• Joe Arbusto, Rancho Penasquitos, 1. Eliot wave "sez", the market will fade, 2 nothing again!
  • Carl Baltrunas, Milpitas, 1. Thank you Jeff Loeb- happy bastile day.
  • Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 1. Love what you do.
  • Bill Black, La Jolla, 1. Why does the American civil union protect non-Americans?
  • * Loren Boyer, El Cajon, 1. Bush daughters, how about a hunting trip? Dick Cheney
  • Jean Bradley, Spring Valley, 1. Just a little earthquake today- prepare for the big one!
  • Mike Bullock, Rancho Bernardo, 1.
  • Ross Christie, San Diego, 1. Evil gnol DNA repsorp.
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 1. Borborygmic bandersnatches are extremely exasperated by my acyrology and longiloquence.
  • Alford Claiborne, Encanto, 1. Thanks for the shirt!
  • Cheryl Deegan, Scripps Ranch, 1. Thanks for the shirt!
  • * Roger Doughman, San Diego, 1. Ephesians 1:3-14
  • Michelle Dutra, Serra Mesa, 1. Sun come out and play.
  • Cindy Fisher, San Clemente, 1. Yikes! Only two more weeks to C-day!
  • Jane Flammang, Encinitas, 1. Let there be light!
  • Jean Gallagher, San Diego, 1. Go! Baby go!
  • * Lily Gonzalez, Logan Heights, 1. They say Saturn's rings are made of lost airline luggage.
  • J Gorman, UTC, 1. It works if you work it!
  • Steve Grandpa, San Diego, 1. You thought you had killed me, but I'm still here!
  • Louis Guillou, Winona, 1. Oceanside is tops.
  • Linda J. Hall, La Mesa, 1. I want a raise or gonna quit- Jimmy Buffet.
  • * Mary E. Harris, La Mesa, 1. Keep trying.
  • * Butch Hays, La Mesa, 1. Lovin' the shake rattle and roll in San Diego.
  • Ralph Hayward, El Cajon, 1. Easy one this week.
  • Paula Henderson, La Jolla, 1. Signs in the sky.
  • Haley Hodnett, San Diego, 1. No comment.
  • Zdenek Hostomsky, La Jolla, 1. July gloom all around us.
  • Joan Hubert, Clairmont, 1. 13 or 1.
  • Jim Hurley, San Diego, 1. You are no longer clown. Win otl. Everyone will know.
  • Richard Hutchings, Santee, 1. I checked my rank on-line and I was very rank!
  • Kitten, Coronado, 1. MonkeyBoy, I'm so glad to be your wife! Hi Oldman!
  • Stuart Lester, Santee, 1. Congrats Stephen Lustigson and David Lester. No bull in Pamplona!
  • Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 1. Time once more for "hi-ho silverdoku, away".
  • Cal Lewis, Lemon Grove, 1. Very easy evil.
  • Ronald Little , San Ysidro, 1. Sometimes you have to lose to win.
  • Gary Lorenc, Encinitas, 1. It sure helps if you copy the puzzle correctly. Arggggghhh!
  • Karen Magley, Sorrento Mesa, 1. Wendy's princess party was a success!
  • Rebekah Mathieu, San Diego, 1. Bug spray is poison to bugs and humans.
  • Al Maun, San Diego, 1. My first day back in San Diego- Love it.
  • Bruce Ness, Mira Mesa, 1. Does Mary bently still play dominoes? Please call.
  • David Nojman, Chicago, 1. Congrats Espana. Video replay. Flopping should get carded.
  • Tom Norris, Santee, 1. Carlos, my sudoku buddy, you will be sorely missed.
  • Lee Overholser, San Diego, 1. Keep on truckin'.
  • Michael Panther, Point Loma, 1. Just give the cup to Germany.
  • Sandra Peters, San Diego, 1. Great puzzles
  • Michael Rewa, Allied Gardens, 1. A message!
  • Charles Rion, Allied Gardens, 1. Beer Ralph?
  • Debbie Schultz, El Cajon, 1. I know numbers.
  • David Schwartz, Clairemont, 1. Eleanor Roosevelt stole my furniture!
  • * Art Spencer, Oceanside, 1. Late last week- no 7-5 mail.
  • Joe Steinbach, Clairemont, 1. Take a hike- see calendar/ local events/ outdoors
  • Jon Surber, Oceanside, 1. For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
  • L.J. Tamura, Del Mar, 1. "Oh oh no" is right! Any questions except "why?"?
  • Larry Terbell, Golden Hill, 1. I am fighting against the forces of evil.
  • Arturo Vazquez, San Diego, 1. Bravo Spain!
  • Susan Williams, North Park, 1. Isn't it exciting? Living on tectonic plates!
  • Ric Witt, Clairemont, 1. Barack is all talk, no walk!
  • Carolyn Woodbury, Chula Vista, 1. Correct tire pressure.
  • Mark Xitco, San Diego, 1. OK now what?
  • The Yumze, Oceanside, 1. Oh-shun-sigh-eed.


  • Basima Albana, El Cajon, 1. Hanna Montana
  • Wayne Ameele, Penasquitos, 1. Rocky starts pet training classes this week.
  • Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 1. Gray skys are gonna clear up (from Bye Bye Birdie)
  • Bing, Little Italy, 1. Happy 39th birthday Sherri and Jay!!
  • Howard Donnelly, Mission Valley, 1.
  • Jim Felix, Mission Hills, 1. Marguerita, life's a beach! Happy birthday! Luve your cuz.
  • Amada Garcia, Chula Vista, 1. Happy 63 b day Mr. Johansson from fam Garcia.
  • Green Dave Gietzen, Sunset Cliffs, 1. Hot cross buns. One a penny, two a penny.
  • Mike Gomez, Carlsbad, 1. Chargers Super Bowl bound??
  • Esther Hays, La Mesa, 1. The San Diego Zoo is awsome- love the Meerkats.
  • Lark Herrick, Alpine, 1. Let's win one for the gipper.
  • Douglas Meyers, La Mesa, 1. It's one day atta time, but I'm settin the pace.
  • Hiroshi Miyazaki, San Diego, 1. Tomorrow will be another day.
  • Jaime Rigodon, San Diego, 1.
  • Gordon Ritchie, Tierrasanta, 1. Third time in the water (hard)
  • * Henry Romero, San Diego, 1. Rocking and rolling-literally!
  • * Ed Rull, San Diego, 1. Love one another
  • Skully, San Diego, 1. I love you kitten always. Hi to my boys too.
  • Mandy Smith, Boulevard, 1. Save the … dessertd made with palm oil.
  • David Tomasin, San Diego, 1. Next week evil.


  • Mandy Armstrong, Point Loma, 1. Thanks Doug
  • Linda Bible, El Cajon, 1. Happy birthday Chris- my best friend thru four decades!
  • Paul Boland, Bay Park, 1. The hard puzzle is hard.
  • Kathy Bucher, Vally Center, 1. Harm none!
  • Hans Butikofer, Mission Beach, 1. The sun will come out next week?
  • Bill Calderwood, Clairemont, 1. Hooray! For familial DNA matching.
  • Felix E. Charfauros, San Diego, 1. Where is the fame an where is the glory?
  • Harry Chiou, Mira Mesa, 1. I guess it's Spain.
  • * Robert Crumrine, Downtown, 1. This weeks winner!
  • Michael Faria, Normal Heights, 1. We got our car baby! I love you so much!
  • James Foose, Birdland, 1. I love sudoku.
  • Saad Ghulam, Escondido, 1. That was easy!
  • Meredith Levin, La Jolla, 1. The irony of being misquoted!
  • Maria O'gonza, North Park, 1. All for the love of Sandra O'Gonza.
  • Le Phan, La Jolla, 1. Beautiful San Diego sunsets forever.
  • Josie Ranches, San Diego, 1. Peace.
  • M. Shoaee, Rancho Bernardo, 1. Spain or Germany: doesn't matter. Enjoy soccer!
  • Dave Small, San Carlos, 1. Over medium.
  • Duane D Tremaine, E Village, 1. Except the will which says to them, "hold on"!
  • Leslie Wittman, Seattle, 1. Thanks mosan!

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