Feast! Food & Drink Reviews

Octopus is the new black?

Area chefs offer tips to this under appreciated seafood.

Adventurous seafood fans are discovering octopus all over again. Long a staple at sushi bars, respected eateries all over the county have been adding novel dishes to their menus that prominently feature the many-armed mollusks. ...

Diving into Ironside Fish and Oyster Bar

Exploring the depths of Little Italy's hottest new scene

If you’re looking for somewhere to see and be seen these days, Ironside Fish and Oyster Bar is a sure bet. On my most recent visit, among the endless faces in the bustle I recognized ...

Casa Sol y Mar: Technicolor Mexico

Del Mar restaurant serves up the tortillas without the border wait

I am perfectly happy eating every meal at a taco shop with some variation of “bertos” on it, but yellow-and-red-striped huts with Formica tables and vending machines for 50-cent tattoos are only going to appeal ...

From Don Draper to Don Ho

Cat Eye Club transitions from toney to tiki

“This place looks out of my league,” my friend texted me hours before we were planning to meet downtown for drinks and appetizers. He was referring to the Cat Eye Club, which, during its first ...

All the wine glasses on the high shelf shatter

Bedford finds an aria and a cream river at Café 1134

Opera? On Orange Avenue? I was ambling up Coronado’s main street, trying to figure out what to do for the three hours Carla usually takes to get her hair frou-froued up over here — Diane ...

Backpacker fave lost in translation

But the macarons do it every time.

Making a sandwich from three ingredients takes a lot of brass. But mostly it takes three pretty terrific ingredients, and clearly one of them is going to be bread. So what do you get when ...

Come for the sushi, stay for the eggplant

Nephew discovers raw truth about sushi

“Wait! Sushi is raw fish?” My nephew had this revelation while we were getting read to chow down on an assortment of mackerel, octopus, raw shrimp, bluefin and other delicacies at Blue Ocean Robata and ...

San Diego County Fair Food Advance Peek

From Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers to bacon-wrapped whisky churros

The San Diego County Fair officially opens June 7, but members of the media were able to get an early taste. Here is a rundown of some of the goodies that “carnie-vores” can gobble during ...

Tenacity with a side of couscous

Eating a tiny bit healthier by the beach

After running around Ocean Beach's dog beach for awhile, I brought Loki over to Shades Oceanfront Bistro to grab some lunch. I mean, why give up on the idea some bikini-clad girl is going to ...

When in doubt, get the Pig Out

Chicken and sausage smoke the competition at Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q

Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q location at Coronado Ferry Landing means it’s teeming with tourists at times. Because the place is in a prime real estate spot, it suffers from a reverse snobbery among barbecue buffs. There ...

It’s worth dipping into

Down at the Chula Vista Marina, Ed continues on his big mussel jag.

"’ll meet you at the Galley,” says Joe into his cell phone. This was during one of the heat waves. He lives way east of El Cajon, so I knew he was pitching for the ...

Sisig and sarsparilla at the other Tita's

Plenty of space and way too much food for 8 bucks

Actually, I was trying to go to Tita's Kitchenette, a cramped, cafeteria-style Filipino food counter on Plaza Boulevard in National City. But I passed right by without noticing. I might have driven another five minutes ...

Bruski's delivers the burn

Fiesta of flavors from Scripps Ranch burgers-and-beer joint

My husband’s new favorite restaurant is Bruski Burgers & Brew in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego. Opened in January 2011 by owner Bruce Nguyen, it is located right off I-15 near Scripps Ranch ...

Korean taco + Russian ale = heaven

Tacos La Mezcla and Mission Brewery: first flush of tastebud love?

Sometimes two good things create a third thing that's bigger than the two of them. Case in point: Outside Mission Brewery's big ol' brick place at 14th and L. Used to be the Wonder Bread ...

Sprouts and mussels and — wait, did I miss it?

Slurping it up at Sea180.

“Everyone has waited ten years for this,” he says. “People said, ‘It’s I.B. It’ll never happen!’”

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