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We all have a little genocidal maniac inside

People are “just joking” about locking all the hipsters up — right?

Dear Hipster: I read the Reader regularly enough to notice the absolute flood of letters coming in from people on all sides of the issue regarding pit bulls. Is “inundated” too strong a word? I ...

Ethical breakpoints

Start snitchin'

Dear Hipster: I have a friend who held down a 4.0 GPA this past term, but I have it on good authority that he wildly plagiarized some, if not all, of his final papers. I ...

Thelonius Monk. Hipster? Sure. Why not?

Genius is the precondition for allowable smugness

Dearest DJ: Isn’t it about time you lauded the original Amerikkkan hipster, Thelonious Sphere Monk? This was a man considered so odd that people only noticed his weirdness, rather than the fact that he penned, ...

How to start with Mozart and end up with nihilism

The arbitrary fame of the Haffners leads Garrett to wonder what really matters

Mozart’s Haffner Symphony is a fairly famous piece of music, but who the hell was Haffner? Haffer got not just the symphony but also a 55-minute-long serenade. That’s about 90 minutes of music by Mozart ...

Tastelessness is relative

Worried? Just be less objectionable than the next guy.

Dear Hipster: I like to keep my sunglasses on the back of my head when it’s too dark to wear them. My girlfriend freaks out about it. She says it makes me look “trashy.” But, ...

The difference between hipsters and hippies

Let the music, not the hair, guide us.

Dear Hipster: What is the difference between hipster and hippie? My roommate and I were having a discussion, and, well, I figured, let’s ask a hipster. You can find hipsters in overpriced homes in North ...

Skinny Daddy gives the tongue a workout

Alpine's supercharged IPA aimed at hopheads

I spent several hours last week making excruciating decisions as I tried to work my way through a pretty special tap list Toronado assembled for its seventh anniversary. There were few wrong answers among the ...

Invaluable to all manner of queries

The Hipster is in.

Dear Hipster: In the May 7 Reader, in the final paragraph of the first answer, you say, “...hipsters can be flexible with their morals.” Then, “ paradoxically holding on to choice antiquated values that provide ...

What's in a name, especially if it's Cheryl?

Dear Hipster: I about died over “Blake,” despite the fact that I think you woefully miscategorized at least some of the world’s Blakes. Surely there must be a hipster Blake or two to break the ...

Country music acceptability criteria

Hipster country abides by ABK: Anything But Kenny

Dear Hipster: My boyfriend and I made the trip up to Stagecoach this year, and we are still stoked on it. So much fun! I guess we don’t look like typical country fans, so people ...

Begin where the jeep road ends

If it rains, look out for violent cataclysms in Clark Valley

Hike through a canyon with towering walls to some old and remote rock-house ruins.

Celebrate the Stinkiest month

Plans to right the hipster conference's wrong

Mr. Hipster...Dude: If hipsters are trendsetters, why haven’t they picked-up on the Stinko de Mayo celebration? Whereas the Cinco de Mayo celebration lasts only a day (or so), Stinko de Mayo is celebrated the entire ...

Back to nature in Tucson's Ventana Canyon

Saguaro cactus and more inspiring desert beauty on this 6.4-mile climb.

The long section of Highway 8 heading from San Diego toward Tucson, Arizona, is mostly flat and dead, with the occasional string of mountains popping up across the landscape. But as I barreled my way ...

After the Wave: Sumatra, Indonesia

Experiencing Banda Aceh, among the areas hit hardest by the 2004 tsunami, and tropical Sabang.

While living in Asia I decided to travel a bit. My first stop was the island of Sumatra, Indonesia – devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed over 230,000 people in 14 different ...

Anza-Borrego’s forest of miniature trees

Popular hike leads to a pinyon forest and spectacular views

Whale Peak, though not the highest peak in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, is high enough at 5349 feet to offer spectacular views of much of the park and mountain ranges in Mexico and Arizona. ...

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