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  • Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 4. Happy Easter.
  • Mike Barry, Pine Valley, 4. "Holy cow Batman!'
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 4. Never appear before a hungry judge or parole board.
  • * Bernie Howlett, Banning, 4. Amazing how many I remembered off hand.
  • Jeff Lutz, Jacumba, 4. The current Fascist have an amazing propaganda machine.
  • Stephen McLaughlin, Carlsbad, 4. Can't believe you left out Horatio (Magellan) Crunch (Cap'n) Crunch.
  • Jason Parson, San Diego, 4. Alright Padres, let's try harder this time.
  • Conway Redding, La Mesa, 4. Sis boom bah!
  • Marc Richard, Banker's Hill, 4. How to live up to higher expectorations.
  • Niki Romani, San Diego, 4. Thank you, Mary Jane Goodbud!
  • Doug Santander, San Diego, 4. "Pow!" I got them all!
  • Rich Sewell, Ocean Beach, 4. Happy draft day, go Chargers, make a big splash.
  • Tom Somich, Clairemont, 4. Thank you for fixing my score and for the hat.
  • Flo Abena, Rancho Pensquitas, 3.
  • Carl Baltrunas, Milpitas, 3. Thank you Jeff Loeb- it's too noisy in here!
  • L Barling, El Cajon, 3. We citizens better ante up for all these wars? Costs?
  • Ed Barno, San Diego, 3. We need more puzzles that we can't solve with Google.
  • E.T. Cage, San Diego, 3.
  • Shelly Duncanson, Chula Vista, 3. Could you please make the spaces smaller. Go Arthritis.
  • Irvin C. Gavidor, Golden Hill, 3. Celebrate Mother's Day with Gifts & Cards. Ink by KP.
  • Richard Hutchings, Santee, 3. You left out Betty Boop!
  • Elaine Marume, Oceanside, 3. CST time!
  • Terry Mathieu, San Diego, 3. Jesus saves!
  • Douglas Meyers, La Mesa, 3. Names made from words meaning "name I make"" recursive onomatopoeias!
  • Susan Morfey, Little Italy, 3. No Padres on channel 4 next year- what a mess!
  • Miyuki Passchier, Clairemont, 3. Go Lakers!
  • Michael Rewa, Allied Gardens, 3. 41 moves and the car remains on the lot, seriously.
  • Elizabeth Richards , North Park, 3. This was a total "GIMMEE", guys!
  • Debbie Schultz, El Cajon, 3. Sounds good to me!
  • Craig Stein, El Cerrito, 3. Quiet! Cut the racket! Padres hitters trying to concentrate here.
  • John Strauch, Point Loma, 3. Hiked Trans-County Trail through the Borrego Badlands, 12.5 miles.
  • Cheryl Uppling, Carlsbad, 3. Yum! Thanks mom and dad! Bodo! Baby birdies!
  • Steve Wilson, Spring Valley, 3. I'm cool- I went to Daddy-O's.
  • Mike Zabarouskas, Del Cerro, 3. Trish- you are the light of my life.
  • Felix E. Charfauros, San Diego, 2. I need help from the internet "World" to solve this puzzle.
  • Leslie Chase, Campo, 2. Try number two in not my venue, orange.
  • Sally Christianson, El Cajon, 2. It's Jon, not Jow!
  • Carolyn Clark, Lakeside, 2. I need a new hat.
  • Vince Cuseo, San Marcos, 2. What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  • * Lynne Darius, San Diego, 2. Toes in the water, a** in the sand.
  • Cindy Fisher, San Clemente, 2. You did good on the mendelssohn- you can do the Enesco!
  • Janet Goff, Cardiff, 2. It's finally Spring!
  • Ralph Hayward, El Cajon, 2. Go Caps!
  • George Jackson, Oceanside, 2. Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
  • Norman Kenney, Carlsbad, 2. Hi Kiera! Hi Bodo! Go Spurs! Go Celtics!
  • Holly Kickllgnter, Pacific Beach, 2. Dead pickleweed is not fire resistant, hello Caltrans. ( Fax a little dark, sorry if mishaps)
  • Jim McClain, Stoneridge, 2. Climb the hill from Caliente in Balboa Park.
  • Ron Meyer , Santee, 2. I think I'm correct- we will see!
  • Robert Ott, Mira Mesa, 2. Happy Easter.
  • Burr Passenheim, Linda Vista, 2.
  • Mark Stephens, Potrero, 2. Marcus, welcome back from the frozen North. We love you!
  • Mike Wydra, Rancho Bernardo, 2. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
  • David Alan, San Diego, 1. Enjoy Little Italy Artwalk.
  • Bruce Alan, San Diego, 1. Enjoy the Adams Ave Roots Fest.
  • Chuck Allen, San Diego, 1. It's me Chuck!
  • Marian Aste, San Diego, 1. Support Teachers.
  • Dennis Beabout, Temecula, 1. He is Risen! Hallelujah! Amen!
  • Lee Berlau, San Diego, 1. Enjoy the show at the Lik Gallery.
  • Brian Berlau, San Diego, 1. Enjoy the Airport Art.
  • Alice Bryant, Mission Hills, 1. I love you Danbo.
  • * Tom Burgeson, Clairemont, 1. My Easter eggs are kosher.
  • Chris Byzewski, Kearny Mesa, 1. For Misty and Teddy.
  • Paul J Colonna, Poway, 1. It will take decades to fix the Republican mess.
  • Jon Connor, Oceanside, 1. Peace be with you.
  • Richard Cox, El Cajon, 1. Hi Nodles!
  • Preston Donald, San Diego, 1. Looking forward to Artwalk.
  • Glenn Dunham, San Diego, 1. Miss Jeanne.
  • H. Glenn Dunham, Escondido, 1. Happy birthday to an awesome dad and a great friend.
  • Leslie Evangelho, La Jolla, 1. I liked the massage at Spa de La Jolla.
  • Prerette Featherby, La Jolla, 1. Support the La Jolla Playhouse Partners.
  • James Floyd, San Diego, 1. Playing in the DASH puzzle hunt on April 30, Balboa Park.
  • Sandy Grad, Rancho Santa Fe, 1. Enjoy the leftover Easter candy!
  • Manny Guanzon, San Diego, 1. Enjoy life!
  • Christine Hartpence, Santee, 1. And Iggy Pop too!
  • * Frank Haskell, Encinitas, 1. Fighting for peace is like making love for chastity.
  • Jim Hurley, San Diego, 1. Son: Evidently, Hop-a-Long makes no sound.
  • Ethel Kreetman, San Diego, 1. Sunday is Yom Ha Shoah.
  • Elissa Landsman, San Diego, 1. Yom Hashou program Friday at College Ave., older Adult Center.
  • Sophia Lang, Fallbrook, 1. Bamm-Bamm is the bomb bomb!!!
  • * Peter Laurence, La Mesa, 1. Anabasis or Katabasis? I don't know if I'm coming or going.
  • Art Lebouski, Clairemont, 1. Don't forget Betty Boop!
  • Michael Long, San Diego, 1. My first entry.
  • Peter Manes, La Jolla, 1. Enjoy the Scripps Gala on May 5th.
  • Bill Nagy, Rancho Bernardo, 1. Happy anniversary Jean, love ya!
  • John Pilch, San Carlos, 1. What happened to "Snap" and "Crackle"?
  • Bill Pischke, Ramona, 1. Rolling black clouds lit by orange lighting!
  • Cricket's Pub, North Park, 1. Come join us for puzzle fun and drinks.
  • Chuck Richardson, University City, 1. Will Paul Westerberg ever tour again?
  • Amber Rogowicz, Mission Hills, 1. Kept looking for the "smart" bubble to match "Maxwell".
  • Helen Ross, La Jolla, 1. How unkinder than a serpent's tooth.
  • Bebe Ross, La Jolla, 1. Looking forward to Faust.
  • Warren Ross, La Jolla, 1. Looking forward to Tennis Fest, Sunday.
  • David Ruth, San Diego, 1. She said "I do"!
  • Jose Sinatra, North Park, 1. I looked in the mirror and fell in love again.
  • Susan Williams, North Park, 1. Hummingbird nest in our tree.
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msrewa April 27, 2011 @ 1:06 p.m.

What is the best way to get someone to read my appeals?

Could you at least tell me the proper way to appeal your error. Getting someone to read an appeal is much tougher than the actual puzzle.

I printed clearly, I had the correct number of pixels, and I emailed it before 7:00 AM Monday. I do not understand your problem. I have tried to appeal three times by writing a note with my weekly puzzle entry. So far I have heard nothing. The same thing happened during the last 13 week period. Please check my brainstorms solution from 4/6/11 (See Shells). I checked it multiple times and could not find any errors. Could you please email me and tell me which shell I had wrong. Otherwise I should have 4 correct brainstorms solutions and counting.

I hope someone at the Reader will be considerate enough to respond. Thank you


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