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  • Flo Abena, Rancho Penasquitos, 6. You had to eat a large pizza outside!
  • Paul Boland, Bay Park, 6. These are fun but hard to do!
  • Harry Chiou, Mira Mesa, 6. Happy New Year!
  • Edmund Rull, San Diego, 6. I don't know what to say!
  • Linda Bible, El Cajon, 5. Pick me!
  • * Remedios Coronel, Oceanside, 5. After the rain, here comes the sun!
  • Debra Shapiro, Downtown, 5. All dictatorship are bad.
  • * Elliott Estrine, Poway, 4. Can we trust the groundhog?
  • Willie McGee, San Diego, 4. Preparation is everything!
  • Melquiades B. Rivera, Spring Valley, 4. If dog bites you, don't raise your leg at hydrant.
  • David Tomasin, San Diego, 3. He took his vorpal sword in hand!
  • Ivy Westmoreland, Lemon Grove, 3. Time is precious, use it wisely.
  • Chelsa Baker, Lakeside, 2. Disneyland here we come!
  • Bill Calderwood, Clairemont, 2. Mae- we're pulling for you!
  • Ginny Corrente, Pacific Beach, 2. Will I never win at cards again?
  • Marcia Metzger, Columbia, 2. Happy birthday honest Abe!
  • Rei Tang, San Diego, 2. Blessed to be busy!
  • Mandy Armstrong, Point Loma, 1. About time! Looking out for ka…
  • David Brokiewicz, Spring Valley, 1. Having trouble with this, a little harder.
  • Adrian Gonzalez, Gaslamp, 1. Yankees suck! Yankees suck!
  • Lanora Manzano, Escondido, 1. Go SDSU!


  • Don Bowman, Santee, 6. What happen to "Lamb Chop"
  • Ken Hanson, Clairemont, 6. Go Stealers!
  • Nancy Teruya, Rancho Penasquitos, 6.
  • Pauline O'Malley, Point Loma, 5. Will we ever get warm weather again?
  • Jason Kron, Lakeside, 4. Suggestion: Reader fax line for our classified ads and letters.
  • Mike Sheridan, Pacific Beach, 4. Viva la nina.
  • Terry Thomas, Chula Vista, 4. Check out water saving tricks...Bill Toone and Nan Carrow.
  • David Burk White, Little Italy, 3. I'm give that.
  • Erin Nogle, Ocean Beach, 3. Happy Valentine's Day Richard.
  • Kendra E. Shaw, San Diego, 3. To you, RZA, I'm the best at chess.
  • Felix E. Charfauros, San Diego, 2. Thank you, Reader Staff for my new Reader cap…
  • Jenifer McReynolds, San Diego, 2.
  • David Weim, San Diego, 2.
  • Tyler Wilson, Escondido, 2. One day Danny was sitting there …
  • * Desiree Anderson, City Heights, 1. Call Nolanco Roofing for all roofing puzzles!
  • Scott Becker, Pacific Beach, 1. Be my Valentine Angela, I love you!
  • * Holly Benderman, Pacific Beach, 1. Nice! Finally finished one on time!
  • Guadalupe Jose Gutierrez, Chula Vista, 1.
  • Peter Mound, Santee, 1. Most geniuses are conceited, but I'm not.
  • Armani Nicholas, San Diego, 1. Happy Chinese New Year!! Remi, Aris, Noemi and Anna…
  • Rei Tang, San Diego, 1. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Evelyn Walters, San Diego, 1. I love you Crislyn and Romulo..My babies!

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