Blurt: San Diego Music News

Charlie Arbelaez Quartet at Croce's Park West

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego September 2-6

Tuesday 1Bassist Ben Wanicur's monthly jam session returns to 3rd Space (4610 Park Boulevard) with Robert Dove and Matthew Smith for $5 cover. Wednesday 2 Catch Tin/Bag and the Nathan Hubbard Quartet with Kris Tiner, ...

Shotgun ambassador

Deejay "Shotgun" Tom Kelly goes radio silent

San Diego’s most recognized radio deejay has learned that his gig is over. After 18 years at L.A.’s classic hits station KRTH-101, Shotgun Tom Kelly was told his contract as the afternoon drive-time host would ...

Gregory Page and friends to perform free Balboa Park concert

"This is a gift from us and the city of San Diego."

While a Balboa Park centennial committee blew through $2 million before it was disbanded after coming up with nothing, a group of accomplished acoustic artists are banding together for an old-timey, low-tech, free-admission concert Saturday ...

Damned North Park

The Damned's drummer Pinch finds solace in Spring Valley

“I know what the weather’s like back home. My wife keeps bloody complaining about it.” This, followed by a case of the giggles. It’s Pinch, the Damned’s drummer of the past 16 years, on the ...

Foreign exchange with Quel Bordel

How to tour Europe and come home with cash, and other advices from the local gypsy-rock act

Follows is some “how to” advice from San Diego band Quel Bordel. How to get a tour in the south of France and come home with money: Quel Bordel singer/guitarist Jakovich Skolnick met the band ...

Record-release roundup

The Reader's all-local monthly record-release report

Authentic Sellout, fronted by Iacon Sound Studios honcho Sulo King, will play a record-release party at the Casbah on Friday, August 28, for a bill headlined by Sprung Monkey and supported by Processor. Chickenbone Slim’s ...

The woman singing in the kitchen

Acoustic duo Triumph of the Wild chase big dreams out of their little town

“[Anza] is a tiny town at the top of the mountain in between Temecula and Palm Springs,” says Christy Barrett. “There’s a Dairy Queen when you pass through, there’s a Mobil, there’s a Circle K, ...

Music in the streets at the Imperial Avenue Festival

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego August 26–30

Wednesday 26 Gilbert Castellanos begins his evening by hosting the Young Lions Series, featuring Hugo Suarez, at Panama 66 (1450 El Prado) at 6 p.m. From there he’s off to the jazz jam session at ...

Where's my robot?

Random Gibberish puts the tunes back in 'toons

There are plenty of freaks and geeks at Comic-Con, but to Matt Sernaker, who has been to every Comic-Con since he was three, the fantasy convention always comes up short in one area. “I never ...

Baja Bugs rock the Beatles right

Long-time tribute adds management and a milestone show

What local band is led by one of San Diego’s first punk rockers, has been inhabited by a who’s who of local rock/pop/punk players, and has a drummer — Nick “Nico” Peters — who says ...

Now you know: Ditches

Experimental rock trio drops teaser EP, Scraped Off

“There’s a dude named Emilio, who’s an older barber guy, and he’s kind of the star of the video,” says Tim Donnelly of Encinitas trio Ditches. The music video for “Break-In” depicts a figure going ...

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