Darth Vera

I went up to Fallbrook a while back for a Fallbrook Film Factory event called the Comic and Animation Filmfest. I had met Dean LeCrone at a previous party, and he had made a documentary ...

Comic Conclave

During last year's Comic-Con, I got a call informing me about a party at a hotel downtown. The agent from New York rattled off an A-list of stars who would be there but finished saying, ...

Where's the Dogg?

Over 100,000 people attended this year's Comic-Con, and Snoop Dogg almost wasn't one of them (he didn't arrive until after his scheduled appearances). The rapper missed a panel to promote his upcoming movie and comic, ...

Where Cartoons Aren't for Kids

The rise of Japanese Anime.

In Roman times, the word "animare" meant "to give breath to." In the Biblical record, the first act of animation was performed by God, who created Adam by breathing life into a lump of clay. ...

Our Comic Conman

I have no interest in Comic Con, but I can score a free press pass, so I go. Last year I tried to get a look at Angelina Jolie's lips up close, but so many ...

Godzilla Sells

Godzilla and his Monster Island cohorts invade San Diego every summer as part of the International Comic-Con. Dealers sell Japanese toy creatures based on movie characters and television shows like Ultraman. Some of the vinyl ...

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