Living on the edge with no living wage

Another day of action observed, another day of inaction from politicos

Activists pushing for a higher minimum wage through the labor-backed Fight for 15 campaign staged their biggest protest yet on Wednesday. Starting early on the morning of April 15, the protest — timed to coincide ...

Order in the court, Judge Bencivengo!

Attorney Mike Aguirre to point out utilities commission case is not dead

Attorney Mike Aguirre will argue this afternoon (April 16) that U.S. District court judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo was wrong when she ruled tentatively earlier this week that Aguirre's "taking" case could not be heard in ...

Could Feds be prowling mayor's Qualcomm food and booze deal?

Staff alleged to have dined on Delaware North delicacies amidst whiff of stadium scandal

How much will it cost San Diego taxpayers to lose the Chargers to Los Angeles? That's the question being bandied about privately at city hall, where an avalanche of bad news and insider lobbying allegations ...

Nuclear plant could produce fresh water, say scientists

Huge hit to the budget, but it could end California drought problem

A father-son team of scientists writing for the right-leaning news site WorldNetDaily have determined a solution for fighting California's extreme drought. According to Art Robinson, a UC San Diego graduate and former staffer before founding ...

What kind of racket is Civic San Diego?

Agency’s backers seek less oversight while one of their boardmembers sues

The Downtown San Diego Partnership, a nonprofit business-minded organization, is stepping up its defense of Civic San Diego, the private nonprofit in charge of permitting in select neighborhoods and handling redevelopment functions throughout the city. ...

House poor, data rich

Numbers indicate San Diegans pay more for shelter than all metro areas

In the fourth quarter of last year, the median home price in San Diego hit $430,000 — 59 percent higher than the 2009 bottom but still below the $500,000 peak of 2005. Kelly Cunningham, economist ...

The nefarious nut

Two-thirds of the almond and pistachio crops are sent overseas

Are almonds "the center of a nefarious plot to suck California dry?" asks the publication Mother Jones, which has been reporting regularly on the possibility of a Southwest megadrought and the problem with so much ...

Big-idea Todd

Rancho Santa Fe attorney admits forgery, put up clients' cases as collateral

Todd Macaluso, a Rancho Santa Fe attorney, pleaded guilty today (April 14) to forging signatures of clients and notaries as part of a scheme to put personal-injury clients' cases up as collateral to investors without ...

Yay! Got the cash and pills

Julie Harper lawyer Paul Pfingst says money needed to pay experts

Paul Pfingst, defense attorney for accused murderer Julie Harper, successfully got 12 items of evidence released from the district attorney during a court hearing yesterday, April 13. This included $30,000 in cash, some of which ...

Nathan Fletcher's $3000 triplet flip-flop fine

Republican-turned-Democrat forced to ante up for Hillary backer’s law breaking

Fernando Aguerre, cofounder with his brother Santiago of Reef, the world-famous flip-flop maker, is famed for knowing his way around the worlds of fashion, sports, and high-dollar politics. "Inspired by the beautiful women of the ...

Thanks for nothin', Uncle Coltin

Couple takes insurance-scam advice from family member — everyone busted

A scheme to extract illegal cash from an insurance company has a San Diego couple facing insurance fraud charges and resulted in the arrest of the husband's Lake Elsinore uncle, the California Department of Insurance ...

Charger Girls finally have something to celebrate

Assembly Bill 202 affords cheerleaders a little more dignity and respect

On April 8, the state Assembly's Committee on Labor and Employment moved forward a bill authored by San Diego's former labor leader and current assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez that requires sports teams to pay fair wages ...

Drug snooping at UCSD's Sun God

Will California cops boycott Snoop Dogg photo ops?

As a corps of well-paid cops from around the state converge on UCSD's drug-and-booze-plagued Sun God music festival next month, their minds may turn to this year’s happenings at a famous Texas music blow-out. Years ...

Hedge fund wants Qualcomm to break up

It's a scheme to run up stock, which is up sharply this morning

Activist investment hedge fund Jana Partners this morning (April 13) said it wants Qualcomm to consider spinning off its chip unit from its patent-licensing business. Qualcomm stock is up more than 5 percent in pre-opening ...

More money for city attorney's attorneys

Closed-session vote to fund fight to keep Goldsmith's emails private

San Diego city councilmembers voted in closed session on March 24 to appeal a judge's decision ordering city attorney Jan Goldsmith to turn over 25,000 pages of city emails sent from his private account. Recipients ...

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