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“It’s actually ‘Bron-cho.’” Right off the bat, I’ve mispronounced the band’s name. The ch, it turns out, is soft. “A lot of people make that mistake,” says Jonathon Ford, the band’s bassist. He’s on the phone from Tulsa, where he lives. He calls the word “Broncho” an invention that showed up in one of their lyrics. “‘Broncho’ is the name of a character in a song. I’m not sure what [songwriter] Ryan Lindsey was going for, but we decided to go with it as the band’s name,” which speaks to Broncho’s democratic songwriting process. “We come up with lyrics and song titles before we come up with music, most of the time. We’ll be in the van, rolling off lyrics and writing them down. That’s the most-fun part. We’re not the most serious band as far as lyrical content.” He describes their stuff as having a “frustrated, sarcastic, weird sexual vibe.” Sexual? “Yeah, I think so. Look at the song ‘Try Me Out Sometime.’ It’s poppy, but it’s sexually dark.”

Broncho is a four-piece post-punk Oklahoma band. “We’ve messed around with the term ‘garage pop.’ You can sing along, and it’s catchy. It’s also dirty and it’s got a punk vibe, but not as hard as Black Flag,” he says.

They are a young band, with one CD out and another in the works. “We’re still trying to figure it out, these songs.” Are the members writing fiction, or are they individually working out their own issues via music? “At this time, I’d say that Broncho is a character.” And as for writer’s voice, Ford says Lindsey once said, “I picture myself as a 13-year-old girl.” I listen to “Try Me Out Sometime,” and I don’t get it, but I sense the subterfuge of a prankster. “All we know at this point,” Ford says, “is that we’re having a blast writing these lyrics.”

The Shrine also performs.

Broncho: The Soda Bar, Friday, June 1, 8:30 p.m. 619-255-7224. $7.

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