Mr. Bousema and Sol Orchard would like to plant solar panels to create a solar farm for the purpose of harvesting electrons to make electricity. Ken calls this “industrial”. What about his use of the land? Does he eat all the bamboo he grows? Hell, no! He applies industrial concepts to agricultural processes to lower his cost per unit of manufacturing a product he intends to make a profit from. Kettle Brennecke is calling Frying Pan Bousema black?

Another argument from Mr. Myers is that the electricity will not stay in Ramona. WTF type of logic is that? Are the other goods produced in Ramona staying in Ramona? Or, are they sold to consumers outside of Ramona? Do Ramona-ites prefer the taste of foods grown on “potentially hazardous” soil? Is the bamboo grown in Ramona by Ken for the exclusive use of Ramona-ites?

Digging in the soil to make random post holes for solar panels is too dangerous, yet turning the entire soil over several times with a tractor; with the resulting dust and dirt drifting through the air onto neighboring lands, is safe?

Ken Brennecke said “What you try to do is throw as many arguments [as you can] up against the wall and see what sticks.” I know what he’s slinging; it smells like shit!

Raymond Taylor
Golden Hill

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viewer June 26, 2013 @ 7:04 p.m.

Great comment to those Ramona-ites!!!!!!

Now, please do the same --- but to those Carlsbadians. I would like to see your composure, as a SDCounty resident.
Carlsbad is no paradise, in comparison to what the average public mindset be misperceived at.


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