No Facts, No Fun

Wow, I had no idea the Reader was a shill for Irwin Jacobs until I saw this tasteless cartoon (Neal Obermeyer, August 25). SOHO and its members stand for historic preservation, not more parking spaces in Balboa Park. Get your facts straight. This is neither funny nor factual.

Elizabeth Weens
via email

It Was Me — Me!

I’m the guy who pulled that lady out of that car accident a week ago Monday (“Aftermath of an Accident," August 17). You talked to some other guy. I was there. It’s wrong. I was there. I and another guy pulled her out and stuff. You said I was happy to be on TV. Well, you know, I was happy she got out of there alive. I was there first. You get a secondhand story from a…it’s not right, man. There’s no way you can get ahold of me ’cause I’m homeless. And I had pictures of the car smashed up upside-down, too, in the mud. I had the firsthand story. I was there. I guess you don’t care about that. You’re not even close to what happened.

Tom MacDonald
via voice mail

Table Of Deception

I’m calling to comment on “News of the Weird.” It was not in the Reader. What’s going on? That’s one of my favorite articles in the Reader, and it was supposed to be on page 115 of the August 25 edition. You guys got to get more accurate. I was very disappointed not to see it, and the table of contents said it would be in there.

Martell McClinton
via voice mail

He Picks On The Weak

The story “One Dead, Thirteen Injured…During OCD Convention” (“SD on the QT,” August 18) both shows the writer’s ignorance about the condition of obsessive-compulsive disorder and, in general, the attitude that those with handicaps are still open to ridicule and derision. Mr. Mencken’s lack of understanding about how truly devastating the disease can be is apparent. Yeah, I know, political correctness can be a drag; boohoo for him and everyone else who likes to take cheap shots to get a laugh. I guess he’ll have to work harder to write something that actually has humor and makes a point, but that would take actual comic genius. That’s what the best comics do; he just picks on those that he deems weaker than himself and unlikely to have enough of a voice to fight back. Typical lameness from a writer with no imagination. I have a great idea: let’s start a convention for lame hack humor columnists in mediocre weekly mags from around the country. Let’s see what kind of riot that causes.

Augustine V.
via email

Sex Objection

The photograph plastered across the cover of volume 40 number 25 for the “Miss In-Between” article (June 23) was a disgrace to all women and even more so for the poorly written preteen short story. I find it ridiculous that the central focus of this issue covered young women as ones whose central focus in life seems to be covered as being able to go to the local bar. I understand the ideal of capturing a quote from the short story for the cover, but in reality it only contributed to mass media which continues to undermine women as sexual objects. Miss In-Between is a statement that can speak far beyond an insignificant article when labeled under the asses of young women with miniskirts and stilettos.

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