Musician Interviews

Solo Together

‘We’re a song-oriented harmony duo, with a little spin on the ball,” says Sven-Erik Seaholm, who, with wife Brooke Mackintosh, is one half of Seaholm Mackintosh. “I guess you could call it indie acoustic, with ...

Mario Escovedo on Balboa Park, Moths, and Mowgli

Mario Escovedo, a Dragon unashamed to stand up for the Carpenters.

Richard Meltzer's New Gig

Rock critic Richard Meltzer talks about his former columnist gig at the Reader and his new project with Mike Watt: Spielgusher.

J.D. Boucharde Would Like a Few Words with George W.

Interview with J.D. Boucharde, music teacher and no fan of American Idol.

The Acoustic-Schlock Therapy of Jeffrey Joe Morin

Guitarist Jeffrey Joe Morin describes his performances as “Generally genre non-specific. I archive, treasure, and exhibit 20th-century American-standard songs of love, romance, and dramatic introspection.”

Paul Kamanski, the Heartbreakers Meets the Black Crowes

Songwriter Paul Kamanski goes way back with Country Dick Montana and that whole Beat Farmers scene.

The Neo Bop of Charles McPherson

Sax master Charles McPherson began his career in 1959 with Charles Mingus. Inspired him to go get a job with the IRS.

Randy Lane's Unreal Job

‘I was inspired to write the song after seeing Ron Paul’s appearance on the Jay Leno show earlier this year,” says singer/songwriter Randy Lane, aka Ran Diego, of his recently recorded tune “Ode to Ron ...

The Dirty Brew of Short Eyes

Short Eyes claims to play “dirt pop” because “grunge” is dead.

A Scribe Amidst the Lions Will Write Whatever They Want to Write

Singer/guitarist Kris Towne describes the music of A Scribe Amidst the Lions as “an adventure. You never know where we’re going to go next. Oftentimes we don’t even know. Think Fugazi and Pink Floyd writing ...

Mario Quintero and Black Box Studio

Even if you haven’t heard of Mario Quintero’s bands Sleep Lady (whose bassist is his wife, Sarah Quintero) and Hialeah, if you’re a San Diego music fan, you probably own something produced at his Black ...

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