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ow playing at AMC Theat

My late uncle, Fred Karmel, once dared to argue the merits of letterboxing with me. “I paid a lot of money for that 25-inch Zenith, Scotty,” Freddy grumbled, “and I’ll be goddamned if I’m not ...

Southeast Asia: it's a hostel world

Budget backpacking here means knowing your hostels.

“What do you want to do when you come visit?” “I don’t know! You plan it.” Well, let’s just see how this goes: I'm traveling on a shoestring budget through Southeast Asia with my mom. ...

Because 1 billion is not enough

Qualcomm's Paul Jacobs uses tax maneuver that helps drain U.S. Treasury

Qualcomm chairman Paul Jacobs and his wife, Stacy, employ a legal but controversial tax strategy that can greatly lessen or eliminate estate and gift taxes, according to Qualcomm and Securities and Exchange Commission filings. It's ...

Fishers vs. surfers at I.B. Pier

City posts signs that limit fishing area

Pier-fishers in Imperial Beach are complaining about the city's signs that create a protected “surf zone” that limits the area where they can fish. The signs are located on the pier, marking the point past ...

Gang tats don’t help dead man

Attorney for defendant impugns man who was killed

In opening statements to a jury on June 16, a defense attorney appeared to impugn the alleged murder victim, saying “everybody knew” the deceased was a drug dealer in the neighborhood and a “multi-convicted felon.” ...

Armed with papers

Public Utilities Commission advisor calls cops on Michael Aguirre

Yesterday (June 16), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) held an open meeting in Costa Mesa at which proponents and opponents of the San Onofre payment settlement could express their opinions. At 4 p.m., San ...

Obama’s Del Martian loophole lobbyist

Less-than-transparent nonprofit gets money from lobbyist client

How transparent is Organizing for Action, the big-money "issue advocacy" committee closely associated with Barack Obama's White House? Not enough, suggests the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit based in Washington DC that runs, ...

"The plumber touched me" defense

Six years in prison for ATM robbery of employer

On June 16, a San Diego judge ordered six years in prison for a young man convicted of robbing his employer at an ATM machine, after a dispute over pay more than a year ago. ...

Last Call: The Motherfer With the Hat at Cygnet

Standout production is set to close June 22.

Cygnet’s excellent production of the Show We Cannot Fully Name, The Motherf--er With the Hat, must close this Sunday, June 22. The title’s both a warning (there will be untoward language) and an assertion: like ...

Fallen heroes

The sad and untimely death of San Diego Padre great Tony Gwynn on June 16 from salivary gland cancer caused by a lifetime of dipping tobacco while playing baseball should in no way bring to ...

Dollar belly filler

Ed searches for a meal that costs a single buck

Can a feller fill a belly for a dollar in this town? Just ask Carlos. That’s what I did, because that’s all I had. Exactly one Washington in the pocket, eaten nothing all day, had ...

Yes, nightmare

Imperial Valley man fights exile to Mexico

Top directors of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, along with secretary of state John Kerry, face a federal lawsuit from an American citizen who claims he's been trapped in Mexico by the border patrol since ...

Letters: Punks, Diamondbacks, (un)happy hours, and the continuing Lindbergh discussion

What Was with the Tiny Plane? Just a word about the Lindbergh mural article in SD on the QT — “Clean Air(ports)”. Lindbergh was far from being pro-Nazi. He, in fact, flew 50 missions in ...

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