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Padres to Share Risk in Escondido Ballpark Investment?

On October 27, the Escondido City Council held a workshop regarding the minor-league ballpark proposal put before the City by a Padres ownership group led by Jeff Moorad. The business-model presentation was made by Padres ...

Escondido City Employees Association Addresses Pay Cut with Council

At an Escondido City Council meeting on October 27, an attorney for the Escondido City Employees Association declared an impasse and urged councilmembers to send their negotiators "back to the table." Regarding recent budget cuts, ...

San Diego Unified District to Get Rid of School Police?

During its October 26th meeting, the San Diego Unified School District board discussed the future of the district's police force following the most recent school-budget crisis. "Our number-one mission is safe schools," schools chief of ...

South Park's Granny Flats — City Says Yea, Some Citizens Say Nay

San Diego's Development Services Department wants to tear down some of the restrictions built into the City's Land Development Code. Among the bundle of changes included in the department's update are regulations dealing with “companion ...

A Fit and Healthy Employee is a Productive Employee

Employers Eye Ways to Make Their Workers Healthier.

Remember all that employer-speak about making companies leaner and more efficient? Well, it’s about to happen. And not in the traditional way of eliminating layers of middle management and laying off unproductive workers. A new ...

Longer Hours. Lower Pay. More Responsibilities.

It all adds up to more stress.

Two years ago a friend confided that she was concerned after two of the four other workers in her department were laid off. She – the department manager – and the two remaining workers had ...

Reykjavik, Iceland

Vibrant two-toned houses covered in corrugated aluminum siding dot the cobblestone streets of Reykjavik, brightening the ancient Viking town even during the longest of dark days. Like a cross between a 1940s Monterey and a ...

The "Real" Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, China

Referencing the book The Lost Horizon, the P.R.C. changed this town’s name to Shangri-La (originally called Zhongdian) in order to attract tourism. We arrived after a long, long sleeper bus ride from Kunming, the capital ...

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