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A man carrying a large ice chest filled with ice, a large can of Crisco, a few small plastic bags, rubber gloves, and a rubber spatula. My first thought was why is this man about to have a picnic when its been raining all day, and the wind makes it feel like it's 40 degrees.

On April 21, the Fox 5 News reporter came out to Shelter Island to do a report to teach children about whales and their blubber. How it keeps whales thermally insulated and warm when they're in the frigid arctic waters. I found this interesting since I was caught outdoors in shorts and a tee shirt.

The reporter, with the assistance of an young lady, did a live on-air demonstration that had the volunteer placing her hand in the chest of ice till it felt unbearably cold. Then removing her icy hand and placing it inside a prepared plastic bag filled with cooking lard and replacing that same hand back into the ice chest and verbally reporting the difference in cold tolerance she felt.

The demonstration went successfully, but the very second when the cameraman spoke "that's a wrap" and the live on-air feed was over, the reporter grabbed his ice chest, his can of lard and hopped into his Dodge Ram pickup truck. I approached his vehicle to inform him that his demo was educational. He already had the engine running with the

heat blowing on full blast rubbing his hands together. I suggested that he place his hands in two plastic bags filled with lard the next time he does an interview in 40 degree brisk wind/rainy weather. He agreed.

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