Jehovah’s Witnesses get relief from appellate court

Judge Lewis could have gotten documents with lighter sanctions in Linda Vista case

The Watchotwer Tract Society, commonly referred to as the Jehovah's Witnesses, is asking a San Diego Superior Court judge to return the bond money it posted as a result of an August ruling from a ...

What's in a stadium name?

Balboa Park building billionaire gives $5000 against Spanos stadium measure

The man most responsible for the expansion of Qualcomm stadium for the Chargers in 1997, ultimately handing the team a taxpayer-funded venue and a controversial ticket guarantee — along with an out-of-town exit pass — ...

What got into Wells Fargo?

Blame management hubris

A prominent La Jolla resident, who does not want her name used, knows what led Wells Fargo down the crooked path: management hubris. In 2009, her daughter was headed for college. Mother and daughter went ...

County supervisors to consider Julian development

Residents say developer and General Atomics owner Linden Blue are asking to develop 1416 acres while keeping tax breaks

On Wednesday, October 19, San Diego County supervisors will consider whether to approve a proposal to transform 1416 acres of untouched wilderness in Julian into 24 residential properties called Hoskings Ranch II. They will consider ...

Local navy officer took bribes from Malaysian

Provided with prostitutes

Lieutenant Commander Gentry Debord, a San Diegan, pleaded guilty in federal court today (October 13) to accepting cash, stays at luxury hotels, and prostitutes from foreign defense contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia. A total of ...

Coastkeeper says water board sends wrong message

We’re saving only 15 percent, not 25

Despite the state's ongoing exceptional drought, a recent report shows conservation efforts are easing, particularly along the southern coast. In April 2015, governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order targeting a 25-percent reduction in water ...

Four county lawyers disciplined by State Bar

Client funds overdrawn, misappropriated, comingled

Four county lawyers were disciplined by the State Bar in July. Robert Sibilia of Oceanside was suspended from practicing law for 90 days and put on probation for a year. He was charged with misappropriating ...

Wells Fargo says Americans timid with investments

Retiring Wells CEO aggressive inside the bank

Yesterday (October 11) Wells Fargo released a study concluding that many Americans are investing too conservatively for their retirement. Today (October 12) Wells Fargo announced that its chief executive, John Stumpf, will retire, effective immediately. ...

Bernie Sanders dunned by National City

The downside of getting picked by populist

National City has asked former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his campaign to pay a $28,340 bill for the rally the candidate held there in May. "We sent a demand letter today (Tuesday)," said Armando ...

Second sex assault suit against San Diego Unified

Last time Crawford, this time Lincoln

In an October 4 lawsuit a former Lincoln High School student is accusing the school's soccer coach and part-time student-teacher of sexually assaulting her and is blaming the school district for allowing the assault to ...

Feet, not commercials or mail, decide the vote

"I hear a lot of people saying, 'Oh, my vote don't count.'"

Saturday, October 8, served as the one-month marker before next month's general election. Precinct walkers — wooing for candidates and favored propositions — will begin to pound the pavement in earnest. But for one group ...

Will Wikileak on Hillary leave puddle?

Clinton lauded bankers in speech to San Diego law firm

On Friday (October 7), WikiLeaks said it had obtained almost 50,000 emails from the inbox of John Podesta, aide to Hillary Clinton. Allegedly, the emails dealt with statements Clinton had made to and about Wall ...

Will rents rise another 4.7 percent?

SD's are already fourth highest among major metros

San Diego County's median rents will rise 4.7 percent in the next year, down slightly from the 4.9 percent rise over the last year, according to Zillow. The 4.7 percent jump will be eighth largest ...

Deputy roughs up SDSU religion professor

Officer grabs purse, victim hangs onto it and then is arrested

A San Diego State University professor is suing the San Diego County Sheriff's Department for violating her Fourth Amendment Rights after a pair of alleged scam artists attempted to stage an auto accident. In a ...

NFL's TV tumble and the stadium vote

Is public less interested in pro football?

The NFL's TV ratings are down around 11 percent through September. TV executives are rattled because they face so-called "make-goods" with advertisers. When advertisers buy time on pro football games, they are promised certain numbers ...

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