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Left Behind

The Apocalypse keeps Tim LaHaye busy.

Car bombings, murders, earthquakes, floods, wars, famines, plagues.

Hooray for the Dow!

Hey Matt!! This has been bothering me for YEARS!! Every night the local news shows the stock market results...let's say on Monday the Dow goes UP 10 points; Tuesday DOWN 50; Wednesday DOWN 150; Thursday ...

Sue and Ike get dissed

Dear Matthew Alice: I work in retail and occasionally a customer will give us an Eisenhower or Susan B. Anthony dollar. Other customers usually don't like them given back as change, so we put them ...

Bury, not praise

As the race for San Diego city attorney heats up, termed-out incumbent Casey Gwinn has gone to bat for his protégé Leslie Devaney, who is running against civilian attorney Mike Aguirre. Gwinn has been bashing ...

Pay It and Go on With Your Life

San Diego County used-car dealers, particularly in Oceanside, were already hurting, thanks to the deployment of local military personnel to Iraq, when more bad news arrived in the form of lawsuits. The suits, filed by ...

Titan Dodges Allegations

San Diego's Titan Corp. -- left at the altar by giant Lockheed Martin -- must rebuild its management and reputation. In a conference call with the investment community today (July 8), it is spelling out ...

Indian Flats, in the Cleveland National Forest near Warner Springs, offers mellow summer camping

What better way is there to pique a child's interest in nature than to introduce him or her to a shallow, lazily flowing river full of tadpoles and frogs? At Indian Flats Campground, you can ...

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