Content for Thursday, May 2, 2002

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Dirty Dancing

The Reverend Dr. Ted McIlvenna settles his massive frame into a large, overstuffed couch and invites a visitor to join him for a discussion about nude dancing, morality, the First Amendment, and political corruption in ...

Afghan Dust Jams Mouse Guns

Will the M-16 hinder the War on Terrorism?

Beginning with Vietnam, American soldiers and Marines have carried the M-16 rifle. And the virtues and vices of the black rifle have been argued by military men and gun enthusiasts ever since. The central issue ...

Copley Stadium

In most big cities, word that a Major League Baseball team had missed the first $45.8 million payment to a "public-private" partnership with city hall to build a $450 million-plus downtown stadium would merit screaming ...

I blew off that traffic ticket. Am I headed for jail?

Dearest Matt: I received a "red light" citation many months ago in the mail and never took care of it. A friend of mine also received a citation (hers was on a traffic stop) over ...

Peanut shells -- a new snack-time treat! (With a brief treatise on spit.)

Hey matt: I just love peanuts. I know they are good for you -- great protein, good type of fat -- just a great snack. My question is, can I eat the shell too? My ...

Visit the Peter Strauss Ranch, a would-be Disneyland in the wilds of the Santa Monica Mountains.

The 65-acre Peter Strauss Ranch, now a postage-stamp patch of open space within the gerrymandered Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, was purchased from its former owner, actor and producer Peter Strauss, in 1983. In ...

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