Escondido Stories

When Metaphor Café was crazy bananas busy

Shane Culpeper, a studio owner/producer/promoter, talks about his experience in attempting to bring back the Metaphor Café and how it didn’t work out; he’s still looking for a venue.

Escondido Country Club homeowners deliver petition to city hall

Nearly twice the number of signatures gathered to fight development plan

Following an enthusiastic kick-off on May 11, a petition drive by the Escondido Country Club Homeowners Organization (ECCHO) gathered 9360 signatures for its Citizens’ Property Rights Initiative and delivered the petition to Escondido City Hall ...

Raises ok'ed for Escondido's city attorney and city manager

One dissenting vote

In the Escondido City Council meeting of June 26, deputy mayor Olga Diaz pulled the employment contract renewal of city manager Clay Phillips and city attorney Jeffrey Epp from the consent calendar. What started out ...

Magic hemp awards

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps All-One-God-Faith, Inc., the Escondido hemp oil-mongering outfit — whose president David Bronner was busted last year during a protest in which he locked himself into a cage on the sidewalk in ...

Escondido homeowners stand up to Stuck in the Rough

L.A. property owner sues residents and city

The bankrupt Escondido Country Club property's new owners, Stuck in the Rough (a West Hollywood-based company), filed a lawsuit against the Escondido Country Club Homeowners Organization (ECCHO) and the City of Escondido on June 27. ...

Beer of the Week: Offbeat Grain-Fed Dog

Escondido brewery’s strong ale raises money for hometown human society

Nine months in, Year One has been one of adjustments for Tom Garcia, the owner and brewmaster at Offbeat Brewing Company (1223 Pacific Oaks Place, #101, Escondido). When he launched last fall, he didn’t go ...

Escondido residents learns more about Stuck in the Rough plans

Company to build 450 houses on languishing golf course

On Tuesday evening, June 18, the board of directors of ECCHO, a neighborhood group formed to stop housing development on Escondido Country Club property, reported to over 400 interested residents at Life Community Church. Also ...

Escondido DMV closure impacts nearby offices

Poway, Temecula, but mostly Oceanside

The busy Escondido Department of Motor Vehicles field office permanently closed its doors at 725 North Escondido Boulevard on May 10. DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza said Escondido residents can expect to be without a DMV ...

Two Charros groups stand up in Escondido

Decisions to be made on 1.5-acre site

For the past 40 years, an equestrian group named the Asociación de Charros de Escondido has occupied a 1.5-acre area in northeastern Escondido just below Dixon Lake. Ensconced in a secluded, mostly wooded area also ...

Golf is in the rough

Golf deep in the hole — San Diego no exception

Golf courses got overbuilt in anticipation of baby boomer retirements. But do boomers have patience for golf? Golfing is on the decline in San Diego. What to do with all that land?

Charter school to expand into Escondido’s East Valley Community Center

Mayor Sam Abed says lease revenues to be funneled to citizenry

The Escondido City Council on May 22 voted 4-1 to lease a portion of the city’s East Valley Community Center to Heritage Digital Academy, a charter school. The ten-year lease includes 20,000 square feet of ...

Escondido residents mobilize to try and save golf course

Petition drive aims to gather 6000 signatures

Saturday mornings were usually quiet affairs at the Escondido home of Gary Johnson, board member of Escondido Country Club Homeowners Organization. However, Saturday morning, May 11, was different. At 9:00 a.m., about 200 Escondido Country ...

8 days. 750 miles.

Professional cycling’s uphill climb

Rundown of bicyclists who’ve been caught doping and the Tour of California bike race.

Queen Califia's Magical Circle

Take the kids to this sculpture garden in Escondido.

Thirty miles up I-15 from San Diego, in Escondido, you’ll find Queen Califia’s Magical Circle. This is the unnatural habitat of wild animals that escaped from the imagination of Niki de Saint Phalle. She’s the ...

Escondido: The ruling white minority

Escondido's white minority rules, but Latinos want fair representation.

Escondido Country Club to close down

Zoning in question, residents leery

The bombshell arrived at Escondido Country Club area residents’ mailboxes on Saturday, February 23, in the form of a blue postcard announcing the demise of Escondido Country Club. It was well known locally that the ...

North Shore, Lake Hodges Dam

A walk to the Hodges Dam and back through coastal sage scrub habitat.

Seven-term city treasurer nearly defeated in Escondido

Yes, the general election was over more than a month ago. And although Carl DeMaio, Brian Bilbray, and several other candidates had to wait a few days to know their fate, 23-year old Michelle Fawcett ...

Escondido Hashes Out Food Truck Issues

On November 28, a meeting was held at Escondido City Hall to consider opinions and concerns from the public regarding mobile catering trucks. Currently, city regulations do not allow food trucks. Food-truck operators say that ...

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

Overlooks with dramatic views

Up to you: leisurely stroll or heart-pumping workout in the Elfin Forest.

Three-time rapist earns 417 years

Escondido rapist Jeremy Ryan Stutzman said he hated it when his victims cried.

Gas Truck Rear-Ends Car On I-15

On November 3, at approximately 1:10 p.m., a motorist was injured on the southbound I-15 between the Centre City Parkway on-ramp and Via Rancho Parkway off-ramp. A gas-cylinder delivery vehicle was unable to stop in ...

Daley Ranch Pond View Trails

The cooling, welcoming sight of a pond while hiking in the chaparral on a hot day.

Clevenger Canyon South

A lofty perch offers impressive views of San Pasqual Valley clear to the ocean

End of Metaphor

Metaphor Cafe closes its doors after an August 26 show , at which police showed up and found minors drinking alcohol.

Rats! Gnats!

Eye gnat infestations in south Escondido could lead to end of organic food farming in San Diego.

Engelmann Oak Loop Trail — Daley Ranch

View the somewhat rare Englemann live oaks from a relatively secluded trail.

Daley Ranch’s Caballo Trail to Stanley Peak

Hike to Daley Ranch’s highest peak while delighting in the sights and smells of chaparral and coastal sage plant communities.

Daley Ranch: Boulder Loop

Hike among dramatic granitic boulder displays and enjoy spectacular panoramic views near urban sprawl.

Distance from downtown San Diego: Allow one-hour driving time to Escondido. From I-15, exit east on El Norte Parkway. Turn left (north) on La Honda Drive. The parking area for the Daley Ranch is on ...

Escondido Bicyclist Found with “Scary” Weapon

A young man bicycling on Grand Avenue in Escondido was found to be carrying a “metal knuckles” weapon that had a folding four-inch blade appendage, according to testimony given by Escondido police officer Jason White ...

Memory of Amber DuBois Celebrated Three Years After

February 13, 2012, marked the three-year anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of young teen Amber DuBois. Family, friends, Team Amber search-and-rescue volunteers, neighbors, and other supporters gathered together at the Old Spaghetti Factory in ...

Piedras Pintadas Trail

The aptly named Piedras Pintadas (“painted rocks”) trail in Escondido explores a small part of the rich San Diego County Kumeyaay Indian culture and habitat by following a well-marked trail with interpretive plaques. The trail ...

Alleged Purse-Snatcher Arraigned in Vista

An Escondido man who grabbed the purse of a woman in the parking lot of an Encinitas shopping center last week was out on bail for a drug-possession arrest three weeks earlier, a prosecutor said ...

Escondido’s Mayor Abed Says No to Applause

At the beginning of the oral communication portion of the Escondido City Council’s meeting on December 14, mayor Sam Abed issued the warning: “I want to make it very clear, that applause, standing, cheering, and ...

Escondido Police Nab Alleged Reckless Driver Who Had Cocaine

Police said they were doing one of their regular DUI “saturation patrols” in Escondido on December 2 when they saw a man driving toward them on the wrong side of the street. When police tried ...

Escondido: Tighten Your Rules

Early next year, the California Supreme Court will decide whether the state can abolish or weaken redevelopment agencies. If the City of Escondido is lucky, the high court’s decision will thwart the City’s dubious plan ...

Escondido’s Sidewalk Sign Policy Under Review

Business owner Bill Durney appeared before the Escondido City Council on November 2 and asked the city to consider adding a future agenda item regarding easing restrictions and regulations for sidewalk signs used by businesses. ...

I Didn't Steal the Dog. I Rescued It.

Case of the Missing Canine

“She basically got caught up in an emotional dog rescue. That’s what this was,” said the defense attorney. “Miss Vukov, yes, took the dog.” Although Trina Vukov took the dog without permission, she had no ...

Salvadoran Man Charged with Violent Spree in Escondido

There was emotional testimony from three young Latinas in the Vista courthouse on October 11 as they described a night of rape, attempted robbery, and burglary in separate incidents that occurred in Escondido last May. ...

Alleged Murderer on Trial 22 Years After Shooting

Vicente Benites, originally from the Mexican state of Guerrero, shot and killed another man from Guerrero at an Escondido house party in 1989, according to prosecutor Natalie Villaflor. The cold-case murder trial started last week, ...

Gloria Dei Lutheran

Membership: 125 Pastor: Matthew Richardt Age: 42 Born: Holt, Michigan Formation: Concordia College, Ann Arbor, Mich., Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind.; U.S. Navy Chaplaincy (2002–2005). Years Ordained: 16 San Diego Reader: How long do ...

Nuclear Steam Generator Transporter Heads East

A nuclear steam generator is slowly making its way across North County on a top-secret route from San Onofre to Utah, where it will be disposed of. Officials say that the radiation levels are small ...

Grace Lutheran Church

Membership: 1450 Pastor: Jim Young Age: 65 Born: Los Angeles Formation: Concordia University, Seward, Neb.; University of Lincoln, Neb.; Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind. Years Ordained: 35 San Diego Reader: How long do you ...

Escondido City Council Hears Gripe About Their Ban on Feather Flags

Kevin Niems, a 15-year Escondido resident and owner of three area Subway sandwich shops, appeared before the city council on June 8. He was there to voice his opposition to the city’s enforcement of the ...

Jewelry Store Robbed in Escondido

The Royal Maui jewelry store at the Westfield Mall on Via Rancho Parkway was robbed at about 2:30 p.m. on June 9. According to a witness at a nearby kiosk, three Causcasian men entered the ...

Beer for Brontos

I am a Car3 — a Card Carrying Carnivore! I love the supple, greasy squish of tender, gastronomically compromised muscle tissue yielding beneath my molars. I enjoy the tart, grassy zing of goats’-milk chèvre, and ...

St. Mary Catholic Church

Membership: 15,000 Pastor: Richard Perozich Age: 60 Born: Clairton, Pennsylvania Formation: St. John Seminary, Camarillo, California Years ordained: 19 years San Diego Reader: How long do you spend writing your sermon? Father Richard Perozich: I ...

Escondido City Council Grills Finance Dept.

At the Escondido City Council meeting on May 11, councilman Ed Gallo was incredulous when staff members from the finance department asked for $264,314 to replace 12 trucks. “[T]here’s only three vehicles with over a ...

JT's Limelight Comin' Down the Mountain

“The City of Escondido had their concerns, but I got verbal blessing from the city council and we’ll start with live music as soon as we finish work on the building,” says promoter Joe Troutman, ...

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