• Joe Arbusto, Rancho Penasquitos, 2. Health care is a right, not just for the privileged!
  • John Baddour, San Marcos, 2. Julia Richard, hope you both live to experience marons TLC.
  • Elizabeth Baddour, Carmel Valley, 2. Little Marion, is it true that socio paths have no…
  • Carl Baltrunas, Milpitas, 2. Thank you Jeff Loeb-Looks like #2 this week.
  • Peter Bartkiewicz, Chula Vista, 2. Eagles soar but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
  • Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 2. Gra anois argus go dgo. Love now and forever. (Garlic)
  • Loren Boyer, El Cajon, 2. Finally, republican politicians can serve openly in the military.
  • * Tom Burgeson, Clairmont, 2. Happy MLK Day!
  • Greg Chauncey, La Jolla, 2. The big ten finally won one. Go Ohio State.
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 2. Virginity is like a balloon - one prick and it's…
  • Alford Claiborne, Encanto, 2. Off two a great start.
  • Larry Clark, Clairemont, 2. The S.E.C. curse is dead. Go Bucks.
  • Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 2. Teddy bears don't drive cars.
  • Rich Dudka, Escondido, 2. Go Aztecs!
  • Michelle Dutra, Serra Mesa, 2. Go Pointers!
  • David Eddleman, Oceanside, 2. Chop wood carry water.
  • Cindy Fisher, San Clemente, 2. Care to speculate?
  • Jane Flammang, Encinitas, 2. Happy New Year!
  • Gary Gish, Rancho Bernardo, 2. Is it beach weather yet?
  • * Lily Gonzalez, Logan Heights, 2. See you at MLK Parade this Saturday.
  • Lou Guillou, Winona, 2. For Maureen.
  • Ralph Hayward, El Cajon, 2. Happy Birthday, mom.
  • Paula Henderson, La Jolla, 2. Signs in the sky!
  • Haley Hodnett, San Diego, 2. Still standing.
  • Zdenek Hostomsky, La Jolla, 2. Too hard for the beginning of the year.
  • Richard Hutchings, Santee, 2. My fame and glory is at a low point!
  • Norman Kenney, Carlsbad, 2. Hi, Brendan! Bodo! Ignatz! Kiera!
  • Roy E. Leeper, Chula Vista, 2. RIP Mary
  • Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 2. The sudoku addict is Ralph, while Denis is the menace.
  • John Markey, San Diego, 2. Happy New Year!
  • Rebekah Mathieu, San Diego, 2. Try the chicken. It's delicious.
  • Jonathon McMurtry, Vista, 2. Gentle day dapples the drowsy East with spots of grey!
  • Hiroshi Miyazaki, San Diego, 2. Akemashite ome detou.
  • Susan Morfey, Little Italy, 2. Happy 30th birthday Nicole Ann!
  • Bruce Mullis, Escondido, 2. Unfortunately its never over, Ric.
  • Bruce Ness, Mira Mesa, 2. Does Mary Bentley still play dominoes? Please call!
  • Michael Panther, Point Loma, 2. Hi there It's me, Michael. I'm still here. Remember me?
  • Terry Retief, Vista, 2. Back to the beginning.
  • Michael Rewa, Allied Gardens, 2. The worst thing about censorship…
  • Bruce Robbins, Allied Gardens, 2. Reader hat too small for my big head. Trade anyone?
  • David Schwartz, Clairemont, 2. Movin on up to the east side to El Centro.
  • Joe Selig, San Diego, 2. Twylla we miss you.
  • Rich Sewell, Ocean Beach, 2. The snow was nice but our weather is the best!
  • Joe Steinbach, Clairemont, 2. Take a hike-see calendar/Local Events/Outdoors.
  • Lily Sun, Carmel Valley, 2. Happy Girl.
  • Seratima Tkachuk, San Diego, 2. Hello! Family Spilkin.
  • Jim Upshaw, Clairemont, 2. A new year at which to excel.
  • Susan Williams, North Park, 2. Just finished breakfast at Tiffanys.
  • Steve Wilson, Spring Valley, 2. Taking care of business.
  • Ric Witt, Clairemont, 2. Welcome home Blonde O.
  • Mark Xitco, San Diego, 2. Hurry, Hurry Etc.
  • Jean Bradley, Spring Valley, 1. 2011-less whining, help one another, do the right thing.
  • Cheryl Deegan, Scripps Ranch, 1. Happy New Year!
  • Obie Fox, Escondido, 1. Thank you Joe and Faith and Brownie.
  • Frank Fox, Escondido, 1. I wish I could fish. But the water to high.
  • Lark Herrick, Alpine, 1. 8 west at Lake Jennings no high speed lane changes!
  • Joan Hubert, Clairmont, 1. Time for a change.
  • Jim Hurley, San Diego, 1. First week of year for all but Reader puzzled staff.
  • * Mark Lester Montehermoso, San Diego, 1. I love you Babe! Mark Ysa forever!
  • David Najman, Chicago, 1. It could be worse. I'm a Bengals fan.
  • Andy Ngo, Vista, 1. So ugly go SDSU.
  • Tom Norris, Santee, 1. Florida was great, but we missed you San Diego!
  • Le Phan, La Jolla, 1. Here come the rains!
  • Kathy Ragain, Cortez Hill, 1. Nothin But blue skies.
  • Art Spencer, Oceanside, 1. Happy New Year!
  • L.J. Tamura, Del Mar, 1. Sudoku holiday withdrawal! Hope you had a great holiday!
  • * Larry Terbell, Golden Hill, 1. Annoy a politician. Follow the constitution.
  • Chris Thelen, Planet Earth, 1. Uh, ho, not on me man.
  • Ann Winder, Hillcrest, 1. Michael Rewa - Get a clue- Everybody knows you were wrong.
  • Carolyn Woodbury, Chula Vista, 1. Choose sustainable seafood free guide: www.seafoodwatch.org


  • Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 2. Who will play in the Super Bowl this year?
  • Abdalwahid Bahho, El Cajon, 2. I hope 2011 bring peace on earth.
  • Amada Garcia, Chula Vista, 2. The way you think determines the way you feel.
  • Mary E. Harris, La Mesa, 2. Happy birthday Zoe.
  • Stephen McLaughlin, Carlsbad, 2. Now available for everything.
  • Douglas Meyers, La Mesa, 2. ...no longer worried that God is showing us signs.
  • France Pitt, San Diego, 2. All thy ways acknowledge him, he shall direct thy path.
  • Marc Richard, Bankers Hill, 2. It never seams as easy as it sews emoticon wink.
  • Henry Romero, San Diego, 2. Back to D.C. next week.
  • Ed Rull, San Diego, 2. Good luck Edmund.
  • Skully, San Diego, 2. My Kitten is the best, lets go for a ride!
  • Mandy Smith, Boulavard, 2. Happy 30th anniversary! Love you for Alver!
  • Dennis Beabout, Temecula, 1. Have a great year and new decade.
  • Emil John Canlas, National City, 1. The die is cast.
  • Kevin DeBruin, South Park, 1. Happy New Year Kate. Go Bears!
  • Dr Dimento, Carlsbad, 1. Robert Whitaker knows what's going on. Read what he says.
  • * Glenn Dunham, Mission Hills, 1. Again remembering Jeanne my wife.
  • George Elam, Vista, 1. Evil is really evil this time.
  • D. Faulkner, San Diego, 1. Revolutionaries ride bikes!
  • Espie Helpling, San Diego, 1. Happy Birthday mom...
  • Kim Lovell, Serra Mesa, 1. Jacob, Jasmine and Jakobe welcome to San Diego.
  • Kelly Sakoi, San Diego, 1. Enjoying 2011!
  • Steve Schorr, Encinitas, 1. Brady, it's much nicer here than Michigan!
  • David Torbit, La Mesa, 1. One day at a time.
  • Cheryl Uppling, Carlsbad, 1. B, B, and the lemon tree! Bodo, good boy!
  • * Felicitas Yakut, Wine Country, 1. When will we end the wars as promised.

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