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The Chapel at Grossmont in La Mesa

Pastor Hilton wasn’t meant for work in a lab the size of a closet.

To be absent from the body is to be present to the Lord.

La Mesa council rejects cell-phone ban

"Mini computer" use to continue while members sit on dais

La Mesa mayor Art Madrid's city-council colleagues rejected his April 8 request to prohibit cell-phone use by councilmembers during forums, including meetings, town halls, and closed sessions. Madrid's proposal for city attorney Glenn Sabine to ...

Fish and chips with dogs and ducks

Anthony's La Mesa Grotto proves a pleasant lunch spot.

The nicest pond-side seafood dining in La Mesa is this sister restaurant to the better-known harbor location. A comparable menu and pricing avails its customers of fresh seafood at fresh seafood prices. While it doesn't break the bank, you do pay more for atmosphere than quality of preparation. That said, "pleasant" doesn't begin to describe its patio dining.

La Mesa resident exposed to e-cigarette smoke at restaurant

Madrid retreats from total ban but still loses,

The La Mesa City Council on March 25 rejected Mayor Art Madrid's request to modify the city's smoking ordinance to ban electronic cigarettes in parks and other locations where smoking is prohibited. Madrid joined in ...

One chicken per 1000 square feet okayed in La Mesa

Art Madrid and the rooster on Maryland Avenue notwithstanding

The La Mesa City Council voted 4-1 on March 25 to amend the municipal code and allow people to keep domestic fowl such as chickens in single-family residential zones. Roosters are prohibited, and councilmembers called ...

Inn of the Sixth Happiness

Hidden hotspot for Thai hot pot

So I was just leaving this kinda cute patio where I'd been having a late brekky with my friend Ernesto (La Mesa Bistro, more on this in upcoming Tin Fork), and, well, we talked a ...

Fit to be Thai'd in La Mesa

Bamboo is Thai comfort food done right

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my family gave me the choice where to eat. There wasn’t much thought. I picked Bamboo Thai Cuisine on University Avenue, near La Mesa Blvd. It’s ...

La Mesa Planning Commission favors 18-unit complex

Adjacent residents fret about privacy

On February 4, the disapproval of a proposed City of La Mesa condominium development was demonstrated by a local family’s door-to-door collection of signatures on a petition against the project. The family, residents of Wheaton ...

Bolt Back in Biz

Opened in 1989, Karl Strauss Brewing Company is the oldest, continually operating brewery in San Diego. But two years before Uncle Karl and his crew started serving amber lager downtown, an eclectic, low-frills yet high-energy ...

Wienermobile takes San Diego for a ride

Driving around in giant frankfurter-shaped car as cool as it sounds

When the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stops at your house, you have to get in it. You just have to. Or at least I did, when the Wienermobile visited San Diego in mid-February. There are actually ...

Druggie problem at La Mesa’s Northmont Park?

"Let the grass die. We need more police."

Citizens at the February 18 La Mesa Town Hall meeting at Northmont Elementary School told the city council that they were concerned about crime, particularly drug use, at nearby Northmont Park. The meeting, held in ...

Chickens may come to roost in La Mesa

Planning commission votes to recommend allowance of fowl

The topic of chickens and eggs came up before the February 19 La Mesa Planning Commission hearing on a zoning amendment to allow residents in single-family homes to keep poultry — excluding roosters. The meeting ...

School traffic addressed at La Mesa meeting

“There are 40 moms [each driving] with one kid."

Three of the ten speakers at the City of La Mesa's Town Hall meeting on February 6 talked about the effect of school traffic in their neighborhoods. Two residents spoke about traffic around Rolando Elementary ...

Pickleball vs. tennis in La Mesa

Players raise issues of court use and conversions

The La Mesa Community Services Commission on January 29 denied the USA Pickleball Association's request to remove the tennis court at Collier Park and replace it with four pickleball courts. Pickleball was created in Washington ...

Patch news lets go of many reporter-editors

New ownership trims cost of running hyper-local operations nationwide

On Wednesday, January 29, the new majority-owner of hyper-local news site laid off all but one of its San Diego County reporter-editors, remaining editor Michelle Mowad confirmed. The layoffs include journalist Khari Johnson, whose ...

Alpine teachers protest in La Mesa

Complaints about a boardmember and a 30 percent pay cut

Two schoolteachers were carrying picket signs in protest of the Alpine Union School Districton the corner of Jackson Drive and Fletcher Parkway in La Mesa on January 29. From about noon to 5 p.m., Kim ...

La Mesa pizza restaurant delivers hookahs, too

American Lung Association director warns of health risks…of tobacco

A pizza restaurant in La Mesa is hoping to make more dough by offering hookahs for delivery along with the pizza, sandwiches, and spaghetti on their menu. GiGi Pizza, formerly Palermo Pizza, started renting out ...

Walking San Diego

“It’s a bit of a mountain getaway feeling if you ignore the freeway noise.”

Walks around town, walks in the mountains, walks next to the freeway that make it easy to pretend you’ve gotten away from it all (if you ignore the sound of traffic).

Madrid out, Alessio in on SANDAG board

Other appointments made at La Mesa council meeting

The La Mesa City Council on January 14 removed mayor Art Madrid from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) board in a 3-2 vote that designated vice mayor Kristine Alessio as La Mesa's primary ...

Sliders done creatively at Slides in La Mesa

Fish and eggplant sliders the stars

When Wolfgang Verkaaik, the paid shill reviewer for U-T San Diego, recommends a spot, it’s usually a sign of a place to avoid. However, his review of Slides managed to pique my interest. It’s a ...

Beautiful girls give away free milk at Lake Murray

They only look like models

Marketing reps for Muscle Milk set up their camp in the Lake Murray parking lot for only about ten minutes on January 13 at 2:30 p.m. The two pretty girls who came to the lake ...

BO-beau is bon bon

La Mesa restaurant perfect for families and foodies

“I could swim in a sea of that.” That was my seven-year-old son’s reaction after tasting the boeuf bourguignon at BO-beau La Mesa. Can’t argue with him, the beefy French-inspired stew has a rich meaty ...

Suspected arson fire in La Mesa

Scorches porta potty at Sunshine Park

A fire reported at 5:41 a.m. on January 4 destroyed two portable toilets and the wood-shake roof of nearby restrooms at Sunshine Park, according to La Mesa Police Department lieutenant Ray Sweeney. Restrooms at the ...

Furries descend on Lake Murray

Everyone was hugging, laughing, riding motorcycles, and playing tag

On January 4, LMFAO arrived at Lake Murray between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to have their monthly meeting, which they hold on the first Saturday of every month. In this case, ...

2013 Street Style Round-Up

The good, the ho-hum, and the ugly

Fashion was all over the map in 2013. I like to think of it as the year of individual style. We saw a lot of camo-inspired gear — combat boots and military jackets. There was ...

Rabbit rescue at Lake Murray

Three young captured, two adults still at large

At 10 a.m. on December 27, Chris and Dave, two Lake Murray runners, discovered five tame, domesticated rabbits wandering around the edge of the service road near the 2 ¼ mile marker of the trail. ...

Three-car collision in La Mesa

Blonde in red pickup reportedly disregarded left-turn traffic light

On December 17 at 6:45 p.m., a three-car collision on the corner of Fletcher Parkway Drive and Baltimore Drive in La Mesa drew six police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance. The destruction was ...

Boots, Boots, and More Boots

What San Diegans wear to keep their feet warm

My favorite part of the cold-weather season, if you call 65 degrees "cold," is not hot cocoa or crackling fires, it’s digging my boots out of storage. I’m kind of obsessed with shoes. My husband ...

La Mesa considers ban on panhandling

Removed and rock-embedded medians don’t thwart practice

The City of La Mesa may ask Democratic assemblywoman Shirley Weber for help with a bill to ban panhandling on medians because Senate Bill 604 (a median-panhandling ban introduced by Republican state senator Joel Anderson) ...

Catch and cash-in trout at Lake Murray

Fish worth $30 a pound?

On December 5, Lake Murray was stocked with a load of 1/2- to 1-pound trout. The day before, Lake Murray management gave trout fishermen a new incentive to fish at the park: orange-tagged trout that ...

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars, Uglies. Spiderwick Chronicles, Fablehaven, newspapers

Teen girls strong-arm cell phones on trolley

Allegedly assaulted Korean exchange students

Officers with the La Mesa Police Department have released video-surveillance photos of two suspects in a strong-arm robbery on a trolley last month and are asking the public for assistance in identifying the pair. Police ...

Vehicles crash into La Mesa car dealer’s lot

Man has seizure, setting off chain of events

On November 21 at approximately 2:30 p.m., a truck and SUV crashed into parked cars at the Truck & SUV Center, located on the corner of Lake Murray Boulevard and Parkway Drive in La Mesa. ...

Youth problems at La Mesa Oktoberfest recounted

More oompah bands suggested to deter juvenile attendance

At the November 12 La Mesa City Council meeting, police chief Ed Aceves spoke about the Anti-Defamation League counter-terrorism seminar that he attended in Israel last month. One councilmember referred to the seminar during the ...

La Mesa council term-limit proposal inches forward

Vice Mayor Alessio files petition papers; Mayor Madrid not pleased

A committee that includes La Mesa vice mayor Kristine Alessio filed paperwork at city hall on November 5 to launch a petition drive to place a term-limit measure on the November 2014 ballot. The committee's ...

La Mesa steakhouse moves charcoal to outdoor hookah lounge

Charcoal House puts the kibosh on karaoke night.

Sequestered on the eastern end of La Mesa on a recent Wednesday evening, I headed over to the Charcoal House (9566 Murray Drive) with my girlfriend and a buddy visiting from Colombia to dive into ...

Three pairs of lust-worthy fall boots

When fall rolls around, most Americans look forward to crackling fires, hot cocoa, and the changing leaves. There’s not a whole lot of that going on here in San Diego. But the fashionistas among us ...

La Mesa City Council postpones term-limit decision

Cost of placing measure on the ballot could cost over $15,000

The La Mesa City Council on October 22 voted 3-2 to postpone for 60 days a decision about whether to place vice mayor Kristine Alessio's term-limit measure on the November 2014 ballot. The delay allowed ...

Bloody clown bandit captured

Not before a string of burglaries and auto thefts

La Mesa police have announced the arrest of 46-year-old transient Michael Colace in connection with last week’s robbery of a 7-Eleven store by a suspect wearing a bloody clown mask. It appears Colace led officers ...

Bloody clown robs La Mesa 7-Eleven

He needed smokes and Lotto tickets

Police in La Mesa are looking for an armed bandit who robbed a 7-Eleven store on the 5700 block of Amaya Drive at gunpoint early this morning, October 17. The suspect, described as a white ...

Going medieval for Halloween

Halloween costume shopping in a most olde English manner

So, we’re going medieval for Halloween this year, thinking up costumes that can do double duty at Renaissance fairs (don’t ask). Fifteen years ago, I would have jumped at the chance to play a princess. ...

Tribal print is to 2013 what Hypercolor was to 1991

San Diego men put a unique spin on Aztec print

Everyone and their mom is wearing tribal print clothing. It’s on backpacks, sweatshirts, shoes, and leggings. It’s to 2013 what Hypercolor shirts were to 1991. I recently ran into two men wearing the trend. Each ...

Velomobile on the Lake Murray running trail

Commuter says he’ll stop using his bicycle as work transportation

A different kind of transportation made its debut at Lake Murray on October 14 at about 2:30 p.m. A long, hot-dog-shaped, bright red car/bike rolled along past joggers and walkers as they stared. As it ...

La Mesa chicken ordinance proposed by the Tweets

Family offers guidelines so they can get their birds back

Addie Tweet, age nine, and her six-year-old sister Ellie asked the La Mesa City Council on October 8 to approve a backyard-chicken law so their chickens can come home. Several months ago, the hens were ...

La Mesa City Council talks term limits

Vice mayor Kristine Alessio’s proposal

At the October 8 La Mesa City Council meeting, discussion of a proposal to put a term-limit measure on the November 2014 ballot led to protests from two residents, support from seven others, and the ...

Drink beer and go to hell

What they wore at La Mesa Oktoberfest

The first sight I saw upon my arrival at La Mesa’s annual Oktoberfest was this guy, holding a bullhorn asking people if they wanted to go to Heaven or Hell. Talk about a buzz kill. ...

All about the parking in La Mesa

Revenue and costs discussed at council meeting

This past June, the approximately 485 parking meters in downtown La Mesa generated $25,958; parking citations for meter infractions brought in another $6630, according to a report presented at the September 24 La Mesa City ...

Little girl who lied takes public punishment in La Mesa

Mom makes her wear sign on streetcorner

At 6 p.m. on September 26, people driving on Lake Murray Boulevard in La Mesa were slowing down to see a small, cute girl, about ten years old, holding a big yellow sign that declared ...

Dog collapses on Lake Murray trail

Pavement too hot

On September 25 at 2:30 p.m., a dog named Chase collapsed at the two-and-a-half-mile mark on the Lake Murray running trail. Luckily, a kind woman was on hand to help the dog and his owner. ...

We like the idea of public high school, but we have a few concerns.

No freaking allowed

Thousands of applicants, a little over 100 seats to fill at High Tech International school.

La Mesa Oktoberfest without the rides

Will keep unaccompanied underage kids out of beer garden.

The city council on August 13 unanimously approved a special-use permit for the Oktoberfest that will be held October 4-6. There won't be any carnival rides at the event sponsored by the La Mesa Chamber ...

La Mesa mobile-home park allegedly a “druggie” haven

"We're prisoners here," says resident

A woman at the August 13 La Mesa City Council meeting asked for help curtailing drug activity at the Mohawk Street mobile-home park, where she has lived since 2000. "For the past eight years or ...

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