Art: Subject/Object

SDSU alum recovers herself through dance

After a long battle with anxiety and depression, Brianna Lopez gets back to her roots with her debut choreography

The last time Brianna Lopez danced was during the end of her studies at SDSU. Choreographing “Mind the Gap,” a short composition for four dancers, represents her first real engagement with dance in three years. ...

Armando de la Torre's "Winter Wonderland"

Barrio Logan artist comments on his residency in Oceanside and the importance of fostering communities.

Armando de la Torre’s residence at the Oceanside Museum of Art (made possible through a James Irvine Foundation grant) begins this holiday season. The grant is supposed to provide for artists to explore ideas of ...

Taco Shop Poets take it to the campus and the corner

Poets to perform at Southwestern College

The Taco Shop Poets, legends in the San Diego area, will be giving a rare reading at Southwestern College on October 24. The group’s name telegraphs the nature of their work: words written not as ...

Lauren Skinker paints monsters

Bonita-based artist lives the modern tale of the underemployed Millennial, and paints fantastic creatures while she's at it.

“I don’t know if I believe in monsters,” says Lauren Skinker, a 23-year-old painter living in Bonita. “I just like the idea of them.” Monsters, and all that which is generally fantastic, inspire Skinker. One ...

Goodbye, "Chain Reaction"?

Ten years after her final donations to charitable and artistic causes, we are just now seeing the beginning of the end of Joan Kroc's philanthropy.

On October 12th, it will have been ten years since Joan Kroc’s passing. Despite that, it’s nigh impossible to spend a day in San Diego without encountering some dedication to the late fast food heiress’ ...

RELÁMPAGO: imperfect family photos

Omar Lopex's pretend family portraits on tintype wet plates

At first glance, the colorless photos don’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary. Weathered and faded around the edges, the collection looks like something you might find in an unmarked shoebox at the ...

Book Review: Bodies of Water

A look inside the new novel from T. Greenwood, with commentary from the author.

When she talked to the Reader in July, T. Greenwood remained tight-lipped on details about her newest novel, Bodies of Water, saying nothing more than that it was “sort of a taboo love story.” The ...

Doyle Reno's "blind reverse" sculptures

Julian-based sculptor creates works in acrylic that he doesn't see until they are complete.

“I’ll try not to be too verbose,” says Doyle Reno, “but it does take some explaining.” He’s trying to define his sculpture process, by which he completes large-scale works of art that he doesn’t see ...

A conversation with Caitlin Rother

San Diego author talks about the ups and downs of researching true crimes for her books.

Being Caitlin Rother sometimes means getting into some dark places. The San Diego author, a former investigative journalist for the U-T and other papers, writes narrative non-fiction about true crimes. Writing about the most heinous ...

Hill Young paints life and death

University Heights artist loves collaboration, but her solo work focuses on the relationship between life's beginnings and ends.

Paintings from Hill Young’s new series depict animal skulls surrounded by organic life. Flowers and vines spring from the wood of the panel, enclosing the bleached bones in a web of living matter. As a ...

I Eat People: Children's Monster Art

A collection of multimedia monsters as imagined by kids.

“My nephew and I used to hang out and draw monsters,” says Sam Lopez, curator of the upcoming I EAT PEOPLE: Children's Monster Art exposition. “He was probably 5 years old. He is a great ...

Zane Zillner paints with scent

Hillcrest aromatherapist goes way beyond the idea of scented candles as he makes art for the sense of smell.

Painters blend and layer pigments to make their art. Musicians layer sound. Zane Zillner, working in his fantastic-smelling little office at Hapenstans Salon, layers smells. While he earns his living as a massage therapist, it’s ...

Clark Silva and his Rock Icons

Painting portraits of rock and roll stars comes naturally to this Chula Vista metalhead.

Clark Silva’s acrylic-on-panel Rock Icons attract people’s attention with their simple color palettes and minimal designs. Each portrait captures an important figure in rock history, especially Silva’s favorite genre: heavy metal. The artist laughs knowingly ...

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