• Joe Arbusto, Rancho Penasquitos, 11. Laissez faire capitalism destroyed responsible capitalism to become corporate fasism!!
  • Loren Boyer, El Cajon, 11. Mountain biking, boogie bording, here comes summertime!
  • * Jean Bradley, Spring Valley, 11. What good's cheaper healthecare when it costs me my job?
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 11. If Accidents never happen then why are you here?
  • Alford Claiborne, Encanto, 11. A real climber
  • Roger Doughman, San Diego, 11. Strength will rise as we wait upon the lord.
  • Ester Hays, La Mesa, 11.
  • Luke Reyes, College Area, 11.
  • Elenore Stephens, Potrero, 11.
  • Stacey Street, North Park, 11.
  • Rodney Williams, Tierrasanta, 11.
  • Leslie Wittman, Seattle, 11.
  • Felicitas Yakut, San Diego, 11.
  • Mike Bullock, Rancho Bernardo, 10.
  • Larry Clark, Clairemont, 10. Happy birthday cousin Tim Paulishen, 59. Live long and prosper
  • Paula Davis, Spring Valley, 10. Evil's Ritcher equivalent: 9.2
  • Michelle Dutra, Serra Mesa, 10. HTM exhibition night 3/25
  • Billy Josen, Santee, 10.
  • Drew McGuire, Downtown, 10.
  • Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 9. Joy triumphs over circumstances.
  • Tim Flanagan, Hillcrest, 9.
  • Ralph Hayward, El Cajon, 9. Hard one!
  • Raymond Land , Escondido, 9. You live in a world of your making
  • Drew Lettington, Mission Hills, 9.
  • Michael Rewa, Allied Gardens, 9.
  • Flo Abena, Rancho Penasquitos, 8.
  • Jorge Castro, Alpine, 8. It's better to be lucky than good!
  • S.L. Henderson, Escondido, 8.
  • Lew Rishel, Clairmont, 8.
  • Tom Lorenz, Chula Vista, 7.
  • Greg Boss, San Diego, 6. Time for us ex-military to kill for our country again!
  • Chrisanne Gotta, , 4.
  • Charles Reader, Del Mar Heights, 4. Reader reads Reader
  • Carl Baltrunas, Milpitas, 3. Thank you Jeff Loeb for sending the puzzles
  • * David Bruce, Hillcrest, 3. Mee Shim- San Diegos best artist
  • * Jane Flammang, Encinitas, 2. Family visiting is good
  • Matthew Evans, Encinitas, 1. Show love and compassion to all
  • Junito Gerardo, Mira Mesa, 1. Obama care equals deep recession. Welfare recipients will outnumber taxpayers
  • J Gorman, UTC, 1. Et tu, Brute?
  • Bill Grant, Hillcrest, 1. Thanks for the shirt this one was harder
  • Linda J. Hall, La Mesa, 1. Spring is here skies are clear
  • Belmont Hope, Vista, 1. No Message!
  • Zdenek Hostomsky, La Jolla, 1. Faxing the solution from Prague. Hopefully in time
  • Joan Hubert, Clairmont, 1. I miss you J.E.B.
  • Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 1. Happy birthday Barbara, you always look good
  • David Lowenkron, San Marcos, 1.
  • Mike Maniss, Lakeside, 1. I love Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays
  • Bruce Ness, Mira Mesa, 1. Does Mary Bentley still play dominoes? Please call
  • Anne Nisha, La Jolla, 1. Spring is here, hurray!
  • Stephen Nobiensky, San Jacinto, 1. Seniors look good it t-shirts too!
  • MIchael Panther, Point Loma, 1. Hey Lou, I think I'm allergic to tide
  • Jamie B. Rigodon, San Diego, 1.
  • Henry Romero, San Diego, 1. I just discovered it's still flu season!
  • David Schwartz, Clairemont, 1. Is it just me or was this evil really evil?
  • Joe Selig, San Diego, 1. Happy 93rd. Dad! Sunshine, music, and mom!
  • Rich Sewell, Ocean Beach, 1. My puzzle must have disapeared in the Bermuda Triangle!
  • Larry Terbell, Golden Hill, 1. Watch the LPGA


  • Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 11.
  • Amada Garcia, Chula Vista, 11. Hi Hector God is love
  • Esther Hays, La Mesa, 11. For every drop of rain… a flower grows
  • Douglas Meyers, La Mesa, 11. Why try and fix things here? Give Mars a chance!
  • Skully, San Diego, 11. Bike Night Desi' n Friends Wen 7:30-? SDM- Hi Monkeyboy
  • Mandy Smith, Boulevard, 8. See the wildflowers, grow some wildflowers, smell some wildflowers
  • Wayne Ameele, Penasquitos, 5. What are you going to be for Halloween?
  • A T Certik, Bonita, 5. Alles affenscheisse!
  • Green Dave Gietzen, Sunset Cliffs, 5. Hip replacements dual-precussion fuled. Saturday 27th Sunshin Ca Saloon
  • Lark Herrick, Alpine, 5. Live every day like your dying
  • Dennis Jardim, Oceanside, 5. Love my little acorn
  • Howard Donnelly, Mission Valley, 4. Floatopia equals Mission Baye Gyre
  • Robert Lindahl, College Area, 4. Oh where oh where can my Phyllee girl be?
  • Marjie Souza, Ocean Beach, 4. Spring is here on Saturday!
  • Kelly Sakoi, San Diego, 3. Go Padres!
  • Hans Butikofer, Mission Beach, 2. Will try evil next week!
  • * Nel Cristobal, Chula Vista, 2. I love sudoku and orchids!
  • George Elam, Vista, 2. Go Aztecs
  • Saad Kassab, Mission Hills, 1. Life is short don't waste it
  • Irving Metzger, San Diego, 1. Yo!
  • * Tim Moore, Phoenix, 1. Seriously, pamper me. Seriously, pamper me
  • Tim O'hara, El Cajon, 1. It could be better, it could be a lot worse!
  • Rob Welder, El Cajon, 1. Its hot here!


  • Dave Small, San Carlos, 11. Hope I did better on this than my brackets
  • Roy Bartolome, San Diego, 10. You men owe me a new pair of slippers!
  • * Linda Bible, El Cajon, 10. Thank you Kaiser Optical, Vandever site, My glasses really rock!
  • Henry Chung, San Diego, 10. I'm lovin this weather! More sun!
  • Willam Stiewig, Vallejo, 10. Go Gaels
  • David Tomasin, San Diego, 10. Medium again
  • Vicki Flora, Bonita, 5. Hi Sebastian!
  • Emily Posedel, San Diego, 5. Hot. Right. Now.
  • Ed Rull, San Diego , 4. Happy 13th b-day Edmund
  • Steve Schorr, Encinitas, 4. LT and the jets
  • Saad Ghulam, Escondido, 3. One day I will win a t-shirt
  • Mitchell Hamilton, Golden Hills, 3. Sweetheart Barbara- puss o kram
  • Jeff Loeb, San Diego, 3. VAMCSD sudoku expert
  • Jose Rodriguez, San Diego, 3. Yadira… .mo. Go Chargers Go Bolts!
  • * Todd Wilkins, San Diego, 3. We came to belive!
  • Jose Villanueva, San Diego, 2. Here I thought the message was put on the shirt
  • Harold Kent, Clairmont, 1. You are only here for a visit
  • Nestor Mendidla, San Diego, 1. Don't worry be happy
  • Hiroshi Miyazki, San Diego, 1. Glenn, call you soon
  • Duane D Tremaine, E Village, 1. Exit stage left, even!


  • Don Bowman, Santee, 11. Spring is here… Plant a garden..
  • John Pertle, Santee, 11. Jesus Christ is salvation to everyone that belives in him
  • D. Stiewig, Santee, 11. Spring time
  • Terry Thomas, Chula Vista, 10. Smell the flowers!
  • M. Elliott, Ranch Bernardo, 9. I love Bob
  • Misty McDaniel, Lakeside, 9. Happy birthday Booaaloo! We love you so much!
  • Nancy Teruya, Rancho Penasquitos, 9.
  • Jim Koziol, UTC, 6.
  • Sebastian Certik, Bonita, 5. Hi mom!
  • Josie Ranches, San Diego, 5. Happy 13th b-day Edmund
  • Ken Hanson, Clairemont, 3.
  • Pauline Malley, San Diego, 3. Great finished on time
  • Peter Mound, Santee, 3. Real men don't use Mapquest
  • Vincent Blas, San Diego, 2. AGGS is a QUI QUI, no matter what he says!
  • Ellen Bourne, San Carlos, 2. Here I am again!!
  • Rossinna Ippolito, University Heights, 2. St. Jude please grant me financial abundance
  • Jason Kron, Lakeside, 2. Marelyn hates me now, but I still miss her. Really!
  • Belimda Russell, El Cajon, 2.
  • Mike Reina, Escondido, 1. I love you mom and gramma and I
  • Carol Temes, La Mesa, 1. Music reaches the heart and sooths the mind

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Susan Williams March 24, 2010 @ 5:38 p.m.

Awww you left me out! Should've been number 11 Evil for me. Susan Williams North Park.


angelp March 25, 2010 @ 1:54 p.m.

There was a glitch in the system. All rankings have been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Puzzle Lady


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