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  • Joe Arbusto, Rancho Penasquitos, 11. 3 branches of government servicing elite only- progressives be damned!
  • Peter Bartkiewicz, Chula Vista, 11. Leaker will get people killed just like Pres Carter did…
  • Loren Boyer, El Cajon, 11. Good job Sarah, that was Glenn Beck wearing caribou antlers.
  • Greg Chauncey, La Jolla, 11. Army down. Next SDSU. Buy tickets now. Go Navy!
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 11. To my dear sister- take care of yourself. Happy Holidays.
  • Rich Dudka, Escondido, 11. Precious rain.
  • Ralph Hayward, El Cajon, 11. Brainstorms too hard- hieroglyphics- ack.
  • Richard Hutchings, Santee, 11. I read the Reader readily!
  • Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 11. Dennis you’re a menace!
  • Hiroshi Miyazaki, San Diego, 11. Let's do it again, Eiko-San!
  • Bruce Ness, Mira Mesa, 11. Does Mary Bentley still play dominoes? Please call!
  • Michael Panther, Point Loma, 11. … or a snazzy pair of slacks. 32X32
  • Susan Williams, North Park, 11. Was given my county 30 year pin today. Wow!
  • Mark Xitco, San Diego, 11. One more week and then…!
  • John Baddour, San Marcos, 10. Happy New Year to all, except the wicked ones.
  • Elizabeth Baddour, Carmel Valley, 10. Sunglasses won't help. Keep running from the light!
  • Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 10. Christmas blessings.
  • Larry Clark, Clairemont, 10. Chargers win in the Queen City.
  • Michelle Dutra, Serra Mesa, 10. Merry Christmas!
  • Cindy Fisher, San Clemente, 10. Have a great time! See you in 2011!
  • Haley Hodnett, San Diego, 10. Luck doesn't count.
  • Roy E. Leeper, Chula Vista, 10. I miss you Tim and Jim.
  • David Najman, Chicago, 10. Merry Christmas to all!
  • Rich Sewell, Ocean Beach, 10. To everyone that cares, have a Merry Xmas!
  • Joe Steinbach, Clairemont, 10. Save gas, ride a bicycle.
  • L.J. Tamura, Del Mar, 10. I always thought flowers would jitterbug! Concerts over! Merry Christmas!
  • * Jim Upshaw, Clairemont, 10. Merry Christmas to all!
  • Jean Bradley, Spring Valley, 9. The best Christmas present- be kind to one another
  • Sid Manuel Canlas , National City, 9. And he shall be called 'Immanuell' (God with us)
  • Tom Norris, Santee, 9. Merry Christmas everyone! Peace on earth- goodwill towards men.
  • Jerry Noser, Bankers Hill, 9. Go Navy! Beat SDSU!
  • Tom Thetford, Lemon Grove, 9. A week off from sudoku was nice.
  • Carl Baltrunas, Milpitas, 8. Thank you Jeff Loeb- a good challenge with no help.
  • Alford Claiborne, Encanto, 8. Merry Christmas!
  • Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 8. A thundercloud of intellectual turbulence.
  • Paula Henderson, La Jolla, 8. Merry Christmas!
  • Kitten, Coronado, 8. Happy holidays MonkeyBoy, Oldman Steve, and all of my friends!
  • Susan Morfey, Little Italy, 8. Oh, I really love all the lights this year!
  • Jonathon McMurtry, Vista, 7. The game's a foot! Follow your spirit' and Go Chargers!
  • David Schwartz, Clairemont, 7. Keep x in Xmas. Merry Crimbo.
  • Steve Wilson, Spring Valley, 7. Merry Christmas!
  • George Elam, Vista, 6. Fid that special present…
  • * Linda J. Hall, La Mesa, 6. Merry Xmas! To all at the Reader!
  • Butch Hays, La Mesa, 6. How about a K1600GT for Christmas.
  • Norman Kenney, Carlsbad, 6. Kiera! Bodo! Winter is …
  • Terry Retief, Vista, 6. Just in time.
  • Debbie Schultz, El Cajon, 6. Love the new hat!
  • Joe Selig, San Diego, 6. Life is good!
  • * Gary Gish, Rancho Bernardo, 5. No evil- it's Xmas
  • Saad Kassab, Mission Hills, 5. Who is the victim?
  • * Bruce Robbins, Allied Gardens, 5. Reader nameographs last month? Great! But I couldn't do 'em.
  • Mary Faucher, Escondido, 4. Happy holidays everyone!
  • Sergio Sahagun, National City, 4. Merry Christmas to all!
  • Jeff Curtis, North Park, 3. Merry Christmas Miriam! You're the best present that I've ever…
  • John Markey, El Centro, 3. Not El Centro!
  • Seratima Tkachuk, San Diego, 3. Happy New Year!
  • Christine Hennes, San Diego, 2. The sweet escape, following the sun!
  • Rebekah Mathieu, San Diego, 2. Let's wish Jesus a Happy Birthday!
  • Gerri Anne Matthews, Killen, 2. I love sweetheart hunny darling' angel snuggle lump.
  • Dave Newman, University City, 2. Simultaneous multiple overt single possibilities defy all logic.
  • Carolyn Woodbury, Chula Vista, 2. Check car tires- correct air pressure saves…
  • Sarah Brown, San Diego, 1. Merry Christmas mom and dad. I love you! Happy birthday dad!
  • Ross Christie, San Diego, 1. Happy Holidays!
  • Cynthia Drennen, Escondido, 1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • Bob Rickman, Carlsbad, 1. It sucks having to work on New Years Day.
  • Lily Sun, Carmel Valley, 1. Happy girl


  • Amada Garcia, Chula Vista, 11. Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad!
  • Mary E. Harris, La Mesa, 11. Happy Holidays Zoe and Phoebe!
  • Douglas Meyers, La Mesa, 11. Don't need your devotion but pay attention to me!
  • Marc Richard, Bankers Hill, 11. Life is a bowl of cherries. Then there's the pits.
  • Skully, San Diego, 11. Love my kitten, boys, and my toys for big boyz!
  • Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 10. Thank you for a wonderful year of puzzles.
  • France Pitt, San Diego, 9. Grandpa Major- Thank you for everything. We love you!
  • Emil John Canlas, National City, 7. Merry Xmas Darren and Clarisse.
  • Espie Helpling, San Diego, 7. Merry Christmas to all Reader staff!
  • Steve Schorr, Encinitas, 7. Happy Hanukah Shayla and Kyle!
  • * Esther Hays, La Mesa, 6. Grandchild number two on the way.
  • Lark Herrick, Alpine, 6. All the Reader caps need is a propeller.
  • Ed Rull, San Diego, 6. Merry Xmas to all!
  • Cheryl Uppling, Carlsbad, 6. Countdown to Christmas! Love to mom, dad, Bodo, Hamlets!
  • * Bill Calderwood, Clairemont, 3. Merry Christmas!
  • Marjie Souza, Ocean Beach, 2. Cheers!
  • * Matt Benson, Opp, 1. I love tacos!
  • Amanifu Calimee, El Cajon, 1. Happy Holidays!
  • Jim Felix, Pacific Beach, 1. Happy 50th birthday Debbie Beaver! Love you!
  • Patricia Moore, Spring Valley, 1. Celebrating 2 years of sobriety! I love you Cheweetie! Feliz Navidad!
  • Debra Shapiro, Downtown, 1. The fox is going to be guarding chicken coop again.


  • Flo Abena, Rancho Penasquitos, 11.
  • Harry Chiou, Mira Mesa, 10. Happy holidays!
  • Paul Boland, Bay Park, 9. Merry Christmas!
  • David Tomasin, San Diego, 9. A word to the wise.
  • Josie Ranches, San Diego, 8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  • * Jeff Loeb, San Diego, 5. Tough puzzles this week.
  • Armani Nicholas, San Diego, 5. I wish good luck to you. Aris, Neomi, and Adrjana.
  • Rob Welder, El Cajon, 4. I need a Reader hat.
  • Michael Faria, Normal Heights, 3. Merry Christmas baby! Our first one! I love you!
  • Melquiades B. Rivera, Spring Valley, 3. Andrew C. keep your home good, you're doing great.
  • Edmund Rull, San Diego, 3. Happy holidays!
  • Remedios Coronel, Oceanside, 1. May everyone's Xmas spirit be filled with joy and harmony!
  • Christopher DeRose, La Mesa, 1. Leaving Cali' promised I'd at least once, hollas Zabra!
  • Mary Giovanuieuo, San Diego, 1. She surrenders and ask how to heal…

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