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Who Is This Woman? What Do We Know About Her?

It was the biggest media event of the new year, and Elena Cristiano was in her element. A crowd of more than a hundred reporters, photographers, politicos, and sports fans, along with a bank of ...

Can you beat a Brethalyzer with a penny? And is Susan Lucci really Phyllis Diller's daughter?

Hey: Does sucking on a penny really help you beat a Breathalyzer? -- A Boozehound, the net Matt: Somebody sent me one of those Internet lists of interesting "facts." Is Susan Lucci really Phyllis Diller's ...

Cats are too cute to fart, right?

Dear Matt: We all know about dog farts, but we're in disagreement about ones by cats. Do cats even fart? I figure they must, but I'm not aware that my cat of 13 years ever ...

If there's life after death, can that get me out of jail?

Heymatt: A friend of mine is currently on vacation, all expenses paid by you and I (the State of California). During his sojourn in San Diego County's facility, Donovan, a fellow vacationer who has a ...

Hike to the fire lookout on Vetter Mountain for a panoramic look at the San Gabriel Mountains.

Vetter Mountain lies within Angeles National Forest's Charlton-Chilao Recreation Area -- a gateway of sorts to the high country of the San Gabriel Mountains. Here, Angelenos heading up Angeles Crest Highway from the west first ...

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