Invasive child exam just part of the lawsuit

Navy parent sues county for taking her two-year-old while she was at sea

A female Navy officer is suing San Diego County Health and Human Services for removing her two-year-old son from her care while she was on duty and placing him in a youth home where he ...

One San Diego bad boy sentenced, one released

Bobby Vassallo gets a year, B.J. Gallison freed on $1.8 million bond

Alfred Louis "Bobby" Vassallo, perpetrator of telecom scams, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison in federal court in the Central District of California on August 24. The onetime La Jollan had ...

Who can afford a house in California?

Considering recently released numbers, not that many people

A study released last week by the California Association of Realtors trade group lays bare the facts about how far housing affordability has fallen in the county and throughout the state since prices began to ...

Less than two years for swiping $1 million

Holli Dawn Coulman was executive assistant at Hewlett-Packard

Almost a year after pleading guilty, Holli Dawn Coulman, who was an executive assistant to a senior vice president at the Rancho Bernardo operations of Hewlett-Packard, today (August 24) was sentenced to 21 months in ...

San Diego biotechs bathe in stock market blood

Wall Street has lost $10 trillion since June 3

United States stocks plunged between 3.5 percent and 4 percent today (August 24), continuing a selloff that began in early June. Stocks are dropping all around the world; the slaughter has knocked off $10 trillion ...

San Diego's Section 8 drug and crime wave

$3 million in fraudulent overpayments amid lax reporting and enforcement

Fraud, drug use, and other criminal activity has been going unpunished in the county's so-called Section 8 subsidized housing program, with lax enforcement by officials causing multimillion-dollar havoc. So says an August 3 report by ...

Retire in San Diego! Juuust kidding.

Prohibitive cost of living ranks it 123rd out of 150 cities

One of the myths about San Diego County is that it is a great place to retire — wonderful climate, lots of golf courses, etc. To be sure, the county was once a retirement haven ...

Statewide records for solar generation shattered

Figures don't include power produced on residential rooftops

California's solar industry has been setting records, and then breaking them, for total energy generated from utility-scale solar installations all summer. According to PV Magazine the California Independent System Operator, which controls the state's power ...

San Diego slumlords on notice

Socialist group cites leaky roofs, roach and vermin infestations

About two dozen activists from the San Diego Socialist Campaign, including their 2016 city-council candidate, gathered Saturday afternoon, August 22, in City Heights to protest what they say are intolerable living conditions created by landlords. ...

Ex-CPA Anton Ewing visits familiar grounds: court

He admits in his suit that he is "no angel himself."

On August 31, 2013, Anton Ewing lost his CPA license. According to Patti Bowers, executive officer for the California Board of Accountancy, Ewing was disciplined because he had pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy ...

Bounty-hunters from L.A. bug UCSD music pirates

Hundreds of cease-and-desist notices charge unauthorized content distribution

Illegal file-sharing, long a problem at UCSD, is still going on, subjecting students and faculty to big-dollar jeopardy. So says an August 18 campus warning posted online by the school's director of academic computing and ...

Suit alleges brutish Border Patrol behavior at sea

Did their 38-foot boat intentionally ram panga of immigrants?

The family of a Mexican immigrant killed after the panga she was riding in off the coast of Encinitas collided with a U.S. Customs and Border Protection vessel is suing the officers involved in the ...

San Diego unemployment rate rises

While government jobs fall, leisure and hospitality gigs jump

The San Diego County unemployment rate rose to 5.4 percent in July, up from a revised 5.0 percent in June. The county lost 1900 jobs in the month, according to the California Employment Development Department. ...

Betsy Manchester’s divorce lawyer-lobbyists fined $1000

Repeat offenders backing Bry for city council tagged for Faulconer funding lapse

As controversy continues to swirl around its future, San Diego's ethics commission has handed one of the city's longtime law and lobbying shops a $1000 fine for failing to fully disclose its political giving. The ...

La Mesa broker suspended for forgery

Decision against Robert Earl Holaday to be appealed

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which regulates brokerage firms and brokers selling securities in the United States, has fined Robert Earl Holaday of La Mesa $10,000 and suspended him from association with FINRA members ...

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