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Yarn bomber Marcy Kraft’s downtown Rubik’s Cubes

Artist sets up for Comic-Con crowd

Ever seen the South Park trees wearing colorful banded crocheted sweaters and wondered who did that? I've unraveled the mystery! I was downtown with my Nikon shooting Comic-Con attendees and came across a slew of ...

Tijuana cops decline bribe from human trafficker

Suspect also accused of kidnapping

One hundred pesos doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to beat the rap in Tijuana. And 1000 dollars won’t do the job either, as a coyote (human-smuggler) learned this week. The suspect, Leonel Rivera ...

Lost love to a convent? Or the mob at La Costa Resort?

Former Encinitas resident tells tale

In the early 1970s, Cardiff resident Rick Crocket met the love of his life in a physics class at Encinitas’ San Dieguito High School. The couple went to prom, dated for a year after his ...