Content for Thursday, August 15, 2002

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Bad Knees

Sometimes I wish I could slice open the skin that covers my knees so I could poke around inside a bit. Without pain, of course. Without spilling any blood or other vital juices. And only ...

What About Hodges?

To San Diego County residents who drive Interstate 15, Lake Hodges has been their drought meter. Since the rainy El NiƱo year of 1998, they've watched the lake's edge slowly recede from a mile east ...

Darn these dimples!

Dear Mr. Alice: I have dimples and I want to know what they are. Where do they come from? -- Christopher, age 8, San Diego Tired of all those adults pinching your cheeks and cooing ...

The explanation for turkeys.

Dear M.A.: I brought up the "fact" that there is some sort of chemical or substance that is found in turkey which, when consumed, makes one sleepy. My cohorts either think I'm making this up ...

How can I enjoy a Big Mac without actually leaving the house?

Dear Matthew Alice: A number of years ago I read about a woman who had written a book of recipes she had developed that supposedly replicated the taste of the items of a number of ...

Hike, bike, or skate a car-traffic-free five miles around Sail Bay in Mission Beach.

A decade's worth of improvements totaling millions of dollars have smoothed the way for pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters traveling along the curving shoreline of west Mission Bay and its upper extremity, Sail Bay. Generously wide ...

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