Content for Thursday, August 29, 2002

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A Tall Steeple Pastor Confronts His Fall

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church members felt hurt and betrayed and outraged and surprised when they learned that for more than ten years their former pastor, a trim and handsome married man, had been sexually intimate ...

Who started the wave?

Hey Matt! Just who started the wave, and why won't it end? -- Rico, the net People are actually fighting to claim the title of Father of the Wave. More amazing, one of the candidates ...

Can you really get kidney dialysis for aluminum pop tops?

Heymatt: What's up with collecting aluminum pop-tops for kidney dialysis? Someone at work asked me to start saving the pop-tops from aluminum cans because each little teeny piece of aluminum was supposedly worth one hour ...

What band started the tradition of holding up lighters at concerts?

Howdy. How and when did the practice of holding up lighters during rock concerts come about? I have a friend who insists that this practice began in 1972 at a Neil Diamond concert during his ...

Climb Cowles Mountain, highest peak in the city of San Diego, by way of an eastern approach.

Cowles Mountain, whose 1591-foot summit is noted as the highest elevation in the city of San Diego, is served by more hiking routes than most people are aware of. If you tire of the popular ...

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