• Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 5. Thank God, TYFTS.
  • Loren Boyer, El Cajon, 5. Survival show. Disappointed again. Thought is said, Man, Wild Women.
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 5. Will all you jumping, juvenile jackasses just leave me alone?
  • Cheryl Deegan, Scripps Ranch, 5. Love you, Walter.
  • J Gorman, UTC, 5. What an order!
  • * Linda J. Hall, La Mesa, 5. Happy Birthday Steve, I love you!
  • Haley Hodnett, San Diego, 5. Corripe cervisiam.
  • Richard Hutchings, Santee, 5. In sudoku things always add up - - unlike life!
  • Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 5. If cutting taxes reduces deficits, then why not cut to zero?
  • Rebekah Mathieu, San Diego, 5. Art class is almost over!
  • Michael Rewa, Allied Gardens, 5. Readergate - the great reader cover up.
  • Charles Rion, Allied Gardens, 5. Almost that time again!
  • Jean Bradley, Spring Valley, 4. Death, taxes, paying for trash pick up - welcome San Diego.
  • Greg Chauncey, La Jolla, 4. Wow! I a surf reader t-shirt. OMG OMG OMG OMG
  • Alford Claiborne, Encanto, 4. This one was hard!
  • Larry Clark, Clairemont, 4. A fresh home grown tomatoe is the food of the Gods.
  • Paula Davis, Spring Valley, 4. Ms Aretha and Mr Frank Jr. get well soon.
  • George Elam, Vista, 4. Fire actually is getting scary.
  • Saad Kassab, Mission Hills, 4. Ibis market tabouli is the best.
  • Roy E. Leeper, Chula Vista, 4. Thank you Sean and Tom for your hard work.
  • Julio Magno, San Diego, 4. US postal sudoku expert. Hi Eileen.
  • Hiroshi Miyazaki, San Diego, 4. SD'll toast in August.
  • Lee Overholser, San Diego, 4. Did anyone get the Godel number of the existential track?
  • * David Schwartz, Clairemont, 4. Big interview pt. 2 coming… Me 2!
  • Jim Upshaw, Clairemont, 4. Life gets better every day.
  • Steve Kolb, San Diego, 3. Like electric dynamite.
  • * Karen Maegley, Sorrento Mesa, 3. Shou,ld be 4 this week.
  • Susan Morfey, Little Italy, 3. Hey! It'll be warm again - Enjoy the change!
  • Joe Selig, San Diego, 3. I love jayben but they don’t love I exist.
  • * Wang Tang, San Diego, 3. Serenity Prayer!
  • Juanito Gerardo, Mira Mesa, 1. Not evil!
  • Chang Qing Su, San Carlos, 1. Moon Light
  • Keith Trezek, Oceanside, 1. Evil is live spelled backward, change is the only constant.


  • Basima Albana, El Cajon, 5. Ibis Market Deli is the best.
  • Wayne Ameele, Penasquitos, 5. Welcome Miguel & Ryan to the Padres!
  • Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 5. Grunion runs are August 9-12.
  • * Amada Garcia, Chula Vista, 5. Actions do speak louder than words.
  • Green Dave Gietzen, Sunset Cliffs, 5. Hip Replacements, Humphrey's, 5-7 on the 14th, 1/2 price H.H, No cover.
  • Douglas Meyers, La Mesa, 5. Still waiting for my piece of that bail out cake.
  • Ed Rull, San Diego, 5. Love Much, Laugh Often, Live Longer.
  • Duane D Tremaine, San Diego, 5. Came down too soon.
  • Mike Gomez, Carlsbad, 4.
  • Esther Hays, La Mesa, 4. Invitations are MAILED…. YEAH!!
  • Lark Herrick, Alpine, 4.
  • Steve Schorr, Encinitas, 3. Spreckles Organ Concerts, relax and enjoy.
  • Mandy Smith, Boulevard, 3. Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion & Love All.
  • Mary E. Harris, La Mesa, 2. Stay at the top Padres.
  • Rei Tang, San Diego , 2. Happy Anniversary.
  • Abdalwahid Bahho, El Cajon, 1. I love numbers and I prefer Sudoku.
  • * Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 1. Tomorrow's just a future yesterday.
  • John Gaughen, North Park, 1. Happy 15th Birthday, Eva.
  • Jonathon McMurtry, Vista, 1. I root for the Padres!
  • Jenna Mcclaahan, Carlsbad, 1. Send it undercover Styie!
  • John Mobley, Lemon Grove, 1. Got half thru evil and had too many 9's.
  • Vincent Sy, Chula Vista, 1. Mother Pacquiao.


  • Linda Bible, El Cajon, 5. God is Good!
  • Paul Boland, Bay Park, 5. This week was hard.
  • Harry Chiou, Mira Mesa, 5. This is easier than brainstorms.
  • Josie Ranches, San Diego, 5. Peace!!
  • Flo Abena, Rancho Penasquitos, 4.
  • Roy Bartolome, San Diego, 2. Okay, Admit it, who of you were ….
  • David Mills, San Diego, 2. You should read how to win friends and influence people.
  • Melquiades B. Rivera, Spring Valley, 2. Hurry! Snail to slug.
  • Jeoffry Ross, Chula Vista, 2. I love you kitten/ MUAH!
  • * Gail Todd, San Ysidro, 2. Hello World!
  • Bob Baumgarten, Clairmont, 1. Could this be an August w/o allday clouds?
  • * Heather Bryce, Lemon Grove, 1. San Diego super Chargers, Here we go! I'm ready.
  • Lanora Manzzno, Escondido, 1. :)


  • Don Bowman, Santee, 5. Instead of sitting in the dark, light a candle.
  • Ken Hanson, Clairemont, 5. Go Padres!
  • Jim Koziol, UTC, 5.
  • Pauline O'Malley, Point Loma, 5. Look forward weekly to do sudoku puzzles.
  • John Pertle, Santee, 5. Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved!
  • Nancy Teruya, Rancho Penasquitos, 5.
  • Terry Thomas, Chula Vista, 5. Welcome to our sister city youth ambassadors from Odawara Japan.
  • Felix E. Charfauros, San Diego, 4.
  • * Ann Grudzinski, San Diego, 4. Go Padres!
  • Viet Nguyen, Mira Mesa, 4. If you like Hodad's, your next stop is AZUCAR.
  • Kelly Phu, San Diego, 3. Peace with everybody.
  • M. Elliott, Ranch Bernardo, 2. City gov't at its worst. Vote no on taz hike!
  • Phil Leal, San Diego, 2. Happy B-day Alek & Karina, Luv You!!
  • Misty McDaniel, Lakeside, 2. Bwaah!
  • M. Shoaee, Rancho Bernardo, 2. Speak gut talk - tell exactly what you think and feel.
  • Carmel Williams, Tucson, 2. I have one more week of vacation here - no more chance!
  • Stuart A. Young, San Diego, 2. The obvious is often overlooked.
  • Marie Bess, Imperial Beach, 1. Good brain exercise.
  • * Emily Boettcher, El Cajon, 1. Hope I get a t-shirt! Go Boltz!
  • Monique Germain, San Diego, 1. If you ever thought about skydiving, just do it!
  • Saad Ghulah, Escondido, 1. Congratulations to summer and Ted on your wedding.
  • Elizabeth Miller, San Diego, 1. Hope your having a nice day.
  • Jeanna West, San Diego, 1. They me on a night the stars glistened in the sky.
  • Guillermo Ybarra, Chula Vista, 1. Have you had your 7-9 fruit today?

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Susan Williams Aug. 11, 2010 @ 1:26 p.m.

Boohoo! I submitted a correct sudoku on time and this should be #5 for the evil ones for me. I've been omitted.


Susan Williams Aug. 11, 2010 @ 5:35 p.m.

Thank you. Working on this week's.

Susan Williams North Park.


wowfie Aug. 15, 2010 @ 8:48 a.m.

Hope you're better, "Puzzle Lady". I was omitted too. Thanks in advance.


reststop Aug. 17, 2010 @ 4:15 a.m.

Aha, I was beginning to wonder why I didn't see my name up in lights for last week's EVIL. Hope you are feeling better Puzzle Lady.

I sent a letter to the editors, wondering why my Sudoku entry did not show up, and yet my Brainstorms entry did show up as correct. Since I submit them together, I was concerned that maybe the fax got stuck or lost. Please review the entries, and look for mine: Carl from Milpitas. I should have all but 1 entry correct. The one I missed, I got correct as well, but forgot to fax it in that weekend.

And I will again voice my desire for getting credit for 42 correct moves to get the black car free and OUT of the parking lot. #41 gets it freed, and #42 gets it out.

Thanks and keep up the great work!



jeffloeb Aug. 17, 2010 @ 9:04 p.m.

The parking problem has been around since the 1970's.

The reason I am setting up this message is to see what it gives for the timestamp.



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