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An student at Monterey Heights Elementary in Lemon Grove apparently fabricated a story that sent sheriff's deputies and a law-enforcement helicopter on a fruitless chase for a would-be child abductor on Tuesday afternoon (November 12).

According to Sgt. James Blanton, the youth told school officials a man had grabbed him and attempted to drag him down the street shortly after classes had ended for the day. The boy said the incident occurred about a hundred yards from the school and that he was able to break free and run back to the school.

Deputies quickly arrived to get a description of the suspect and immediately launched a search of the neighborhood surrounding the school. Detectives from the Lemon Grove station were later dispatched to get a complete account of the incident, at which point the boy recanted and told officers he'd made up the entire story.

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FatCatSegat Nov. 13, 2013 @ 8:03 a.m.

Can you say "CRY FOR HELP"? Red Flag, whatever. Might want to have someone take a look at his living environment. He is definitely acting out. Then again, could be anything nowadays. Everywhere people are doing some disturbing things. This morning I was watching breaking news in Point Loma where a burglary was foiled but the perp got away on foot. However in the same small parking lot a baby was found alone in a parked vehicle. Doesn't take genius to figure that one out, right? Beam me up Scotty!


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