Content for Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Cast Iron Calamity

“I was [on] Durant Street and saw water flooding the whole intersection near 35th and Durant,” said Noah Gates about a broken water main incident in Mountain View on Wednesday, December 9. “The water came ...

No Sell Motel

The Vista City Council decided on December 8 to follow through on a plan to increase sales-tax revenue by purchasing four properties, including the site of North County Ford, then leasing the land back to ...

Preemptive Scorch

Approximately 30 police trucks were torched by a group of armed arsonists early Tuesday morning, December 8. The newly equipped vehicles were located in a Mazda agency on Via Rapida Poniente and were being prepared ...

Quiet Trains

Frustrated by delays, about 50 representatives of businesses and homeowners’ associations met at CityFront Terrace condos on December 8 to campaign for construction of the long-proposed quiet zone along the downtown railroad tracks. Quiet zones ...

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