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All Things BBQ, the final results: San Diego's best barbecue

The need-to-know essentials

Well, this is it. All Things BBQ is (for now) at an end, and the results painstakingly analyzed. It was never meant purely as a contest, more as an extended lecture on one of the ...

Audrey Hepburn: junk food merchant

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Preferably choke on one before ever again biting into a Dovebar. M&M/Mars, the company that acquired the Dove line in 1986, has decided the best way to ...

Mayor Faulconer makes dramatic plea to save San Diego Opera

"Cincinnati has an opera, people. Cincinnati."

Just one day after San Diego Opera announced that it would be ceasing operations at the close of its season, a visibly shaken Mayor Faulconer called a special public session of the City Council to ...

Last Call

Two shows must close this weekend, and that’s a crying shame

The North Coast Rep’s The School for Lies had that rare, mega-hit show feel from the start. David Ives set his take on Moliere’s The Misanthrope in 1666, and the dialogue’s rhymed couplets. So, like, ...

Obese woman sought for questioning in San Diego Opera closure case

"Apparently, she sang."

"Operas don't just disappear," says San Diego Opera Director Ian Campbell, speaking of his company's imminent closure at season's end. "Especially not 50-year institutions operating near the top of the field. Somebody has to get ...

San Diego Navy privatization costly, audit says

Taxpayers fork over increased housing allowance to bail out Pacific Beacon

As newly elected GOP mayor Kevin Faulconer begins his behind-the-scenes ramp-up of what is expected to be a sweeping privatization at San Diego's city hall, a federal audit cautions that rampant outsourcing is not necessarily ...

Mexican sports agent swings at MLB

Claims a "conspiracy" funnels players' paychecks to Mexican league clubs

Major League Baseball isn't playing fair with pro-caliber Mexicans, claims David Gonzalez Camacho, a trainer with roots in both Tijuana and San Diego and the father of former Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez describes ...

Got the Bugg?

Teens Bugg out at Brit pop star's M-Theory instore

Jake Bugg has now joined the long list of greats to come from Nottingham — Robin Hood, Alvin Lee, and me. ;-D Bugg performed a short in-store acoustic performance at M theory in Mission Hills, ...

San Diegans shocked by news of San Diego Opera's closure

"We have opera?"

Yesterday, U-T San Diego reported that the San Diego Opera will cease operations at the close of its current season. SD on the QT hit the streets to get the public's reaction to the stunning ...

Breakfast at Humphreys

Stellar view, hit-or-miss food, and oh — the napkins!

On a recent Wednesday morning, my husband and I visited Humphreys Restaurant on Shelter Island. Only two or three tables were occupied. We were seated at a table next to the floor-length window and enjoyed ...

Frat Spat

Newly formed UCSD Muslim fraternity Alpha Lambda Mu came under administrative scrutiny this week after reports surfaced that the organization was incorporating controversial practices sometimes associated with Islam into its pledge initiations. First, pledges were ...

AleSmith movin’ on up

Acclaimed brewing company locked-in for expansion to large-scale Miramar facility

It was an evening nearly half-a-year ago. I was sharing time, beer, and conversation with Peter Zien, owner and brewmaster at AleSmith Brewing Company (9368 Cabot Drive, Miramar). Over the years, this kindly San Diego ...

Interview with Divergent stars Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Christian Madsen

In Divergent (opening this week), Shailene Woodley plays Tris, a young woman living in a post-war dystopian city that has been divided into five factions: Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, and Candor. At 16, all children ...

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