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Dangerous convict, gardener, or both?

Roughly 17% of apprehended illegal border crossers have criminal convictions

Of the more than 20,000 people apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol in San Diego in the first eight months of this fiscal year, 3321 of them had a total of 6329 criminal convictions for ...

Cross-cultural interactive art in the park with Figment

2nd annual, free, all-ages day festival returns to Chicano Park.

Aiming to bridge the gap between art creators and art appreciators by removing expression from the confines of a gallery, FIGMENT made its San Diego debut last year, drawing over 1000 participants for the day-long ...

Banish the beards and bangs

DJ knows the next big things.

Dear Hipster: If hipsters are such big trendsetters, tell me this: what’s the next big thing? — Jenny Blaze-orange hunting fashion is going to be huge. We’ll be seeing more boardshorts in North Park. There ...

Jon Snow is no hipster

Oh, you’ve never met a warg before?

But will Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish have a beard next year?

You’re going down, Phoenix Lucha Libre

San Diego restaurant claims copyright infringement

In this corner, hailing from San Diego, adorned in hot pink, black, and light blue, we have Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop. And in this corner, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, also wearing hot pink, black, ...

Girly behind the wheel

If you must get a car, DJ knows your options.

Dear Hipster: I’m 27, and I’ve finally settled into a career where I make enough money to think about buying a new (or slightly used) car. I want something practical but still “girly,” if you ...

Contribute your nonconformity

Wannabe columnist makes a pitch to replace DJ.

Dear Hipster: I think I could do your job better than you do, because I am more hipster than you. Can I have it? — Jeff If you are such a hipster, Jeff, surely you ...

Trapped between ironic homage and unfettered nostalgia

Steampunks squat the 19th century

Dear Hipster: You said hipsters venerate the 1980s, but why the ’80s? Why not the ’90s. Or the 1880s? — Dave The late 19th Century remains mostly off limits to contemporary hipsters, mostly because the ...

A tool and his vape should be parted

It can't kill you, it ain't cool.

Dear Hipster: I am totally down with my ecig, and vaping is pretty much the shit as far as I am concerned, but I have a few friends who told me I look douchey and ...

Kafka's Prague: surreal moments in Old Europe

Prague is a strikingly beautiful baroque city and the prime gateway for Americans into Eastern Europe. The city has intrigued me ever since I became enamored with Franz Kafka’s books as a teenager. An Old ...

Engage with Edgeland Futurism

Alterity, liminality explored by students at Space 4 Art

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” It was under this premise that Ash Eliza Smith has spent the last several months teaching an experimental course at ...

Gruff, ironic façade

The beard covers up the sensitive little emo kid inside.

Dear Hipster: So…hipster girls: slender, cute, creative, feminine, pretty. Hipster guys: kind of the same. If it weren’t for the beards I’d have a hard time telling the men from women in the hip community. ...

Journal from China: Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing

Travel perspective on China's metropolises.

My first trip to China was unforgettable. It was a tumultuous time in my life, with the ending of a long-term relationship and studies that had kept me occupied for four years. I had no ...

Vitriolic toward hipsterkind

Hating hipsters is soooo mainstream.

Dear Hipster: Why are all you such pretentious douches? Is it wrong of me to want to hit all of you in the face? What is especially troubling is how you guys are now starting ...

Canyon adventure two-for-one

Explore two very different canyons while looking for bighorn sheep.

Stalk bighorn sheep in the Anza-Borrego...but don’t drink their water.

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