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  • Conway Redding, La Mesa, 11. Two gimmees in a row! Your slipping!
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 10. Stupidity- not letting the facts sway your prejudices.
  • Ed Barno, San Diego, 9. I need to keep a lid on it.
  • Cindy Fisher, San Clemente, 8. Drat! I thought the nose was significant.
  • Michael Rewa, Allied Gardens, 8. Is complaining abad when you're right?
  • Tom Somich, Clairemont, 8. Good one- a real thinker.
  • John Fitzpatrick, San Diego, 7. O give thanks unto the lord; for he is good.
  • Ralph Hayward, El Cajon, 7. Co-ed, doh!
  • Douglas Meyers, La Mesa, 7. Ain't no woman like the one I got!
  • Jason Parson, San Diego, 7. I vote for no more Charger game blackouts!
  • John Strauch, San Diego, 7. Point Loma 14 mile hike- coast and bay.
  • Carl Baltrunas, Milpitas, 6. Thank you Jeff Loeb!!! …
  • E.T. Cage, San Diego, 6.
  • Marie Grace, College Area, 6.
  • Norman Kenney, Carlsbad, 6. Caps off! Hi Kiera! Hi Bodo! Alas not deco.
  • Ted Scafidi, San Diego, 6. Put a lid on it.
  • Flo Abena, Rancho Pensquitas, 5.
  • Elaine Marume, Oceanside, 5. Whopee!
  • Tim Parrott, Carlsbad, 5. Please randomize this phrase to hilarious nonsense.
  • Harry Chiou, Mira Mesa, 4. September is over.
  • * Tifinnie Hibbard, San Diego, 4. Hi Eden!
  • * Janie Redmond, Cardiff, 4. You're the best.
  • Debbie Schultz, El Cajon, 4. Russ had to help me!
  • Dave Small, San Carlos, 4. Vote no on prop D. No sales tax increase.
  • Ann Winder, Hillcrest, 4. Oh well, should have entered last week.
  • * Robert McQuay, San Diego, 3. Trickle-up Poverty is sucking!
  • Gwendolyn Pogrowski, Clairemont, 3. Cute one!
  • Nancy Teruya, San Diego, 3.
  • Mike Barry, Pine Valley, 2. Oh that was a hyphen?
  • John Cid, El Cajon, 2. I totally got the last one in on time. Your clock is wrong.
  • Ann Nagy, Carlsbad, 2. Game on dad!
  • Robert Ott, Mira Mesa, 2. Top of the morning
  • Frances Alvarado, Hillcrest, 1. We are both winner's in love, Big Al Marla.
  • Angela Bruser, Chula Vista, 1. Finally- I didn't miss, I'm sure of this. Finally finally!
  • Tanya Callihan, Lemon Grove, 1. Spay or neuter plz.
  • Beverly Carter, Lemon Grove, 1. Great articles, coupons, and event's coverage. Good reviews and social...
  • April Chambers, El Cajon, 1. Woodside deli is the best! Love James!
  • Dan Colvin, El Cajon, 1. This was fun!
  • David Corn, Poway, 1. The Chargers "special" team is not very special!
  • Lynne Darius, San Diego, 1. Roll tide- go bama!
  • * Mike Deliman, Santee, 1. A tip of the cap to capitalism!
  • Tiffany Donchess, Santee, 1. Is true love out there?
  • Steve Dowell, Lakeside, 1. Pedro for President!
  • Sean Dyer, San Diego, 1. Fall is in the air-- Enjoy!
  • Maris Engle, Spring Valley, 1. Shelby and Gary, who's the master?
  • Toni Finch, La Mesa, 1. Go Ghargers!
  • Karen Gamez, San Diego, 1. Bello I love you, happy 31 months!
  • Allan Ingram, La Mesa, 1. Let the cake sit for a week. Oops!
  • Jason Kron, Lakeside, 1. Resume addition: I'm now a published writer (Paid in t-shirt).
  • Kim Kugler, Pacific Beach, 1. Does your cat make too much noise? Tey Kitten Mittiens!
  • Ilana Levy, San Diego, 1. Hey I'm in the newspaper. You should be proud. Love you Levy family.
  • Ronald E. Long, San Diego, 1. Go Penn State and SDSU.
  • Thomas McVeagh, Lakeside, 1. Lite is a garden… dig it?
  • Dennis Miller, Vista, 1. Thank you!
  • Sheila Newbery, Chula Vista, 1. Brains need exercise too. Reader's Brainstorm puzzles help strengththen them.
  • Ashley Payne, Carlsbad, 1. Hey Cory!~Tingaling!
  • Carmen Pelletier, San Diego, 1. Clean and serene.
  • Ginger Phillips-Hipp, Bay Park, 1. Carpe manana
  • Don Romero, La Mesa, 1. My first try Sweet Mei Ling. Wish me luck!
  • Russ Schwab, San Diego, 1. The Schwab's number 1!
  • Jennifer Slaughter, San Diego, 1. Keep on keepin' on!
  • Lisa Spagnolo, College Area, 1. In it to win it!
  • Rick Stone, Chula Vista, 1. Mail a letter!
  • Lisa Torrescano, San Diego, 1. Oh no, not another one!
  • William Wheeler, Valley Center, 1. Go Padres, all the way in 2010!
  • * Herb White, South Park, 1. Find all caps for ballcaps!
  • Mark Wreschinsky, Poway, 1. Cancer sucks!
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msrewa Sept. 29, 2010 @ 1:06 p.m.

Dear Puzzle Lady, Puzzle Master, et. al.,

As spokesperson for the “Whipping the Dead Horse Society,” I must continue explaining the correct solution to the “Lots of Luck” brainstorm puzzle. To me it looks like “Frankenhorse” is alive. To quote the Aug. 16 comment #5 from one of the puzzle helpers: “Puzzle Master says that the 41st move put the black car in to a position to be extracted from the lot.” We all agree that 41 moves will put the black car into position to leave the lot, but it is still in the lot. The instructions say: “How many moves will be required to extricate the car AND drive it from the lot?” I think this means no longer on the lot. “And” is a conjunction, which means both parts must be true! 1) Extricate the car (takes 41 moves). 2) Drive the car off the lot (1 more move).

Please tell me why I am wrong. Not just, because the Puzzle Master says so. Could the solutions be part of the SD Reader dogma that is an authoritative belief not to be disputed, doubted, or diverged from? Try using valid arguments or better yet try some logical reasoning. Inductive or deductive reasoning would be nice. Maybe even some modus tollens or some modus ponens.

New topic. Lately my messages have been miss typed, cut short, etc. I have kept them under 11 words. Is this a penalty for questioning the Puzzle Master?

Also, did the Puzzle Master make up the name S Rice from Allied Gardens? Was he used so the reader could use his message to tell me” it's time to get over the brainstorm puzzle?” Aug 12 he had 6 correct solutions even though he was never a contender in the previous 5 puzzles. That is quite a coincidence.

I would like you to prove me wrong, not just tell me I am wrong.


angelp Oct. 1, 2010 @ 11:06 a.m.

The answer for "Lots of Luck" is 41... There's it. This puzzle is no longer up for discussion.

No, we did not make up a person telling you to "get over the brainstorm puzzle."

We have had a glitch on several people's quotes... We should have it fixed by next week's paper.

Thank you The puzzle helper


msrewa Oct. 2, 2010 @ 4:09 p.m.

I am so sorry, I did not realize there was a time limit for getting something right. All you need to do is print a valid solution and my last comment will be an apology.

We all agree that the 40th move frees the black car. It must then move 2 more car lengths to drive it from the lot. That is the part that changes this puzzle from incredibly easy to very difficult. That is also the part that the puzzle “master” cannot or will not understand.

I challenge you to print a valid 41-move solution conforming to the conditions of the puzzle. You have not yet done so because it cannot be done without changes the puzzles restraints. If you can print one I will stop asking you to think harder and I will apologize.

Don’t quit; let us get to the truth. Let us get it right!!!!


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