Here's the Deal

Here's the Deal: Porter's Pub

Porter’s Pub at UCSD, known for its underwhelming vittles and exceptional all-ages music venue.

The Go Lounge

Leopard-print pool table and a temporarily dismembered mannequin at the Go Lounge in La Mesa, a part of the dive-bar scene.

The Dragon Room at Wong's Golden Palace

The Wong Cup at the right price.

You’ve probably seen Wong’s neon towers glowing along the University Avenue corridor through La Mesa. You probably mistook the place for a drug front or maybe the entrance to a theme park. The truth is ...

Ye Olde Plank Inn, Imperial Beach

Chad Deal went looking for a drink (not a fight!) in SD’s second-oldest bar.

The Hole

“A pretty much world famous dive,” the Hole is a bar in its full glory on Thursdays — $4 Stoli and Bacardi all night. And on Mondays — $2 wells and the weekly wet underwear contest. And...

In Cahoots

Let’s face it, line dancing is about as exciting as singing “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in American Sign Language, which is to say, not terrible, provided there is drink. Luckily, In Cahoots dancehall and ...

Stout Public House

Being a hockey fan in San Diego is like being a cow tipper in Delhi, which is to say, lonely. Sure, despite their Cool Runnings disadvantage (watch the movie), the Gulls were an impressive flock ...

Martinis Above Fourth

American humorist James Thurber once said, “One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.” While most of us instinctively know this to be true, there’s no better place to ...

Rose Wine Pub

Rose Wine Pub in South Park caught my attention when it opened about 16 months ago. It was a holiday walkabout night and the cozy bar, which seats about 30, was standing-room only. Wanting to ...

Tobacco Rhoda’s

The term “dive bar” is thrown around pretty loosely these days and, not unlike “dude,” “epic,” and “excessive force,” the essential meaning has been all but lost. Enter Tobacco Rhoda’s. Famous for its Filipina bartenders ...

Analog Bar

Analog Bar’s slogan — “Good Food Strong Drinks” — is spot-on. The nu-retro music-themed bar’s cocktails are mixed (and priced) aggressively. The food is creative and, yeah, good, but not great, especially at prices that ...

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