moving. Last month on two walkabouts it was dark inside, boxes and pictures were strewn about, ...

I try to never wear the same thing twice

“When people ask what my favorite decade is, my answer is ‘Now.’”

Tweed Ride includes penny farthings, costumes, and grand piano

Jolly good time, indeed

San Diego took a step back in time on Sunday, December 9, as over 125 people of all ages donned vintage clothing and rode old-school bikes in the fourth annual San Diego Tweed Ride. It ...

Pat's punted

“Hipsters” blamed for North Park gentrification

"It's a mom-and-pop operation with just Mom," says Pat (last name withheld) of North Park antique-and-collectible shop Pat's Corner. The boutique has been at its current location on 30th and Upas for eight years, offering ...

On the border of University and Nowhere Park

I woke up this morning, knowing that everything on my uncovered porch outside was going to be saturated by the evening rain...Why was everything outside uncovered and unprotected from the rain you ask? BECAUSE THIS ...

San Diego Restaurants to Try at Least Once

Even if it weren’t my job to go out and look for new places to eat, I still wouldn’t be able to eat the same thing over and over again. I rarely visit any place ...

Accessible Gourmet Fare

Mid-range restaurants, gastropubs, and shops taking things to the next level.

Nowadays, I spend much of my time eating in restaurants or locked up in my office documenting those experiences. But before I wrote my first word about food, most of my time was spent in ...

More Than the Dish or the Deal

Restaurants you can take to heart.

There are some places that you kinda take to heart. They’re more than the dish or the deal. Something clicks about the people and the place, and you want to come back and be a part of it. These are just some.

A Minute with Todd Gloria in North Park

District 3 councilmember Todd Gloria walked up 30th Street in North Park on September 15, with some constituents tagging along, to test a new Android app called “BestWALK” from WalkSanDiego. The free app (downloadable here) ...

Seven Grand — A Whiskey Selection Beyond Killer

There’s no room for shoulder angels at Seven Grand. They already had their share. They’re afraid of the tartan carpet and the dark wood paneling. They panic at the sight of the wall of whiskey. ...

New “Bike Corral” for North Park

Now there is even more convenient parking for cyclists near North Park's Ray Street Art District; a new “bicycle corral" has been installed at the southwest corner of 30th Street and North Park Way, next ...

Woolworth Building Renovation on Hold

When the city still had its Redevelopment Agency, the empty Woolworth building at 3067 University Avenue was acquired for $1,950,000. North Park Gateway and 31st Street LLC were chosen to develop the structure into a ...

Indie Street Scene

San Diego Music Thing is like an indie Street Scene.

Planning Commission Denies Jack in the Box’s North Park Project

The San Diego Planning Commission voted on August 23 to deny the demolition and reconstruction of the Jack in the Box at 2959 Upas Street in North Park. The corporation sought to "demolish an existing ...

The Story Store

Hang on. We must have it somewhere. We've got everything.

Author John Brizzolara interviews thrift-store magnate Jeff Clark.

North Park Eyesore to Become Irish Pub?

North Park has a few empty stores, including the long-vacant old Woolworth building at 3067 University Avenue. But a worse eyesore is at 3020 University Avenue, next to the cigarette store at 3018 University. The ...

Go Ahead, Try Some Tamales

Streetside Spanish lessons from tamale vendor José Gonzáles.

North Park Prowler Gets Away

Police are reminding residents to keep their doors and windows locked in the North Park area after a burglar evaded arrest late early Tuesday morning, July 10. A burglar was reportedly busy around Idaho Street ...

Afro Puffs

’Dos that don’t.

San Diego’s ethnic populations are segregated, for better and worse.

North Park ElderHelp Facility to Get a Makeover

With financial assistance from block grants and fundraising , Elderhelp of San Diego will be getting an extreme makeover of their facility. The 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation received a new five-year lease from the ...

No One Cares About Being Cool

An outsider is permitted to experience a variety of San Diego social clubs from the inside.

Johnny's R Restaurant Sign Stops Spinning

The big revolving sign outside Johnny's R Restaurant at 2611 El Cajon Boulevard has stopped spinning. The inexpensive family restaurant, originated by Johnny Raizian, had a run of more than 30 years in North Park. ...

One-Dollar Fish Taco Frenzy in University Heights

This article seeks to find value for fish taco lovers living in the San Diego Area. The Taquerias in question (El Zarape and Kiko’s Place) are often overlooked by economically casual chowers but they shouldn’t ...

Zelda's Place

The waiter at Street Side Thai Kitchen set the Garden Fish ($19.95) down in the middle of the table. A crispy orb peeked from beneath a fringe of cilantro. Freshly sliced tomatoes lined one side ...

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