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The Obama–La Jolla beat

"He has not supported America. We have too many laws and restrictions.”

Three hours before President Obama’s motorcade was scheduled to roll through La Jolla, protesters were shouting their slogans at passing motorists at the corner of Torrey Pines Road and Dunaway Drive. The $10,000-a-seat Democratic Party ...

Dig a hole: Lee Marshall, voice of Tony the Tiger

The news is not so Grrrrrrrrreat! Lee Marshall, the voice of Kellogg’s cereal advertising mascot Tony the Tiger, is dead. Lee Marshall died of esophageal cancer on April 26 at a Santa Monica hospital. He ...

Jsix rates a 10

Rabbit ragout the star at Downtown restaurant

Jsix at the Hotel Solamar downtown closed down at the beginning of the year to revamp the menu. The restaurant now promises food that is organic, sustainable, hormone-free, and that supports local farmers. All of ...

San Diego Film Critics Society holds quasi-annual awards luncheon

The San Diego Film Critics Society held its quasi-annual awards luncheon yesterday at the Blind Lady Ale House on Adams Avenue. Why do they call it the Blind Lady? Because only Helen Keller would put ...

Crackdown on college kids

College Area wants its own code-enforcement officer

College Area residents are calling on the city to hire a full-time code-enforcement officer to patrol neighborhoods for violations. Examples of some types of code violations rampant around San Diego State University include houses with ...

Camping is no excuse for bad fashion

Natural landscape served as inspiration for stylish Canadians

For Spring break, my family, a few friends, and I drove nine hours to camp amongst the cliffs and Fremont cottonwoods of Zion National Park in Utah. It was breathtaking. The second day we were ...

General’s disregard for the warrior

Mexican military officer says Marine vet no exception to gun laws

A former U.S. Marine jailed in Tijuana for bringing weapons into Mexico is getting little sympathy from a top-ranking Baja California military official despite an outpouring of support north of the border. Twenty-five-year-old Andrew Tahmooressi, ...

POW! Have some brain damage

One-punch-fight results in felony battery charge

William Henry McElroy, 23, pleaded not guilty to felony battery causing serious injury in court yesterday, May 7. According to the testimony of officer T. Eikermann, McElroy admitted that he hit a man identified as ...

Crooked ex-admiral fighting Barrio Logan plan

Betancourt pled guilty to conflict of interest, fired by school board in 2007

It isn't a secret that a lot of San Diego money comes from military contractors and every so often some of all that federally funded cash is diverted to illegal purposes, stolen, and otherwise wasted. ...

Drugged toddler rushed to Tijuana hospital

Authorities say child overdoses on the rise

For the third time in six weeks, a child has been rushed to a Tijuana hospital suffering from a drug overdose, El Sol de Tijuana reported on May 6. The one-year-old boy was taken by ...

Motivate for money

Are you the next Tony Robbins?

Jake Ducey is the modern, 22-year-old, version of Tony Robbins — minus the hot coals. While he has yet to make any movie appearances and does not have quite the same name recognition as Robbins, ...

Rip Current alert for North Park

San Marcos upstart opening satellite tasting room in San Diego proper

There’s something about North Park. Over the past several years, a number of craft breweries situated in more distant parts of San Diego County have established more centrally located tasting rooms in San Diego proper, ...

An app called Get the Job

Cell phone application teaches job interview technique

When Tiffany Gibson of Ohio completed her master’s degree in business management from Indiana Wesleyan, she figured a well-paying job would pretty much fall into her lap. It didn’t. “I figured I was that person ...

Why so glum, gangsta?

Graffiti vandal "Smilez" identified while in juvenile hall

Local law enforcement investment in Graffiti Tracker software appears to be paying off, after sheriff's deputies apprehended a 15-year-old tagger linked to at least 90 graffiti incidents. According to Sgt. Matt Blumenthal, the crimes committed ...

The nature of the swap meet

Need extra money? Anthony Pretto invites you to sell your wares at Kobey’s Swap Meet. Tell me about the swap meet. Kobey’s Swap Meet was founded in 1976 by my grandfather Monte. It started with ...

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