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Who Is This Woman? What Do We Know About Her?

It was the biggest media event of the new year, and Elena Cristiano was in her element. A crowd of more than a hundred reporters, photographers, politicos, and sports fans, along with a bank of ...

Can you beat a Brethalyzer with a penny? And is Susan Lucci really Phyllis Diller's daughter?

Hey: Does sucking on a penny really help you beat a Breathalyzer? -- A Boozehound, the net Matt: Somebody sent me one of those Internet lists of interesting "facts." Is Susan Lucci really Phyllis Diller's ...

Cats are too cute to fart, right?

Dear Matt: We all know about dog farts, but we're in disagreement about ones by cats. Do cats even fart? I figure they must, but I'm not aware that my cat of 13 years ever ...

If there's life after death, can that get me out of jail?

Heymatt: A friend of mine is currently on vacation, all expenses paid by you and I (the State of California). During his sojourn in San Diego County's facility, Donovan, a fellow vacationer who has a ...

Human locusts spoil California

Antonio Garra

“War cries woke Warner. Phillips: “Rifle in hand, he ran to the doorway and discovered that the two horses he had tied near the house had been cut loose. Seeing Warner, some 20 Indians took cover.”

Hike to the fire lookout on Vetter Mountain for a panoramic look at the San Gabriel Mountains.

Vetter Mountain lies within Angeles National Forest's Charlton-Chilao Recreation Area -- a gateway of sorts to the high country of the San Gabriel Mountains. Here, Angelenos heading up Angeles Crest Highway from the west first ...

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