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Lorraine Henrietta Israel Rountree passed away on April 7, 2010, at the age of 87. Since her remains were cremated, the ashes have been with one of her daughters, who also kept Rountree’s husband's ashes.The imminent closure of Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery to future burials prompted family members to make the decision to finally have her, and her husband, interred among her ancestors. 

Rountree, granddaughter of Robert Decatur Israel, a keeper of the Point Loma Lighthouse from 1871 until 1892, will be interred at the Rosecrans cemetery on Monday, December 30, at 2 p.m.

Lorraine Henrietta Israel Rountree (7/23/22 – 4/7/10)

Lorraine told her 12 children and their grandchildren stories of her father Henry playing at the lighthouse with his siblings while their father kept watch. As a child she would visit the lighthouse with her parents and collect shells to make picture frames just like her grandmother, Maria Arcadia Alipas, wife of Robert and assistant lighthouse keeper.

Lorraine’s remains will join those of her grandfather Robert Decatur Israel, her father Henry Clay Israel, mother Isabella Rodriguez Israel, and other family relatives.

She will be interred in the columbarium with her husband of 57 years, William Robert Rountree, an aviation corporal with the Marine Corps. All relatives, friends, and patrons of the lighthouse are welcome to attend.

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