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Stealth Candidate

Who is Johnnie Perkins and Why Does He Want to Join the School Board?

With the future of San Diego Unified School District superintendent Alan Bersin and his once-vaunted blueprint for educational reform hanging in the balance, the race to replace outgoing school-board member Sue Braun — who caused ...

Out Goes the TV, In Comes the Train

Dad railroads his TV-addicts

Some of the fondest memories I have of time spent with my father were around a Lionel three-rail train he bought used and brought home in a big cardboard box. The track was hard to fit together.

Survival T-Shirts

Mad Engine produces T-shirts for department stores, designer clothing lines, and specialty stores in the U.S. and 17 other countries. In 2000, they shipped $27 million of T-shirts worldwide. That number has dropped to about ...

Your Dad Arrested My Dad

Backcountry sheriffs don’t enjoy anonymity

The difference between the $55,000 the hypothetical deputy in Lemon Grove can make by moving to Campo and the $52,500 he can make as a corporal staying in Lemon Grove is only $2500.

Moores and more

Add another local big shot to the growing list of those who got in on a sweet stock deal with Padres owner John Moores. San Diego State University president Stephen Weber lists an investment in ...

How do they make the sound of a punch in the movies?

Mattmonger: Growing up on television and movies, I was continually presented with one man hitting another man in the face with a closed fist. It always had this distinctive noise: a sound somewhere between meaty ...

Collectible china puppies -- are they worth anything?

Quick, Matt! Need an answer ASAP! My wife wants to start buying those sets of china dog figurines sold by the Franklin Mint. You see the ads in Parade magazine. Are they worth anything? Does ...

Why do I bite my nails?

Hey, Matt: I have this really gross habit of biting not only my fingernails but the skin around them. I've been doing this since I was a little kid and have been told it's a ...

Visit a surviving remnant of open space at south Orange County's Riley Wilderness Park.

Orange County's Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park -- a wilderness in name only -- spreads over 475 acres of rolling hills and oak-lined ravines and includes about five miles of trails open to hikers, equestrians, ...

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