Still from Ted Leitner's YouTube ad for attorney James D. Scott
  • Still from Ted Leitner's YouTube ad for attorney James D. Scott
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Officially, Ted Leitner has made no public statement since his on-air meltdown in the final seconds of the San Diego State-New Mexico Mountain West Conference title game, during which he castigated the venue's security personnel for hassling him about "a suitcase."

"These people are unbelievable in this arena," said Leitner. "They've got security guards [who] think they're guarding the Pentagon. Interrupting me during a broadcast to worry about a suitcase!…These morons think the terrorists are honing in here on the Mountain West tournament in Las Vegas."

But SD on the QT has discovered a YouTube ad which Leitner recently made on behalf of local attorney James D. Scott which may give some insight into the longtime announcer's highly charged hot-mic response. "Total hypothetical," begins Leitner in the ad. "Let's say you're traveling with a suitcase, and inside that suitcase are some things that you'd rather not have to explain to the authorities. Then let's say some numbskull catches you off-guard, when you're concentrating on something else, and pesters you about that very same suitcase. And let's say your response draws exactly the wrong sort of attention from exactly the wrong sorts of people. Well, if anything like that happens to you, let me tell you who you need to call: James D. Scott, criminal attorney. Just trust me on this one."

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