• Linda Bible, El Cajon, 8. Welcome to San Diego Kent, Parris, Max and Quinn.
  • Paul Boland, Bay Park, 8. The hard puzzle is hard
  • * Harry Chiou, Mira Mesa, 8. Happy Labor Day!
  • Josie Ranches, San Diego, 8. Happy Labor Day!
  • Flo Abena, Rancho Penasquitos, 7.
  • Dave Small, San Carlos, 7. Go Pads and Bolts
  • Elliott Estrine, Poway, 6. Love the moonsoon clouds.
  • * Michael Faria, Normal Heights, 5. Time to start the new chapter. I love you baby!
  • David Mills, San Diego, 5. Thank you for my free shirt.
  • Roy Bartolome, San Diego, 4. Ooo, me, ooo, me, I'm steak, I;m steak.
  • M. Elliott, Rancho Bernardo, 4. Too hot for words! Prefee sudoku numbers instead!
  • M. Shoaee, Rancho Bernardo, 4. Wherever you go there you are!
  • Mack Davis, Escondido, 3. A three legged dog walks into a saloon and says…
  • Cheryl Uppling, Carlsbad, 3. Sunshine for birdies and Bodo! Hi mom and Dad!
  • Jim Felix, Pacific Beach, 2. Kailee McClure happy birthdya! Have a great sweet 16!
  • Leslie Wittman, Seattle, 2. Happy birthday Mosan!
  • Jim Alrdy, El Cajon, 1. I love summertime!
  • Ginny Corrente, Pacific Beach, 1. Pads can't win every game?
  • Zayden Davis, Escondido, 1. Obie got money.
  • Joseph Marquez, Chula Vista, 1. Happy birthday Les!
  • Rebekah Mathieu, San Diego, 1. I'm on HSE Wilderness trip this week.
  • Ina Mozer, La Mesa, 1. Hope springs eternal.
  • Armani Nicholas, San Diego, 1. Sudoku game makes me struggle to win a t-shirt
  • Kelly Phu, San Diego, 1. Happy birthday to K.


  • Ken Hanson, Clairemont, 8. Go Twins!
  • Jim Koziol, UTC, 8.
  • Pauline O'Malley, Point Loma, 8. Was really easy to do this Wednesday.
  • Nancy Teruya, Rancho Penasquitos, 8.
  • Terry Thomas, Chula Vista, 8. Discover gold at Bonita Museum and glitter at bonitafest.
  • Don Bowman, Santee, 7. Another easy hits the dust.
  • John Pertle, Santee, 7. Jesus will never forsake those who trust in him.
  • Felix E. Charfauros, San Diego, 6. This week's medium was not as easy as the easy.
  • Erin Nogle, Ocean Beach, 6. Happy birthday B…
  • Ann Grudzinski, San Diego, 5. Keep on trying!
  • Jason Kron, Lakeside, 5. Two fires in three days can't wait for Sunrise Powerlink!
  • Stuart A. Young, San Diego, 5. Happy Labor day :^)
  • Ellen Bourne, San Carlos, 4. Welcome September!
  • Jeff Loeb, San Diego, 4. Taking the easy way out!
  • Misty McDaniel, Lakeside, 4. Viktoria good luck in third grade. I love you baby!
  • * Monique Germain, San Diego, 3. Bring our troops home now!
  • * MS Prades, La Jolla, 3. Thank you Lex for being so wonderful to me, I love you!
  • Saad Ghulah, Escondido, 2. That was easy!
  • John Mangin, Ocean Beach, 2. Lets just get along togther.
  • Remy C. Nicholas, San Diego, 2. Looks like I made it!
  • Bess Santos, Imperial Beach, 2. I hope I win this time.
  • Obie Fox, Escondido, 1. Happy birthday Ardith Fox!
  • Mary Ann Gomez, San Diego, 1. Rob, I got it right I'm in the book =)
  • Rossinna Ippolito, University Heights, 1. Ganesha remove all dostacles to my financial abundance and success.
  • Keino Miller, San Diego, 1. Take what you get until you get what you want.
  • Edmund Rull, San Diego, 1. This is my first puzzle that I Solved :-D
  • Cun Hui Zhang, Carmel Mtn., 1. Autumn, you are welcome!

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