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Blame the boomers

The hipster phenomenon goes back farther than you think.

Dear Hipster: Riddle me this: are Millennials hipsters or are hipsters Millennials? — jo jo Myopic culture pundits love to lump the two groups together, but you know the one about all squares being rectangles, ...

I bet you caught ’em all

DJ sets the record straight for this not-a-'90s-kid

Dear Hipster: I was born in 1994, and I keep seeing all this “’90s kids will know” stuff on my Twitter and FB feeds. Unfortunately, not a lot of it really applies to me. I ...

One for the hate file

Closing the snowboard-style loophole.

Dear Hipster: I think I found a loophole in your hipsters don’t ski hypothesis. I went to Mammoth for a ski trip, and I totally saw a hipster there...snowboarding! Hipsters may not ski, but they ...

Koudelka was into enormity

History happens

An enormous crowd pushes against an advancing tank, as if to deny its force.

Caught between a hug and a hard place

You could move, or get a shirt, or maybe just be a jerk.

Some people don’t need a hug.

Own Halloween (and some Danzig fans)

Magic robot duplication devices should be used for the noblest causes

Dear Hipster: I’m reading a book about a race of robots that live on another planet, and they have technology that can print an impermanent copy of anything that exists. The copies fade away, but ...

An Amtrak-Airbnb American (and Canadian) adventure

Weary of going through another airport security line? Enchanted by an early morning train whistle hurtling to points unknown? With airline costs continuing to rise, I set out to try a new, more economical cross-country ...

Q is the key

Board game superiority is within reach, but at what cost?

Dear Hipster: My mother-in-law incessantly lords her board-game superiority over me. How do I get better at SCRABBLE? — Brandon I’d like to go on the record that this is a poor use for my ...

Burning cool

Trivial victories are their own best reward.

Dear Hipster: Why the hell do hipsters feel compelled to gather so much useless knowledge to themselves? What’s the point in memorizing the characters and actors from a questionable 1990s sitcom? — Amy, North Park ...

Year of the ... selfie stick?

Will the spirit of Portland influence the dialecticians?

Dear Hipster: I went ice skating a little while ago, and this group of teenagers had a selfie stick that they were using to take pictures of themselves not skating (because they were too busy ...

Don't open that door!

User: 2hip4u, password: 123456

Dear Hipster: I remember reading about how you recommended that people should take an interest in their own security, rather than trusting firewalls or whatever. Now, the Sony hacking scandal is all in the news, ...

No automotive white zin

The bro has an iconic vehicle, the hipster does not.

Dear Hipster: Everyone associates hipsters with fixed-gear bicycles, albeit sometimes unfairly, but why isn’t there a strong association between hipsters and any particular kind of car? — Donny Urban hipsters admire the boxy lines of ...

Drainpipes 'n' winklepickers

Skinny, but not that skinny.

Who is this Elvis Presley character you speak of?

No internet naïveté

DJ doesn't need a stinking blog.

Dear Hipster: How come you don’t have a personal blog? I thought all hipsters had to have personal blogs, or at least Tumblrs. I might read it, if that’s any consolation to you. — Bernie ...

Heed old uncle Polonius

He borrowed, but maybe she shouldn't lend.

Dear Hipster: I don’t know why I’m writing you about this, but maybe you can advise. I’ve been dating the same guy for about two weeks, give or take. I like him a lot, but ...

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