• Daniel Aames, Carmel Valley, 13.Break your addiction to television! ...! You are so!
  • Joe Arbusto, Rancho Penasquitos, 13.Public option is all that is required!
  • Linda J. Hall, La Mesa, 13.If this is evil‚ĶWhere is purgatory??
  • Norman Kenney, Carlsbad, 13.No. County stars H2o Polo Jr Olympics! Kiera! Bodo!
  • Gary Mocko, Ocean Beach, 13.nonstop excitement‚Ķsdmrm.org
  • PJ Mole, Point Loma, 13.evil number 13 could this be the shirt?
  • MIchael Panther, Point Loma, 13.Cut out the middle man. Stop the fishing
  • Gregory Parsons, Carlsbad, 13.Yoga 4:30pm Sundays Yoga Branch Vista With Greg Parsons
  • Mike Bullock, Rancho Bernardo, 12.
  • Clyde Christie, East Village, 12.Glenn Becki goofy style, but best " status of America" commentator
  • Jeff Doerner, Clairemont, 12.
  • Julio Magno, San Diego, 12.US Postal Sudoku Expert
  • William Quinter, San Diego, 12.My love is stronger than the universe
  • R. Sloan, Normal Heights, 12.
  • Glenn A. Walker, Pacific Beach, 12.Evil ia as evil does.
  • Barry Xin, San Diego, 12.
  • Olga Betteridge, Ocean Beach, 11.Yes He is!
  • Tim Betteridge, Hillcrest, 11.Can I have some brownies tonight my dear?
  • Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 11.You are what you sudoku- Evil!
  • Paula Henderson, La Jolla, 11.
  • Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 11.No problem with evil when you have a good system
  • Rich Sewell, Ocean Beach, 11.fax or fiction? I got punked
  • Joe Steinbach, Clairemont, 11.Take a hike see Calander/Outdoors Section.
  • Harry Walker , La Jolla, 11.Brother Glenn (LJ), Aug 01 you must pay me! Why ‚Ķ
  • Woody Anderson, Carmel Valley, 10.The Dow Jones is finelly recovering, but why??
  • Zdenek Hostomsky, La Jolla, 10.Reader's evilss are easier than elsewhere. That's why there's so‚Ķ
  • Susy Parnell, La Mesa, 10.
  • JC Uribe, San Ysidro, 10.
  • Steve Wilson, Spring Valley, 10.
  • Ric Witt, Clairemont, 10.64 correct entries and 1 tee shirt? Rqandomly unlikely
  • Myrna Wosk , La Jolla, 10.
  • Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 9.Bless the earth and all the children.
  • Larry Clark, Clairemont, 9.Even though it's legal, don't take your gun to town.
  • Lily Gonzalez, Logan Heights, 9.
  • Evelyn Greco, San Diego, 9.
  • Jessie Hansen, Encinitas, 9.My name's Ebiel and I live on a pirate ship
  • Linda Kokel, Tierrasanta, 9.Thanks Norman and Maura for getting the Readers for me
  • Ron Lucero, San Diego, 9.Lizzie- We love your shirt design
  • Mark Xitco, San Diego, 9.Bigger is better!
  • Elizabeth Rainbolt, Mission Valley, 8.
  • Michael Rewa, Allied Gardens, 8.
  • Tom Thetford, Lemon Grove, 8.
  • Paul Wright, Lemon Grove, 8.See ya Rick
  • Delfin Bernardo, National City, 7.Hello to Sharon, John and Staff of Help- Clairmont
  • Scott Heimer, Mission Valley, 7.
  • Haley Hodnett, San Diego, 7.
  • William Nowatnick, Allied Gardens, 7.Your uncle was a crooked french Canadian
  • Yuko T. , San Diego, 7.Have a safe trip Daddy, We love you
  • Carolyn Woodbury, Chula Vista, 7.Plan your trips to drive less miles
  • Edwin Bell, Escondido, 6.
  • Ralph Hayward, El Cajon, 6.Yatzee!
  • Susan Irwin, Ocean Beach, 6.
  • Gordon Kanteena, San Diego, 6.Correct the mistake 3 of 4
  • J. Klein, Mission Beach, 6.this time all the boxes filled in
  • Gary Lorenc, Encinitas, 6.That wasn't so bad. Go, mom, go!
  • Steve Lukefahr, Chula Vista, 6.Wally-now the juke-box doesn‚Äôt work right
  • Uy Ngo Quoc, Vista, 6.Mike don't sink any naval ships
  • Ed Vicino, El Cajon, 6.Have a nice day
  • Mary Beavers, San Diego, 5.
  • RJ Carino, San Diego, 5.I'm getting married!!!
  • Donna Cresta, Chula Vista, 5.Ski- We really miss you
  • Mynor Morales, San Diego, 5.Torito pepe el toro es inasente
  • Bruce Ness, Mira Mesa, 5.Does Mary Bentley still play Sudoku? Please call me.
  • Skully, San Diego, 5.Bike night Desi 'n friends Wednesday at 7pm-by SDMRACING.
  • Donna Swing, La Mesa, 5.why is San Diego misspelled so often?
  • Emilia Avanes, San Diego, 4.Please rob our mother
  • Donald Erwin, San Marcos, 4.Hi and best wishes to Marvin Schoon in Columbia S.C.
  • Harry Graf, Poway, 4.Save the seals not the schools
  • Mike Maniss, Lakeside, 4.Susan Thank you for letting Johnny go to Puerto Vallarta
  • Edvin Shahmoradian, Escondido, 4.Happiest birthday Ms. Eileen 7/28/09
  • Martha Speck, Little Italy, 4.Hi Wall.
  • Ted Tarris, Serra Mesa, 4.fix my succesful entries, should be "5" not "4"
  • Tony Zuban, Carmel Valley, 4.one more chance!
  • Anthony Abbound, Coronado, 3.
  • B. Brown, San Diego, 3.
  • Paul Brugger, Downtown, 3.LJ and Ginnie are coming to town!
  • George Elam, Vista, 3.Arnold! How long does it take to lose an accent.
  • Mike Golden, San Diego, 3.
  • Glen Green, El Cajon, 3.Josefina you are my inspiration I'm Blessed your in my life
  • Family McBride, Encinitas, 3.We love summer
  • Ray Meanor, Alpine, 3.Last week was hard
  • Jamie B. Rigodon, San Diego, 3.thanks a lot for ther tee
  • David Ross, Santee, 3.Yahweh is the glass slipper 4 life. He fits like a ‚Ķ
  • Robert Varga, Poway, 3.garlic icecream is yummy
  • Claude Dillard, Escondido, 2.Skyelar, great bungee jump! We miss Basil Love! Theta Chi
  • Larry Foster, Mission Hills, 2.There is no evil; it's in your mind; or not
  • Rick Imbra, North Park, 2.
  • David Lowenkron, San marcos, 2.I really should be practicing
  • Karen Maegley, Sorrento Mesa, 2.www.akkyra.com for scientific iphone apps
  • Lac T Nguyen, San Diego, 2.
  • Brian Osborn, Santee, 2.it's not easy being cheesy! I need a beer!
  • Sonia Ostovar, Mira Mesa, 2.
  • Bill Petty, Bay Ho, 2.Evil does it
  • Chris Reader, Chula Vista, 2.
  • Dejah Rielinen, Santee, 2.Happy 3rd birthday Jakob. Mommy loves you!
  • Chris Siemens, San Diego, 2.
  • Tess C. Sutton, San Diego, 2.I'm Back
  • Nancy Szymezak, Carlsbad, 2.
  • Kun-Ying Yang, San Diego, 2.I got a beautiful family photo taken!
  • Toby Campbell, Lakeside, 1.a jug carries water until its handle breaks off
  • Greg Chauncey, La Jolla, 1.This is Evil?
  • Don Erickson, Carlsbad, 1.
  • Michael Fluharty, La Jolla, 1.Finaly the evil one!
  • Zeferino Galvan, Carlsbad, 1.Hola itzel lol
  • Mike Goldman, San Diego, 1.
  • Wonisha Greenlee, E. Village, 1.I love my honey bunnies!
  • Ryan Harris, San Diego, 1.2 days til' dinner and dancing! Snicks Excite!
  • Eric Holm, North Park, 1.I love you Arturo
  • Jacqueline Jordan, San Diego, 1.
  • Steve Kasner, San Diego, 1.
  • Raymond Land , Escondido, 1.Gloria excelsis! Deo!
  • Michael Lodahl, Mission Valley, 1."STELLLLA!"
  • Kathrin Reid, San Diego, 1.Happy birthday‚Ķ
  • Audrina Rose, Mission Hills, 1.Happy 60th Birthday Mom! I love you!
  • David Schwartz, Clairmont, 1.IGNORE ME!
  • Robert Swanson, La Jolla, 1.Ad Astra the hard way
  • Tang Wang, San Diego, 1.I like sudoku‚Ķ
  • Ann Winder, Hillcrest, 1.Easy puzzle accidentally switched with evil Puzzle
  • Esther Wisel, Encinitas, 1.I did the evil!
  • Mahyar sadre, UTC, 1.Sleepless nights after work

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Susan Williams July 28, 2009 @ 9:22 a.m.

Hello from Cardiff, Wales!!!!!

Susan Williams in North Park completed her 13th EVIL sudoku. Not the easy sudoku.



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