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San Diego's Top 10 Breweries

Awash in suds

San Diego’s top-ten breweries, according to Brandon Hernández, who was here when it all began.

Meatball the bear’s first year in Alpine

Lions, Tigers, & Bears sanctuary says he still eats meatballs

Another move is planned for Meatball, the black bear named for his fondness for Costco meatballs. Also known as the Glendale Bear, he was transported from La Cañada Flintridge by the California Department of Fish ...

Viejas Mountain

Enjoy great views of San Diego all the way up to the top of Viejas Mountain, which is green again after the Cedar Fire in 2003.

Beer of the Week: Alpine Red Card

Where to get a beer brewed in honor of the US soccer team

When interviewing Alpine Beer Co. owner Pat McIlhenney about how he'll soon have some of his beers brewed at Green Flash Brewing Company’s Mira Mesa facility, we met at craft beer bar O’Brien’s Pub (4646 ...

Alpine to brew beers at Green Flash’s facility

Mira Mesa brewery lending helping hand to local contemporaries

Alpine Beer Co. (2351 Alpine Boulevard, Alpine) benefits from a rabid cult following. On the surface, this is the perfect situation, but for many years this small brewery has been unable to produce anywhere near ...

Big Laguna-Gatos Spur

Aromas of butterscotch and grape soda in Cleveland National Forest

Pines, oaks, and incense cedar on this six-mile loop of the Gatos Big Laguna Trail Spur.

More West Coast via the Midwest

Alpine Beer Co. looking to increase production in Minnesota

For many brewing companies, expansion means opening a tasting room in a different neighborhood, constructing an ell or a whole other building. Recently, those with the funds and the demand, including San Diego’s own Green ...

Stonewall Peak Loop

Beware of Stonewall Peak's poodle-dog bush

Follow this switchback trail to granitic 5730-foot-high Stonewall Peak for views of Cuyamaca Reservoir and the nearby peaks of Cuyamaca, Middle, and North.

San Diego backcountry folks double taxed for fire protection?

As San Diego County’s due date for paying the first installment of property taxes loomed on December 10, an additional $150 tax bill began arriving in property owners’ mailboxes. The new per-parcel tax, sent to ...

UPS Can't Find Me. FedEx Can't Find Me. Visitors Always Get Lost.

San Diegans outside the bubble.

What’s it like to live in what passes for “the wilds" of San Diego County? Bill Manson finds out.

Sometimes, Wildlife Comes to You

Is Mother Nature nibbling around the edges of San Diego, ready to take her back?

Midsummer. Japatul Valley, south of Alpine. Too hot to sleep indoors. Warren Storm-thunder snoozes in his hammock. He has slung it under trees down by a creek bottom near his isolated valley home. Then, around ...

Sweet Belt of Alpine

They sit in a row: Bad Boy, Duet, Odin’s Raven. We’re talking bottles. Beer. Alpine beer. Yum. “You first,” says Bro Bill. He’s Carla’s brother. “Ladies first,” I say, looking at Marjorie. She’s Bill’s glamorous ...

Heinous Hike

A panicked father was reunited with his son after the young man became lost approximately one mile from the eastern end of Palo Verde Lake in Alpine, according to a press release by the San ...

Alpine Christian Fellowship

As I entered the church, a girl handed me a golf ball. It was yellow; the one atop the mic stand next to the pulpit was white. You could almost miss it within the pale ...


By all appearances, local jazz singer David Patrone was beheaded on Sunday night, June 28, in Alpine. The incident occurred onstage in the Dreamcatcher Lounge at Viejas Casino at approximately 10:15 p.m., toward the end ...

Alpine-Dehesa Bike Ride

In the 1970s, the once tiny and now thoroughly suburbanized community of Alpine displayed a sign along its main highway boasting “Best Climate in the USA by Government Report.” The town’s boosters eventually got what ...

Alpine to Rock?

Liar's Club regulars and employees found the Mission Beach bar and restaurant closed on November 21. A liquor-license-suspension notice was posted on the front of the building. A state Alcohol Beverage Control board (ABC) spokesman ...

Explore a scenic stretch of the California Riding and Hiking Trail near Alpine.

The California Riding and Hiking Trail, a designated, regional multi-use (hiking/biking/equestrian) trail that strikes a southwest-to-northeast course through the middle of San Diego County, is still a work in progress. Most of the trail is ...

Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity

Father Acker first addressed the congregation clad in a white cassock with an embroidered green stole knotted into his rope belt. His chasuble hung over a nearby chair. In contrast to these formal trappings, his ...

Cool Hot Mom

I met Larry, a teacher, at parties I had crashed. When he invited me to a party that he was hosting, I was eager to attend. Larry's party was early in the evening. I'd be ...

Firework Follies

Girls don't chew Jell-O

I was invited to a July 3rd party at Baleen, a restaurant at Paradise Point. There was a fireworks display over the bay as we dined on the patio.Chris, a movie producer, came down from ...

For Local Kids to Get to Soma

"For local kids to get to Soma, it's a good 45-minute drive." Accident Experiment drummer Ernie Longoria said he and his business partner came up with a new business plan for music-starved Alpine kids: instead ...

Mountain Lion Hype

When reporters call him, says Bob Turner, he often thinks they have run out of airplane crashes. "The news media love mountain lions," he says. "They can hardly wait for attacks." So Turner wasn't surprised ...

Meander amid native grasslands and oaks at Wright's Field in Alpine.

Wright's Field, just south of Alpine's commercial district, is a refreshing bit of open space plunked down amid East County's growing rural and suburban development. Alpine's homegrown Back Country Land Trust has managed to purchase ...

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